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Natalie Bennett

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Reckless. Wild. Legends.

Savage princess.

Venomous prince.

One midsummer night that cruel bitch called, fate, decided we needed to meet, setting off a chain of events that would change both of our lives forever.

Hating him was innate.
Loving him was unexpected.

I was the nitro.
He was the dynamite.

Together we were catastrophic.

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In Nomine Satanas Cum Potentia Inferni




1. Often referred to as hell on earth.

2. A place where humanity has ceased to exist. Cannibals lurk in the shadows. Stronger factions take out the weak.

It’s a place where the satanic Savages reign supreme, beneath the tyranny of a man revered as the devil himself, a deviant self-made king.

That same man just so happens to be my father.

My mother is his queen.

I don’t mean that in the pet-name sort-of way either, that’s legitimately how she is seen.

I can’t tell you what the world was like when a government was in place, whole cities weren’t abandoned, and death wasn’t always waiting for you to fuck up so he could harvest your soul.

Fortunately, I wasn’t born yet because that kind of world sounds like a nightmare.

What I can tell you is that the Badlands isn’t a place anyone weak hearted would willingly choose to live, and for me, it was home sweet home, my very own wonderland wasteland.

I’m, Adelaide Deville.

Savage Princess.

Satan’s Daughter.

A tad bit debauched.

I’m part of the poisoned youth.

We’re a generation of degenerates.

We set fire to our insides for fun.

We cut ourselves open to feel.

We’re heartless, reckless, and all around fucked up.

But most importantly, we’re family.

And I can honestly say that I never had much to complain about. My life was mostly smooth sailing with the occasional bump in the road.

One fucking night was all it took for that to change.

Meeting him was a cruel act of fate, something I had never believed in until I quite literally ran across his path.

His name was, Zane.

He was wild.

He was depraved.

He was a Venomous Prince.

Hating him was innate.

Loving him was unexpected.

I was the nitro.

He was the dynamite.

Together we were catastrophic.



ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt

Chapter One


I lived for nights like this.

The weather was perfect—a much-needed reprieve from the sweltering daytime blaze. There was the peace that came with everything being at a tranquil standstill, and an initiation was minutes away from taking place. This meant new members, and new members meant bigger numbers.

After growing up in the underbelly of a fucking subway station, I was still rebuilding the broken empire my father left me, and in my empire, every Venom mattered.

That is, after they proved themselves, of course.

I was diligent to the point of being over excessive when it came to ensuring that no one faulty got into the family, which is why I absolutely refused to deal with two types of people.

One: Pussies.

And two: Disloyal motherfuckers.

There were a few other immediate disqualifications, but those were of utmost importance. Those were the two that would fuck around and get you killed.

The Badlands showed no mercy to anyone. It didn’t discriminate against color, faith, or gender. It challenged you to do one thing and one thing only, survive. If you didn’t have the means to do that you died a painful fucking death, often slow if you were lucky it would be fast.

I had no qualms about snuffing out someone’s life to get what I wanted or ensure my survival.

Remorse was for people who felt the need to touch base with their conscious. I’d long ago decided I was better off without one.

That’s where the initiation started to come into play.

Standing at the edge of the tree-line, I kept watch over Trix, as she worked her magic. Quick as ever, she picked the lock on the front door and entered the shack of a house. Four minutes later she was back on the porch giving a silent thumb up to let us know that we were good to go.

“You ready, man?” Maliki turned to Ace and asked.

“Been ready,” he replied, eyes never leaving the house.

“Alright, then,” I said, pulling my mask down, “Let’s get this show started.”

The three of us stepped from the shelter of the trees, leaving Tobias to follow behind with the duffel bag.

Trix patiently waited for us to approach before giving a quick rundown of where everyone was.

“Just like I predicted, the girl’s room is on the left, parents’ are on the right. They’re all out cold.”

I peered into the house through the open door, straight down a small, dark hall, and nodded. I’d never doubted her layout theory. Trix had been watching this place for days, and she was rarely wrong when it came to scoping out a target. She knew how crucial the details were to my method of madness.

It always started with the plotting. We never did anything without a solid plan.

A plan ensured our asses’ were covered from all angles, and we knew what we were walking into. One could never be too careful.

Entering the house, I looked around to get a feel of the people that lived here. Behind me, Tobias gently shut the door and locked it.

“Place looks a lot better on the inside,” I said.

“Eh, still looks like shit to me,” Maliki responded, keeping his voice low.