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Dragon Weyr’s Omega

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Sky Winters

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I’m an unclaimed omega. The last of my clan. Shifters only want me for breeding.
My mother always told me as an omega, I should stay away from shifter men. They’re more trouble than they’re worth. They’ll use me to make large litters of dragons. But when my human boyfriend betrays me, I’m forced into the arms of three handsome dragon shifters for protection.

Will my mother’s prophecy come true?

18+ Only

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Jessie’s mother taught her to never trust shifters. The men, at least.

She was an omega dragon. There was something inside her–she never quite learned what it was– that allowed her to carry large litters of shifter babies.

She’d always thought this sounded great, like she had the genes to have a happy family. All she had to do was find the right man. Ever since she was a little girl who learned of her special nature, this was her fantasy.

Her mother didn’t share those same sentiments. She’d always been protective of her, maybe more than she ought to have been. Jessie couldn’t blame her. Jessie’s father and brother had been killed in some clan struggle back when Jessie was a small child. Since then, her mother treated her like she was made of porcelain, told her that if she knew what was good for her, she’d forget all about her omega ways, maybe even the fact that she was a shifter.

“You marry a shifter man and you’re signing your own death warrant,” her mother had told her time and time again. “You want to live a long, happy life – you marry a regular, boring, human man. Make sure he’s on the straight and narrow, and that he’s got a good, normal job. Have lots of babies, and never let them know about your true nature.”

Jessie thought her mother was right, so that’s what she did. When she graduated from college, she went to New York, figuring she could fit in with all the humans in the city, where she could blend and be just a face in the crowd.

But deep down, she felt like this was a betrayal of who she was. She could date human men–and she did– but she wondered, how long she could deny her own nature. And if she did ever have kids, what was she supposed to do? Lie to them? Cut them off from their past?

And it didn’t help that every now and then, as she made her way down the crowded streets of Manhattan, she’d catch the whiff of something strange and intoxicating in the air.

Another shifter.

Sure, New York meant more humans. But it also meant more shifters. It was one of the five shifter hubs of the world, along with LA, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Dragons, wolves, bears, and more –they all lived there.

The scent called out to her, but she knew she couldn’t give in to temptation. After all, her mother had done everything she could to keep her safe, and now that she was gone–dead from a rare shifter blood disease–Jessie was the only one left in her line.

All she had to do was stay hidden, find a decent human man, and give him children. They’d be half shifters, ones who’d never learn about their nature. Then they’d marry other humans who’d have even less shifter in them, and so on and so on.

Before too long, they’d be nothing more than humans like the rest, only the faintest trace of dragon in their blood.

Jessie knew it was the only way to keep her and her future children safe. But deep down, she couldn’t help but feel as though she was throwing away something very important, something precious.

And it also didn’t help that every now and then, she’d catch the piercing eyes of a dragon shifter in the crowd. Shifters could tell one another apart, and male dragons were drawn to omegas. And it didn’t help that omegas tended to be the picture of feminine beauty.

Dragons, in their human forms, were terribly attractive. Jessie was no exception–with her bright blue eyes, heart-shaped face, and stunning features, she was beautiful enough to give any man with a pulse pause. And her body, slim and shapely and supple, was like a monument to her shifter fertility. Most human men seemed to stare at her on the street as though she weren’t real. Jessie didn’t like the attention, however.

She wanted to blend in. She wanted to be ignored. Being safe was all that mattered.

Sometimes, Jessie found herself wanting to close her eyes when she smelled the scent of shifter on the breeze, and let herself be taken, whatever the consequences might be.

But she would resist, just like she’d promised her mother she would. Life among the humans was boring, sure, but it was safe. And Jessie had found a half-way decent man, one who could provide for her.

That was all she needed. At least, that’s what she told herself.

She made her way down the tree-lined streets of her Upper East Side neighborhood toward the gray stone townhome where she lived. In her hands were two bags of groceries from the local health food store.

Boyd, her boyfriend, was very choosy about the foods he ate. He was a big shot trader, and was convinced that diet and exercise was the key to getting the one up on his competitors. He could be rigid and cold, but Jessie couldn’t argue with his success.