Devious Desires (Heirs of Braidwood #2) Read Online Kay Riley

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When they forced me back home, I had every intention to bring them down along with all the others who made my life miserable.
But the three boys of my past are slowly working their way back into my heart in a way I wasn’t prepared for. The longer I’m home, the more I realize I can’t hurt them.
But I also can’t tell them the truth.
There’s no stopping what I started. And once they find out, the newfound peace will be shattered. My plan of leaving Braidwood for good needs to be in place before the end of the year.
Or I’ll never be able to leave this nightmare of a town.




“We should have stayed in the car like Richard wanted,” River muttered as we pushed our way through the wall of bodies.

Eli snorted. “We would have been stuck sitting there all night. I don’t even know why he brought us.”

I slung an arm over River’s shoulder. “Let’s enjoy a night of freedom away from Braidwood.”

We were in Detroit thanks to Eli’s dad, who was meeting with Darius Cole. From what we’d overheard last night, he was a large gang leader, and Richard wanted to lock down a deal with him. They’d done business in the past, but Richard wanted a full-time partnership. He was at dinner with Cole now and had instructed us to wait in the Range Rover.

And we’d been planning on it until two guys walked by, and we started talking. They were members in Cole’s gang, and they decided they wanted to show us Detroit. Which was how we ended up here. I didn’t even know where here was.

One of the guys who’d brought us here pointed to the back of the large warehouse. “Drinks are back there.”

The other guy snickered. “Look at them, Eddie. They’re still kids.”

Eddie shrugged. “They don’t card here. They’re fine.”

Eli bristled, not happy at being called kids. We were sixteen, and definitely younger than Eddie and his friend, Trevor. But they both seemed excited to show us Detroit nightlife. The crowd’s cheering was deafening as we continued to follow Eddie deeper into the room. River walked beside me, looking more uneasy than usual. I didn’t know what his problem was. He was usually the first to agree to our ideas that would most likely piss off our parents.

Trevor and Eddie were dressed to blend into a place like this. The underworld of Detroit. I’d seen countless gang tattoos since we got here. Eddie’s Ghosts tattoo ran down his forearm while Trevor’s was somewhere I couldn’t see.

“Glad we changed before we left,” Eli muttered in my ear as Trevor stopped in front of us. I nodded in agreement, glancing down at my jeans and hoodie. The formal clothes we had been wearing earlier for family dinner would have stuck out here.

“What is this place?” I asked Eddie, who responded by shoving a guy out of our way and nodding to the front of us.

I followed his gaze to see a large boxing ring. Two guys were in a bloody battle, and the crowd went nuts when one swung and knocked his opponent out cold.

“This is the best place to be on the weekends if you want to see fights,” Trevor yelled over the noise.

“Underground fighting,” River stated, his eyes glued to the boxing ring.

Eddie nodded, running a hand over his cornrow braids. “It’s called The Den. We come all the time. The Ghosts have a few fighters who make good money here.”

Two girls walked in front of us, and Trevor leaned closer to me. “And the chicks here are always fucking hot.”

Before I could respond, he reached forward and slapped one of the girls on the ass. She whipped around, her eyes already blazing with rage. I quickly raised my arms, taking a step back, because shit, she looked ready to beat the hell out of whoever had touched her.

“Hey, sweet stuff.” Trevor grinned, his gaze raking over the girl. “You need company tonight?”

Eli stiffened beside me while River stared at the other girl. They were both a few years older than us, and the angry one had long, dark, wavy hair while her friend’s was bright blue. Eddie muttered something in Trevor’s ear, but his words were ignored.

The girl glanced down at Trevor’s hand on her arm. She tilted her head to the side, and a deviously sweet smile lit up her face. Suddenly I was as uneasy as River. The tension between us and the girls was thick as she leaned closer to Trevor, twisting his long blond hair through her fingers.

“Don’t be here when I get done,” she told him, her voice going from sweet to dangerous in a split second.

“Done doing what?” Trevor pulled her back when she tried walking away.

In a quick move, she smashed her fist against his cheek. “When I’m done fighting.”