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Dangerous Thirst (Possessing Her Book 1)

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Sarah J. Brooks

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He’ll go to any lengths to protect me. Even murder.

He’s a beast. An executioner with a smile everyone trusts and the looks to match.
When I learned his secret, he took me.
Now I’m his plaything. The woman who could bring him down, but instead he’s bringing me to my knees.
His angelic eyes hold deep, dark secrets. And I know them all.
He’ll never let me go, but part of me doesn’t want him to.
My brain keeps telling me what we’re doing is wrong, but my body says it’s deliciously dangerous. I want more.
I know Hunter will keep me safe, but that doesn’t mean I can trust him.
He’s still the madman that took me. Except I’ve enjoyed being taken. I want more than Hunter’s body now, I want his heart.
But can something so dark ever be tamed?

This is the first of two exciting romance novels in the “Possessing Her”-Series and ends on a cliffhanger. Make sure to read the final part, “Dangerous Love”, for a HEA that will make your heart melt! Sarah J. Brooks – USA Today Bestselling Author

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Chapter One


Saturday Evening

The evening was too cold for a leisurely stroll. The windy city bristled with ice as temperatures dipped below freezing. Of course, that didn’t matter to the wealthy crowd in the Crown Plaza Hotel ballroom. It was a collection of the elite of the city, each ticket costing upwards of twenty thousand dollars a plate.

I made my way around the impeccably decorated room with my beautiful girlfriend draped over my arm. Sandra complemented me well in pictures. Our blond hair and blue eyes seemed like a match made in heaven. I never missed an opportunity to show her off at an event like the one we attended that Saturday evening.

Most men could never hold the attention of a woman as hot as Sandra, but I found myself bored with her for the most part. She was the perfect arm candy, though, and she did her job well. Her dazzling silver gown draped so low I feared her nipples would fall out at any second, but such an eye-catching outfit ensured that other guests constantly approached us. Conversations practically started themselves.

As we made our way to the bar, an older man in a dark brown suit stepped in front of us. “Hunter Aimes!”

His face seemed familiar, but I couldn’t remember his name for the life of me.

“What a nice suit,” Sandra said, complimenting his ugly ensemble as I looked on, wondering if she was making a joke or if she actually liked what he was wearing.

The compliment caught him off guard, and he became flustered. “Oh, this? No, it’s nothing.”

Few men in the room could hold themselves together long enough to have a conversation with Sandra. She was the type of woman who made a man crumble in front of her, his nerves getting the best of him.

“Hunter, there you are!” Another call from behind me demanded my attention.

“Greggs!” I yelled, happy to see a colleague I enjoyed spending time with.

I wasn’t exactly known for my social skills. You couldn’t be a dominating corporate lawyer and make many friends at the same time. Thankfully, Greggs had worked at my firm since he had graduated from law school, so we’d never gone head-to-head on a case.

“Oh, Sandra. I didn’t see you,” he said unconvincingly as he gawked at my girlfriend.

I had seen him eyeing her from across the room, just as every other man in the room did when his date wasn’t looking. I didn’t mind. She was only here to draw attention, so the more men who dared to spark a conversation, the better.

“Hi, uh.” Sandra paused. She had never been great with names, or memory in general.

“Greggs!” he said too eagerly. “Remember? We met at the company meeting?”

Sandra looked from Greggs to me, her face scrunching in confusion. We both knew she didn’t remember him, and that wasn’t the only time they’d met.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s great to see you again. You look fantastic as usual.” He smiled, and I worried drool might spill from his mouth.

“We’re heading to the bar.” I nodded, excusing us.

“Thank you, Greggs. Nice to meet you again.” Sandra couldn’t help basking in the attention, but I needed her to attract new, more successful men to spark up a little business talk.

People thought these gatherings were held to benefit whatever charity they were hosted for, but they were wrong. No one in the room was here to help the cause. I honestly didn’t even remember what this event was raising money for.

The ticket price was a drop in a bucket to someone who made millions of dollars a year, but the only reason I would ever fork over a five-figure sum was to make more money. The dinner was an investment, and by my calculations, I would need to land two new clients to recoup the forty thousand I had spent on our tickets.

Gripping Sandra’s petite hand, I maneuvered through the crowded ballroom, nodding to familiar faces, and smirking at angry stares. You didn’t become as successful as I had in such a cutthroat industry without making a few enemies.

Corporate law was not for the weak-hearted. Lucky for me, I was anything but. I didn’t care what it took to get a job done. Nothing was above my ability or beneath my moral standards. Ethics were for cowards who were too afraid to get their hands dirty, and life had taught me that cowards lived in hell from early on.

“Hunter! We’ve got to talk. And who is this beautiful lady?” John Richards sidestepped me to ogle Sandra head-on. She blushed and batted her eyes under his lustful gaze. Shaking my head, I tugged her arm. Men were pitiful in their attempts to land women, and I didn’t have time to focus on something so pointless.

“Where are you going?” John asked, disappointed I was pulling Sandra away.