Double Teamed (Gridiron Love #0) Read Online Tamrin Banks

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It was a stupid move. I admit it. I shouldn’t have lost my temper on the field or off. But therapy? No way! Until I see her. Dr. Alexandra Wright. My therapist. The super-sexy doctor has invaded my dreams. Can I convince her she’s what I really need?

My best friend and I are a team. In every way. But lately it doesn’t feel worth the effort. I can’t get excited about anything anymore and Kade is on the edge of losing his mind. We need something and when I meet Alexandra and see the look in Kade’s eyes, I know what it is. Her. But will the smoking-hot doctor be interested in what we can offer her?

I can’t be Kade’s therapist. Not with how he makes my heart race. But then I meet his friend, Sebastian. The two of them are the embodiment of all my fantasies. Kade’s team is counting on me to get his suspension lifted. While Kade teases me, Sebastian’s dark, possessive stare never leaves my body.
What’s a girl to do when she’s promised all her fantasies come to life with two men who say they both love her? Will it be the job or our future happiness?


Chapter 1


I run the damn play until the coach’s whistle stops us in our tracks.

“Dammit, Brooks! What the hell are you doing? Daydreaming? You should have already had that pass in the damn air! Get your head out of your ass and concentrate on the fucking play!”

I pull to a stop and huff out a breath, leaning down to rest for a second. I can feel my back protesting and I groan under my breath. My teammates study me and I know the younger ones are looking for a chink in my armor. They’re looking to get my job. Especially Kennedy.

The younger man eyes me with a smirk and a vicious light in his cold eyes. “Ya good there, old man?” he questions me.

I stand and eye him with a sneer. “I’m good, Kennedy. Why don’t you just worry about your own problems and leave mine alone?”

He stalks up to me and pushes me in the chest and I immediately feel my temper rising. I shove it down but it’s there, boiling just under the surface.

“Your problems are our problems, man. You and your broken-down old body are about to take this team down and I don’t feel like I should have to stand on the sidelines with my thumb up my ass when I should be taking over. I’d take us to the playoffs for sure.” His burning gaze runs up and down my body. “You’re just a fucking anchor to the champions that this team could be with me.”

I stalk up to him and my furious stare turns razor-sharp. “Until I get dragged out of here I’m in charge of this fucking team, Kennedy. I don’t need some little twit who’s barely done with his mommy wiping his ass trying to tell me what I need to do for this team! I’ve taking us to the championships, asshole. You haven’t done shit to prove yourself yet! So back the fuck off!”

Coach hollers from across the field. “You two get lined up! What the fuck are you doing out there?”

I glance over and that’s when I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I duck just as Kennedy’s fist flies over my right shoulder, whizzing past my ear uselessly.

I whip around and growl, “You son of a bitch! You like to sucker-punch, huh? Well, let’s see if you can take it as well as you can dish it out!” And then my fist hits him square in the jaw and I hear the satisfying crunch.

He staggers back, his hand clutching his face. “Shit! What the hell was that for, dickhead?”

He moves his hand and I see the blood coming out of his mouth as he spits out a tooth that’s been broken. I swear to god I’ve never been happier.

I point at him. “You got what you deserved! Keep your fucking shit to yourself!”

“Brooks! What the fuck is going on with you? Get your ass off the field! Both of you! Kennedy, go to medical and get that taken care of! Brooks, I want to talk to you!”

I sigh and stomp off the field, my temper still barely leashed even though I know I need to get myself under control before I talk to coach.

I head for him and stand in front of him, my arms crossed over my chest, a mulish look on my face.

“Wipe that look off your face, Brooks! You can’t put your own teammates in the damn hospital! Head to the locker room. And then come to my office.”

Shit, shit, shit! I fucked up and I know it. I whirl around and head inside. A long, hot shower later and I feel more controlled. But at the same time, I know I’ve really messed up now. My pulse races when I step inside the coach’s office and I see our PR rep standing there. She shoots me a glare that should freeze me in my tracks.