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Double Trouble

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Natasha Black

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My men have me against the ropes and begging for more.

I’m an ER nurse. I play it safe.
Until Jake and Owen walk in, all wicked sex appeal and prizefighter swagger.
The Powers twins are identical in every way.
Jake’s a successful boxer, and Owen is his manager.
Both ex-military, both alpha, both hot as hell.
The way they stroke my body with their eyes makes me feel things I haven’t since I lost my fiancé.
They rescued me when my date tried to drug me.
They protected me like a pair of hot, filthy heroes.
I tried to resist, but there was no turning back.
Every hard muscle feels like it was meant for me, for this moment.
Forget what the world says.
It’s insane that it feels so right.
And when I need saving once again, my boys are right there to deliver the knockout punch.

They might be the competitors, but I’m the winner in this ring.

Enjoy a wonderful MFM Romance all about her. No m/m. This standalone novella has no cheating, and HEA guranteed.x c

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I knew what to expect, or so I thought.

Just another busy let’s-get-this-over-with Monday night. I’d tend to the usual Monday night ER patients, guzzle bad coffee like a superstar; chat with Penelope, do damage control when she said one of her ‘quotables’ too loud. I’d think wistfully of the sleep I’d get in a few hours, while tempering the longing with the firm resolve that I was working my dream job.

And it went just like that, this typical Monday night. Until, that is, they came in.

I was on such autopilot mode of efficient work and kind cheer, that the sight of them – same chin-length beach boy hair, same guarded eyes the brown of leather belts – only pierced my consciousness after several seconds.

“Patched him up best we could at the club, but my brother’ll need stitches- ASAP,” the one was saying as he supported the other.

The other one had a bad gash on his forehead, and more stubble, but that was where the differences ended.

“Ignore him,” the twin with the cut said with a wink. “My brother takes worrying to an art form.”

Beside me, Penelope’s eyes widened, while my own mind pinged with understanding. Yes, these two men had the same hair, same face, were the same two prototypes of hotness – twins.

“Mr. Owen and Jake Powers,” I said, taking refuge behind the chart so I could get a hold of myself. All of me was flushing, from my cheeks all the way to between my legs.

“Perfect last name for a boxer, am I right?” Jake said with a wince.

“Less talking and more sitting still so the nurse can do her job,” Owen growled.

“You mean” – Jake checked my nametag – “Hyacinth.”

“My friends call me Cin,” I said automatically, frowning. Where the heck had that come from?

Focus, Cin, I told myself.

“Sorry Cin,” Owen said, slinging himself into a chair at the hospital bedside. “Don’t mean to be rude. Just worried about my little brother.”

“Little by two minutes,” Jake said sorely.

“Jake Powers,” Penelope said, stepping beside me. Her Bambi eyes were locked on him in a way that I knew from experience wasn’t good. “I’ve heard of you.”

Jake cracked a smile, although his gaze didn’t move from me. “Does that mean I can get some VIP treatment here and snag a little whiskey or something for the pain?”

“No,” I said smoothly at the same time that Owen sharply said, “Jake!”

He smiled gratefully at me. “Just ignore him if he gets to be too much.”

“Same goes for my brother,” Jake said, flipping Owen a sweet ‘fuck-you’ smile. “He tends to forget himself in front of pretty girls.”

“Normally I’d say slap him if he crosses the line,” Owen said darkly. “But in the circumstances….”

Smiling weakly, I turned to my kit. Focus Cin. So what if some hot boxer twins were flirting with me? I had a job to do.

The cool metal of the tool shelf sharpened me somewhat as I rifled through the bin for what I was looking for. Producing the sutures, needle driver, tissue forceps and sterilized needle and thread, I gave the twins an all-business smile. “Thanks, but I should be fine. A needle in his forehead should do the trick.” My smirk wavered. Keep it professional, Cin. “Now, don’t move.”

I poised my needle over his forehead skin, preparing for contact.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jake said cockily. “I should be goo-”

The stabbing in of the needle shut him right up. Beside me, Penelope had flit away and was hovering at a distance. Even after two years as a full-time nurse, she still could hardly stomach the whole graphic bit. Although if I needed her she’d be there in an instant.

It was only a minute or so of the work, basically skin sewing, and then I was finished, and Jake started breathing again.

“Thanks,” he said weakly, all of his former bravado gone.

He drew in a deep breath that fell out of him. “You come in here thinking you’re all tough and then,” – a sheepish smile – “You get your ass handed to you by a pretty girl with a needle.”

“If it’s any consolation, I’ve had some people bawl like babies, so you’re no wuss,” I said.

“Thanks,” Jake said. “But this is going to be ammo for my brother for weeks.”

A glance to Owen found him smiling, shrugging. “Serves you right, when you were so set on being a tough guy that you weren’t even going to come here in the first place.”

“If I’d known…” Jake trailed off.

His gaze stroked down my body. I twisted away, busying myself with putting away my supplies in the proper bins.

“Anyway,” Jake was saying. “Guess it’s just my luck you know your stuff.”

I nodded. “Guess so. Now try to keep those clean and dry and go see your doctor in about seven days to have them taken out. You can take regular ibuprofen for any discomfort. If there’s nothing else you need, I should get back to work.” I was normally a little friendlier, but something about these two gorgeous men and the way they were both looking at me, put me on edge.