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Dirty Rich Secrets Part Three (Dirty Rich #13)

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Lisa Renee Jones

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The mind-blowing finale to Ashley and Aaron’s story is here! Everything they know is not what it seems, but will they find out the truth before it destroys their future?

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Dirty Rich Series by Lisa Renee Jones

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I suck in the smoke billowing around me, flames already encroaching on the place where Smith and I stand in the Airbnb’s living room. Smith grabs me and pulls me close. “Use your shirt to cover your face.” I’ve barely done as he says when he’s moving, pulling me around the couch.

Aaron intercepts us, snatching me from Smith’s grip. “Blake and Savage are outside covering us,” he says, eyeing Smith. “Back left window per Blake’s direction.” Smoke expands, and the flames grow closer. He leans in and whispers, “Keep your face covered, baby.”

We’re running down a hallway then, flames licking through a door to our left, but we make it to the end of the hallway to the bedroom. Even before we enter, I can feel the air rushing into the room. It’s with great relief that I spy Blake, leaning inside an open window while sirens lift in the air. The next few minutes are a whirlwind. Aaron lifts me and hands me over to Blake, and the minute I’m on the ground, I’m aware of Savage in front of me, his back to me, as he fires into the distance that I can’t see. I can’t do anything but gasp for air, and then suddenly, I’m coughing and choking, it feels like I’m going to suffocate.

Aaron lands on the ground next to me, and just that fast, he has my hand, running with me, giving me no chance to do anything but suck in good air and force myself to just breathe. I have no idea how he knows where to go to avoid danger, but Savage is there, and he’s still shooting at someone somewhere behind us. My heart thunders in my chest, adrenaline surging through me when Aaron cuts right and leads me down an alleyway where a black SUV is parked. We charge toward it, and in a matter of minutes, we’re inside the back of the vehicle with Savage on one side of me and Aaron on the other. “Where’s Smith and Blake?” I ask, as the driver, who I really can’t even see at this point, guns the engine.

“Covering our pretty little arses,” Savage says, as Aaron turns me to him, cupping my face. “Are you okay? Tell me you’re okay.”

“Yes. Yes, I’m fine. How are you even here? I thought you left. I thought you were gone.”

“I had a gut feeling. I stayed close and called in backup.”

“How did whoever did this find us?”

He eyes Savage over my shoulder. “Someone in your operation is behind this.”

“No fucking way,” Savage replies. “My men, my people, they don’t betray each other. Ever.”

“Bullshit,” Aaron says, turning back to me and kissing me. “This isn’t going to work.” He releases me. “Stop the vehicle. We’re getting out.”

“Do not stop this fucking vehicle,” Savage orders.

Aaron releases me and pulls his gun, aiming it at Savage. “If you think I won’t shoot, this ends with you dead.”

“Yeah, well, I’m the guy who doesn’t give a fuck, but you should. Someone has your number. That means they have hers. You need me. If you won’t trust my team, trust me. Come to my home. Stay with me, and we’ll figure this the fuck out.”

“Why would I trust you?”

“I get that you CIA guys have a hard-on for doing things yourself, but, my man, I’m here to tell you from experience, that shit gets difficult.”

Aaron’s jaw clenches, seconds ticking by, before he says, “Your place is the first place someone looking for us will go.”

“I also get that you CIA agents think the rest of us don’t do shit right and take precautions. But guess what, asshole, I do.”

“I’m not CIA, not after this, never again. I’m not stupid.”

“Cool, cool. We can be not stupid together. We didn’t betray you. We can, however, help you figure out who did.”

“At the very least,” Aaron says, “You asked too many damn questions. You exposed us.”

“This isn’t us fucking you,” Savage says. “And in case you don’t remember, despite living this shit, you were getting bent over without even a slather of Vaseline before you met us. And we, voluntarily, bent over with you tonight.”

“Six months,” I interject, wiping ash from his face or trying to unsuccessfully. “Six months on the run, Aaron. You need help. We need help.”

“My place is wired like Fort Knox,” Savage adds. “No one is getting in or even out, for that matter, if I don’t make it happen. At least come with me until you can figure out what comes next.”

Aaron cuts his stare, and it takes him a good minute to lean in, kiss me and then look at Savage. “On foot. Stop the vehicle. We go on foot.”

“All right,” Savage agrees. “I haven’t gotten in a good cardio kick today, so, yeah, man, we walk.” He leans forward and taps the driver’s seat. “Pull us over.”

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