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Doctor Can’t Get Enough

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B.B. Hamel

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I’m an expert on the human body…
And I’m about to learn every inch of her curves.

Bailey stumbles into my life like a hurricane, demanding and gorgeous. She wants me to save her mother’s life… but I just want her.

I specialize in risky surgeries… until one small mistake costs me everything. Now there’s no way I can touch her mother’s case… not officially at least.

If I’m going to risk my license, Bailey better be ready to make it worth my while. She wants me to take one huge risk, and I just want to study her body as closely as I can.

She’d better be willing to go all the way. We’re doing this surgery for real, but it’s not sanctioned by the hospital. We could easily wind up in jail.

That’s what I’m willing to do just to get a taste. And in the end, she’s going to pay me back… with every inch of her gorgeous little body.

I’m insatiable… I’m starving. I can’t get enough of her… and I’m going to take it.

Another Can’t Get Enough! This steamy standalone series just got way hotter… and way wilder! Bailey and Westin have some serious sizzle, so if you’re into steam, go ahead and treat yourself. As always, there’s no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed. Enjoy! XO, BB

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I feel like I might faint at any second. My heart’s racing, my hands are sweating, my knees are shaking, and I really regret eating breakfast.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous in my entire life.

I lean against the back wall of the elevator and watch the numbers tick up. An older woman in a turtleneck is smiling at me, clearly trying to make conversation, but I’m not having it today.

I just can’t. I’m afraid I’ll vomit on her shoes.

“Visiting someone?” she asks me suddenly. I almost groan. I guess she couldn’t wait. “Sorry,” she continues, “you just don’t look like a patient. I know I shouldn’t pry.”

“Meeting with a doctor,” I manage to spit out without falling over.

“Oh, lovely, lovely. I’m seeing a friend, a dear friend, she had this awful complication from surgery and I’m just coming to lift her spirits, you know? It’s awful, so awful, the things that happen, but—”

Mercifully, the elevator stops at my floor. “I hope your friend feels better,” I say, slipping past her. “Good luck.”

“Oh, you too!”

She smiles at me and I give her a little wave before turning to face the hallway.

I take a deep breath and let it out.

I almost wish I had explained to that woman what I’m really doing here. Trying to save my mom’s life, you know, because no doctor is willing to perform that surgery that’ll let her live. She doesn’t need to hear that. Nobody needs to hear about the bleak realities of our current medical system.

Just have to keep going. One foot after the other, down the hall, breathing slowly.

Dr. Westin Turner’s office is the last on the right, a little corner spot that probably gets great light. I wouldn’t know though, since his door his shut tight.

I hesitate just a moment. I was told he’s in his office at this time every day, eating lunch alone. I was also told that he hates to be disturbed and isn’t a very nice man.

I think the actual words were, He’s a total prick, good luck with that.

I take another deep breath, another long exhale.

It doesn’t matter if he yells at me. None of that matters. I’m here for my mom and that’s it.

I’m not letting her waste away all because some doctors are too afraid to try and save her. I don’t care if they say it’s a risk we can’t take, that the pain isn’t the end of the world. I don’t care what they say.

They don’t know my mother.

She used to be the light of my world. She’s an incredible woman, raised me all by herself when my dad ran off. She worked two jobs and still managed to find time to get a degree, learn piano, and sing at church. Now she helps run an investment firm, or at least she did up until she got sick.

Now she’s just a husk compared to what she used to be. She’s in constant pain, barely able to move, barely able to even smile. I hate what she’s become and I can’t take no for an answer.

Which is how I ended up here. Westin Turner is known as the only doctor in the region that would even touch a surgery like this. He’s considered one of the best, most gifted surgeons around, which is why he has his own office. He specializes in risky surgeries, the kinds of surgeries most doctors would run away from screaming.

Not Westin Turner. He embraces the risk and comes out ahead.

I finally work up the nerve to raise my hand… and knock.

Three knocks, nice and quiet.

And nothing.

I wait a full minute. Nothing happens. Maybe I was wrong, maybe I’m at the wrong door, but no, that’s his name on the front, this is the right office. Maybe I was given bad information, maybe he’s not here today, maybe—

I knock again. I don’t let my nerves stop me. I knock louder this time. I keep knocking until I hear a voice inside.

“Okay, enough. I’m coming.”

I step back, heart racing.

The door opens slowly. I look into the face of the man that could possibly save my mother’s life, her very last hope, the man I’ve been praying can solve all my problems.

He glares at me like I’m the most annoying thing he’s seen all day.

“What do you want?”

I nearly run away. He’s tall, much taller than I expected. He’s muscular and fit, which is obvious from the tight button-down he’s wearing. And he’s incredibly, stupidly handsome.

I’m talking underwear model handsome. He’s gorgeous, with thick, dark hair and light green eyes that almost sparkle in the sparse hallway lighting. He’s almost beautiful, actually, and I can hardly stand it.

I think I really would run if my mother’s life weren’t at stake.

“My mom—” I begin, but he cuts me off.

“I don’t know who you are or what you want, but I’m not doing it. Good luck.” He starts to shut the door.

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