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Dr. Feelgood

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S.E. Law

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Dr. Feelgood is an alpha AF possessive male with a deep, growly voice, a giant stethoscope and a bedside manner that makes me want more.

Summer’s the sweetest thing to ever step into my exam room. The curvy girl was hit by a car, but at the hands of a skilled physical therapist, even the most unlikely paraplegics can learn to walk again.

After all, my nickname’s Dr. Feelgood for a reason.

They say that I’ve got talented hands …

… and a talented something else too.

If a woman isn’t shaking and trembling by the end of our physical therapy sessions, then I’m the one who’s come up short. I want to push her to her limits and make her feel like a curvy, desirable goddess.

It’s a good thing I give a hundred and ten percent to my job every single day because when Summer Ames is wheeled in for the first time, there’s only one thing on my mind:

Walk to me, sweetheart.

Run to me, baby.

I can make you feel so good …

… that you never stop coming to me again and again.

This alpha AF, possessive male is worth every steamy session in the physical therapy room because he works miracles on the patients in his care. Strap yourself in for a mouthwatering ride and let yourself enjoy the exam. Reader beware: you might want to keep your own stethoscope on hand while reading this sizzling tale.

As always, my books end with an HEA, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

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She’s so gorgeous.

That’s the only thought in my mind as I watch the beautiful brunette being wheeled into the physical therapy room. I should be seeing a paraplegic. Someone with unmoving legs and a broken spirit, but instead, all I see full lips, a lively smile, and curves that go on for days.

What the hell is wrong with me? I’m a professional for crying out loud, and what professional does this? What doctor lusts after a patient who’s broken and damaged from a hellacious car accident that nearly killed everyone involved?

Me, that’s who.

But I can’t stop my thoughts. Summer Ames is just too beautiful, and even worse, she has no idea what I’m thinking. The innocent girl wheels up to me and smiles like nothing’s wrong. We’re alone in the physical therapy room, and the door’s tightly shut as the silence thrums between us.

“Should I start the exercises you showed me last week?” she asks in a sweet voice. “You know, the ones where I lift my arms like this?” she asks, raising her elbows in the air. The movement causes her breasts to bobble, and I can’t help but stare at those heavenly mounds through her t-shirt. She’s generously endowed and my body hardens just seeing those lush hills.

“Um, sure,” I growl, trying to get myself under control. “Go ahead and start. I’ll just prep some of the equipment.”

Summer smiles and begins her lifts, never breaking eye contact. She’s wearing a loose t-shirt, but each raise of her arms causes the hem to go up, revealing the softness of her stomach. And as I watch, she parts her legs a bit, as if to get comfortable on the plastic seat of her wheelchair. She’s wearing a skirt with flowers on it, and it drapes gently over her knees.

Then I see it. Holy shit, am I dreaming? Did this girl forget to wear her panties today? I can’t breathe, and I swallow hard, unable to tear my eyes from the vee between her thighs as she continues to do her lifts.

Oh shit, it’s true.

There’s a flash of moist pinkness, and then another one. She shoots me a coy smile, while parting her knees a bit. Sure enough, her pink slit comes into view, moist and steamy, and my cock practically bursts from my loose scrubs.

“Do you like what you see, Doctor?” she coos melodically, still doing her arm lifts while tantalizing me Basic Instinct-style. Holy shit, I’m going to fucking explode. But if I touch her, I’m going to lose my job, not to mention my license to practice physical therapy. I’m going to lose everything that I’ve worked so hard for, for so many years.

Yet I can’t stop myself. As if in slow motion, I approach until my cock nearly brushes Summer’s face. Like a kitten, she turns her cheek and gently nuzzles my hardness, sighing with adoration. Then, the girl gets even more creative. She catches my ridge through the material with her mouth and sucks me right through the cotton fabric.

Oh shit, it feels so good and her lips are so persuasive, the look in her eyes coy and welcoming. Within seconds, I have her out of her chair and lying on the massage mat on her back. Her skirt flies up and she smiles as I push her knees up and apart before sinking into that tempting wetness.

“Oh Dr. Maddox,” she moans, “Yes, just like that.”

I can’t believe how tight she is, and pump a few times, her warmth squeezing me like a velvety glove. I’m going to the seventh circle of hell for my actions, that’s for sure. But it’s worth it. She moans and clasps me tight in her arms, squeezing my length with her interior muscles, and the feel of her velvety walls pushes me over the edge. My cock jerks and spasms, dousing her pussy with my seed as she moans musically.

“Yes!” she cries out. “Oh Ridge, that feels so good.”

Her twat shakes around me as she finds her own climax, the intensity driving me over the edge again and again.

“Summer, you’re so beautiful, you’re so gorgeous,” I pant worshipfully against her mouth. She mewls and moans even more, squeezing every last drop of virile seed from my balls because this is what we both want. Sure, I’m a doctor and she’s my patient, but something’s changed in the equation. And even though we have so much at risk, all I want is more of this gorgeous woman no matter what it costs.



Six months earlier.

A pair of unsure eyes reflect back at me from the full-length mirror by the dressing room.

“It’s just… well, it’s not me.” Susan gnaws on her lip. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This used to be what I would wear, but now? I’m not so sure.”

I put a gentle hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay. We’ll figure this out. We’ll keep working through what you don’t like until we find what you do like.”