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Dad’s Russian Mafia Bear Best Friend

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Flora Ferrari

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There’s a bear loose in the woods…and he wants to claim Callie Collins.

Callie doesn’t know what to expect when she gets an internship in Russia at the last minute with Andrei, a friend of her father’s she hasn’t seen since childhood. She certainly isn’t expecting to find the hottest guy she she’s ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to notice her at all. When he warns her to stay out of the woods and everyone around her starts acting suspiciously she realizes there is more going on than meets the eye.

Andrei fights not to reveal how much he wants Callie. He remembered his best friend’s daughter as a nerdy young girl but the woman who stands in front of him looks good enough to eat and the moment Andrei sees her he knows she must be his. But how does he tell her that not only is he the wild animal he warned her about, but he’s a criminal too…

As Andrei’s two worlds begin to clash and Callie gets caught in the middle they will both have to fight for everything they hold dear, including each other.

But even that isn’t as hard as trying to fight their lust…

*Dad’s Russian Mafia Bear Best Friend is a standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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I move through the undergrowth, every sense on alert, letting my eyes adjust to the half light. Summer in Arkhangelsk means the pale summer sun hangs over the horizon a few hours after midnight, turning the night into a time of mist and shadow, an early, eerie dawn.

In my human form it’s beautiful enough to look at, but when I’m medved the landscape takes on a whole new form. It’s a kaleidoscope of senses, scents leaving trails across my mind’s eye. After all these years I should be used to the difference, but even now the first few minutes after the Change disorient me, which I dislike. In those moments I could be vulnerable to attack.

I don’t do vulnerable. As a member of the Clan, vulnerability is a weakness.

We are guardians.

And we are killers.

I am hunting now, a last minute assignment from my bratva contact that I could have done without, truth be told, but our allegiance must be upheld. We are bratva, but not just that. We are something more.

Something ancient.

No one knows how long the Clan has been in Arkhangelsk, certainly centuries before the city itself came to be. Even our origin stories are patchy. Our leader – as much as bears ever have leaders – Mikhail believes we are not simply human-bear hybrids born out of some mistake but an original species entirely. Superior to both humans and non-shifter bears. Given how dumb both species can often be – especially humans – I’m inclined to believe it.

If I’m honest, how we got here doesn’t really interest me that much. We are here, and that’s all that matters. This is my land and my territory, and I will defend it tooth and claw.

I flex my claws as I pick up the scent I’m looking for and break into a run. I can feel the bloodlust start to come over me, the urge to rip and kill. It’s an urge I have to suppress so often that when a mission comes up it’s a relief to be able to unleash it.

I feel no guilt over this kill. Why should I? The man I am hunting is a criminal, a drug dealer with no morals who thinks nothing of harming women and children. Of course the local bratva don’t care so much about that as they do the fact that he has double-crossed them and tried to disappear with their money, but it’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned. His death will be no loss to the world.

Foolish, to try and hide out here, thinking he would be safe across the river, deep in the forests away from the city, in an old hunting lodge. One of the youngers in the Clan tracked him yesterday, but the kill is mine.

As the lodge comes into sight I slow my pace, approaching the building on silent paws. For all our strength and size we can move as quietly as cats when we need be. At this time of the morning most people are asleep, but I doubt a man who knows he is wanted by vicious gang lords sleeps easily at any time.

If only he knew what to expect. Some rumours inevitably circulate about the Clan although we do our best to keep track of that and keep our identity hidden, but if he had heard them he wouldn’t have chosen here to hide out.

I break the lock quickly with my paw and enter the cabin, a low rumble coming from my throat. I can smell fear, degradation and cruelty, the man’s scent. I want it out of my nostrils, to be replaced instead by his blood.

He is sitting at the table, sleepless as I thought. He freezes at my entrance, his face a mask of panic. He thinks I am an ordinary bear of course, albeit a huge one, but that is terrifying enough for a human.

The scent of fear sharpens, acrid and biting. I growl loudly and he looks as though he will faint. Another smell, acidic and sharp, invades my nostrils and I see a puddle collect at his feet. It seems to snap him out of his frozen state and he grabs the pistol on the table in front of me and points it at me with shaking hands. Fool. If he knew who and what I am he would not bother. Our healing abilities are supernatural, a little bullet like that would be little more than a scratch.

I close the gap between us to knock the pistol out of his hand as he clicks the safety off, then I stop and stare into his eyes. Baranovsky – the new bratva leader – wants this one to know why he is dying.

My voice is low and rumbling and sounds as what it is – utterly inhuman.

“Baranovsky says prevyet.”