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Double Doctors - A Twin Menage Romance

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Stephanie Brother

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What would you do if all of your sexual fantasies could be multiplied by two? Good-looking alpha twins, Rick and Brock Rodgers, former football champions for the Wildcats, end up in Sisters of Mercy Hospital and it's driving me crazy!
Rick is one of our instructors, and Brock is in my residency group. Through it all, I imagine having not just one, but both twins 'play doctor.' It's a medical examination that I'd be happy to schedule if it weren't for the secret that prevents me from living out my fantasies with these two gorgeous men! When Rick is thrust into the spotlight, we are ripped apart, flung to the far sides of the globe!
Will we ever all be together again? How can I ever accept that my heart wants just what the doctor ordered - times two?
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Stephanie Brother

I see Rick driving by in his RAV. He slows down, and I can see his toothy smile. My insides do a little flip. If only he knew what I had him doing to me just a short while ago, I think evilly. He’d probably freak out in disgust, now that I think about it. Why would he want to do that with me?

Sighing, I wave.

“I’d offer you a ride, Beth, but you’re almost there, and I need to try to find a better space so my car doesn’t end up as another fuck-spot for Brandy – again,” he smiles. At his mention of ‘fuck,’ my brain freezes up. I can’t say anything.

“Are you ok, sis?” Rick asks. He probably doesn’t even notice his slip.

“I’m f-f-fine,” I stammer. My inner thighs are suddenly warm, and there’s a tingle in my belly as if someone set off a butterfly bomb. (That’s a bomb that explodes and releases a ton of butterflies, in case you are curious. As opposed to a moth-grenade.)

Fuck! My brain is going crazy! Next thing I will be inviting Rick to eat me out or something!

“Really, it’s okay, Rick. I’m just about to clock in, anyway, but thanks. Maybe you should sleep over, so that this doesn’t happen again?” I tease, and suddenly realize the words I just uttered to my stepbrother.

He looks puzzled for a second, then laughs and drives off with a wave.

God! I can’t believe I just said that!

Was he shaking his head as he drove off? He must really think I’m nuts!

I feel myself blushing with embarrassment, and then anger as I curse inwardly, pushing open the door to the lobby of Sisters of Mercy Hospital.


“Hey, Sis!” I hear as I run to make my first round. Brock is there already, as are a bunch of other residents. I see Mindy and Raj doing their own rounds down the hall. Jake is chatting up Carmen, and Rick and Dr. Peters are conferring about something as they stride past us in a hurry.

Brock watches them, and tries to catch Rick’s eye, but he and Dr. Peters round a corner and disappear. Brock frowns. They are headed down to the NICU.

“Isn’t Dr. Rodgers our attending, this morning?” he asks.

A nice woman physician answers him.

“Not this morning,” she replies.

Her name tag reads “Dr. Ruth Singleton.”

I know her.

She’s known as “Dr. Ruthless” among the interns.

I groan inwardly. Why is she here, instead of Rick?

“There’s been a problem overnight, my pretties,” she says, imitating the Wicked Witch of the West. “One of the preemies…”

I shudder. I wonder if it’s the crack-baby?

“Jane Doe,” Brock confirms. She came into the ER, with her mother OD’ing from fentanyl. It was an emergency C-section.

The mother was recovering in ICU, herself, and was in pretty bad shape.

“We checked her yesterday, Brock? Did we miss something?” I whisper.

“Nothing I can think of, Sis, but Rick is there, so I am sure it’s critical,” he whispers back. Even his whisper is sexy. Especially his whisper.

Damn! I need to focus!

I look and see that concern is etched across his handsome features. He’s thinking hard, and suddenly he whirls and begins to follow his brother. I start after him.

“Ahem. Where do you two think you are going?” asks Dr. Ruthless.

Brock stops, and turns that fine, leonine head to glare slightly at her.

I’m too close, and walking briskly, so I bump into him. He turns the glare on me.

The other interns are watching the tableau.

“I just thought of something regarding the preemie in 443C, and…” he begins.

“Dr. Rodgers. It is Dr. Rodgers, correct?” she spits.

He nods.

“And, Dr. White, is it?” she asks, haltingly.

She knows exactly who we are. She’s playing with us.

“Well, ‘Doctors,’” she says, sarcasm dripping from her lips.

“I don’t recall excusing you? Or dismissing you? Or even really acknowledging you?” she says, sweetly.

“You are to stay by my side until rounds are completed, do you understand? Not even a bathroom break, and I don’t care if you’re shitting hot hemorrhagic diarrhea down your sparkling clean scrubs. Do. You. Understand?” she sneers, as she spits out each word.

I hate her.

“Yes, Doctor,” Brock says, and returns to the group.

I want to tell her to go fuck herself, and run after Rick, but I instead count to five, and go to stand next to my stepbrother. I can tell he’s angry, but I’m not certain if it’s at her, or himself. Or me…

Dr. Ruthless turns to all of us, adjusting her glasses above her hawk-like nose.

“Let me make this clear, and only this one time. You follow my lead. You pay attention to me. If you deviate from my directions during our rounds, you will not be getting a second chance here at Sisters. This is my domain. This is my playing field. I am not tolerant of either stupidity, laziness or,” and she looks at Brock and me directly, “insubordination. Do you all clearly understand me?”