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Dangerous Love (Possessing Her Book 2)

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Sarah J. Brooks

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He’ll go to any lengths to protect me. Even murder.

He’s a beast. An executioner with a smile everyone trusts and the looks to match.
When I learned his secret, he took me.
Now I’m his plaything. The woman who could bring him down, but instead he’s bringing me to my knees.
His angelic eyes hold deep, dark secrets. And I know them all.
He’ll never let me go, but part of me doesn’t want him to.
My brain keeps telling me what we’re doing is wrong, but my body says it’s deliciously dangerous. I want more.
I know Hunter will keep me safe, but that doesn’t mean I can trust him.
He’s still the madman that took me. Except I’ve enjoyed being taken. I want more than Hunter’s body now, I want his heart.
But can something so dark ever be loved?

This is the final of two exciting romance novels in the “Possessing Her”-Series with a guaranteed HEA that will make your heart melt! Happy reading! – Sarah J. Brooks – USA Today Bestselling Author

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Chapter One


It was now or never. Hunter was finding too much pleasure in torturing me with his sexual prowess, and if I was ever going to make a break, it had to be now. He had made a major mistake, one I was sure he had no idea he’d made. His eyes were heavy from his major orgasm, and I knew he wouldn’t be on top of his game, so I’d asked to get dressed, hurrying to add my shoes before he could tell me I didn’t need them.

Orphaned and foster children were at high risk of abduction, so part of the training to become a foster parent included learning safety tips you could teach to your children. One vital skill was how to break out of a zip tie.

When I took the class, I remember thinking how pointless and unnecessary the training was, but now here I was preparing myself to use it. If Hunter had used zip ties when he’d first taken me, we might not have gotten this far.

The memory struck a nerve. The first time he’d taken me. The man had taken advantage of me more than once, and it was clear he wouldn’t stop. I wasn’t sure what he wanted from me, and I wasn’t interested in figuring out either.

Struggling to contort my body, I untied my shoelaces, holding my ankles at my feet to tie the laces together. Looping the laces through the zip ties, I tied each shoe together just as they had taught us in the self-defense class.

Once they were secure, I pulled my feet apart, using all my strength. At first, the laces only tightened, but then the zip tie popped, and I yelped with excitement before jumping from the bed.

I had no clue how long he would be gone, so I moved as fast as I could, grabbing my duffle bag before racing out of the filthy room. In my subconscious, I never believed I would get out alive, so I had no real plan or strategy once I was on my own.

Without thinking, I followed the path to the front desk to ask for a cab, but just before I reached the lobby, I realized how bad an idea that would be. When Hunter returned, he would try to track me, and I didn’t want the receptionist to be able to tell him where he’d sent me in a cab.

With my head down, I walked quickly out of the lobby, crossing the street before I made my way to the bus stop. It was chilly outside, but my adrenaline was pumping so fast I was sweating as I waited for the bus to arrive.

I had no way of telling the time, so I couldn’t know how long Hunter had been gone, but it felt like I’d been tied up for hours, so I figured he would be back at the motel soon.

Eventually, the bus pulled up, and I jumped on, paying the fare before sitting down in the back. The windows were so filthy, I figured you couldn’t see inside the bus, but I still had a decent vantage point, so I kept looking out for Hunter’s car.

When we were close to downtown, I hopped out of the bus, certain I could find a taxi with ease in the heart of the city. I walked for two blocks before hailing a yellow cab, eagerly climbing in the back seat before giving the driver the address to my old apartment.

I had moved out weeks ago in preparation for opening the foster home, but the lease had yet to expire, so I figured it was the best place for me to lay low. Hunter knew he could find me at my house, and I found it too risky to return there even to pick up a few things.

There was no way I could use my bank account or the one he had set up for me, and the cash he’d given me was hidden in my office. All I had was the twenty-dollar bill in my jeans pocket, and my anxiety bubbled over as the meter rose quickly.

Suddenly, I remembered that Hunter could track me using the burner phone, so I dug into my duffle bag until I felt the smartphone and tossed it from the window. A smile spread across my face as another car ran over it.

Hunter had always been two steps ahead of me, but I finally had a plan and was making a play to get away from him. Things were looking up, and I relaxed, leaning into the headrest as the city passed me by. This was a new beginning, and I had to break free from the man threatening to tear apart what I had sacrificed my life to build.

I loved Chicago at night, the way the city lit up and the noises blended for an organized chaos. Dogs were barking, cars honked, loud voices yelled, and the music from a nightclub blared. It wasn’t so much the sound of the city, but the smell of freedom that left me speechless and immensely grateful to have survived Hunter another time.