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Dirty Bastard

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Sam Crescent

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Jaxson Pierce has a secret. He’s in love with his best friend’s little sister, Noelle. Together he and Dane own the streets and have earned a reputation for being unstoppable. But that means big brother Dane feels responsible for taking care of Noelle, and he is so overly protective she’s not allowed a life—or a lover.

For the longest time, Noelle has had a crush on Jaxson. He’s the first guy she ever wanted, but she knows there’s no way she’ll ever be able to get her brother to accept it. Not that Jaxson ever looks her way anyway.

Until he does.

Even with the threat of her brother, Jaxson can’t deny his feelings for her anymore. He’s not going to hide from what he wants. He’s going to take Noelle and make her his own, and she can no longer deny her feelings, either.

Jaxson wants to make a life with her, but with everything against him, he knows he’s going to have to fight for her.

What will happen when Noelle is hurt because of him? Because of what he and Dane do? Is there any way to protect her and for them to have a future together?

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“If you touch her, I’ll fucking kill you. No one will ever be able to identify your corpse. I will make you pay.” Jaxson Pierce couldn’t believe it had come to this.

Noelle Hunt, his boss’s sister and the fucking love of his life, was tied to a chair at the mercy of the fucking animals he’d been trying to protect her from.

He tugged on the cuff that kept him chained to the wall, watching as Dusty ran a hand down Noelle’s body. When he got out of these cuffs, he was going to fucking cut off those fingers one at a time. He didn’t stop pulling at the cuffs that bound him.

The sound of her whimper echoing around the room would stay with him forever.

Dusty pinched her tit and groaned. “You know, I was going to kill her fast, but I think it would be better if I take my time. I wonder how he’ll cope when you’re screaming for help as I fuck you, babe. I bet her pussy is so fucking tight.”

Dusty laughed.

He licked her cheek, and Jaxson forced himself to keep on watching. For her to look at him, and to know he was going to get them the fuck out of here.

There was no way he could allow anything to happen to her.

He’d taken a vow to protect her. To love her. To be there when she needed it most, and no one would ever make him break a vow. No one fucking ever.

Gritting his teeth, he knew things were about to get worse, but he couldn’t do anything.

Tears spilled down Noelle’s face, and Jaxson for the first time in his life prayed for a miracle to get them both out of this shitstorm.

Chapter One

Two months earlier

Nothing like the sounds of a woman’s orgasm in the morning. Jaxson chewed his gum and checked the time to see it was a little after ten in the morning. It wasn’t like his boss and best friend, Dane Hunt, to be this late.

Leaning against the wall, he glanced around the room and saw the remnants of a good night with a woman before him. Clothes were strewn all over the floor, and a bottle of wine lay empty on the carpet. Glasses were on the table top and what unnerved him the most, the telltale signs of coke being used.

Last time he checked, Dane didn’t do coke.

This wasn’t how he wanted to spend his Monday morning. The moment he got the call from Dane though, like all the years before, he came running. He didn’t know nor did he do any other way. They had each other’s backs, end of story.

Right now, though, he was pissed. He could have been checking on a couple of the clubs, some of their businesses, or Noelle, who also happened to be Dane’s sister. He couldn’t allow himself to think of Noelle, the curvy brunette with her fuckable lips and wide brown eyes. She made him ache, especially when he saw her body. He’d give anything to have those thick, juicy thighs wrapped around his waist and her large, ripe tits bouncing in front of his face.

The last thing he’d do was mention that little tidbit to Dane though. When it came to Noelle, he would never mention anything to Dane.

The fucker was a loose cannon half the time, and the only one who was able to get through to him was Noelle.

Where Dane was a maniac and crazy son of a bitch, Noelle was the complete opposite. Sexy, cute, sweet as a button. She had the patience of a saint and a smile to go with it. As long as he’d known them, they’d been inseparable. Dane being the older, he had to take responsibility of Noelle when their parents died. She’d been young when they died.

Well, they didn’t technically just die.

Dane murdered them.

It was part of an agreement, an alliance with a street crew that had gotten him the deals with the cartels that landed them in the drug business.

During the past fifteen years, Jaxson had been by Dane’s side. He vowed to protect his best friend, and by doing that, he made sure Dane didn’t get himself killed.

The original crew they had struck out at and who had requested he take out his parents, were now all dead. They had given him a test of loyalty, which he passed by killing his parents. No one told Dane what to do, so it wasn’t long before he took his revenge. They were rotting in a well somewhere, each one piled high and under water.

There were times he found Dane there, staring into the well. He often wondered if that was where he stored all the bodies that he didn’t cut up or burn alive.

Again, Dane was a psycho with the boy next door looks.