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Drax - Iron Thunder MC

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Savannah Rylan

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She's my second chance.
Mary-Beth is off limits. Her brother runs the Silver Knights MC. I can't touch her.
Doesn't mean I haven't in the past. Doesn't mean I don't want to do it again.
A second chance with Mary-Beth, Could put the whole club at risk. Until Crash puts her in harm's way.
Now I have to choose, Between my club, And the woman of my dreams. F*ck.
I hate playing this game. But luckily,
I play to win.
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Savannah Rylan



I couldn’t remember the names of the two girls hanging off my arms. So I asked them again.

“What are your names, sweethearts?”

We were walking down the hallway, making our way to the stairs. I had a room upstairs in the Clubhouse, where I crashed on nights I was too drunk to go back to my apartment. The girls giggled on my arms like I’d just cracked a joke.

“Sylvia,” one of them said. She had silvery platinum hair that snaked its way down her back where I could see a scorpion on her tail bone. I smacked her ass hard and she giggled again.

“Amara,” the other one answered. I was drawn to this one more. She had beautiful exotic olive skin and shapely dark eyes. Unlike Sylvia, this one giggled less. When she walked, her hips swayed and grazed against my body. She looked at me from under her heavy hooded eyes.

“And we know exactly who you are,” Amara said huskily. I couldn’t remember exactly, but I had a feeling I’d never seen these women before. But there were a lot of chicks who hung around the Clubhouse. Chicks who were drawn to biker groups and men in leather cuts. Groupies. Chicks who liked to get their asses smacked.

I grabbed her ass and squeezed.

Amara bit down on her lip and sucked in her breath.

“Yeah, we know who you are, Drax. You’re the President of this Club,” Sylvia said. She draped herself on my arm, resting her head on my shoulder. I could smell the beer on her breath.

“Big, strong, powerful President,” Amara continued. “Everyone here has to follow your every command. Don’t they?”

I grinned as she spoke. I knew exactly what she was doing. She was doing her best to make me feel powerful. To make me want her more. To subjugate her. This was her game. What was she looking for?

To be tied?

Some rough play?

I crept my fingers along her nape. She had long silky dark hair and she giggled a little now.

“I can make you feel even more powerful, Mr. President.”

“Mr. President?” Sylvia interrupted her and broke into a laugh. “You know who you sound like right now? Marilyn Monroe!”

Amara looked all sexy and seductive a moment ago, but now her cheeks were flushed. A flash of irritation crossed her eyes as she glared at her friend.

It made me laugh a little. I couldn’t help myself. It was funny watching these chicks squabbling already. What was going to happen when I tied them both to my bed and fucked them together? Were they going to be catfighting with each other even then?

“Shut up Sylvia!” Amara snapped, pressing herself into me.

Sylvia’s brows crossed. “You shut up! You sound stupid.”

“Girls. Girls. Come on. Let’s all be friends here,” I said and threw my arms around both of them. They were still glaring at each other but now we were at the end of the hallway.

I saw Flash and Allegra at the door of his room. I didn’t have to guess what they were planning on doing.

They were a new couple. Young love and all that.


Did I even fuckin’ believe in that thing?

Sylvia and Amara hung off my arms possessively. I could see Allegra shying away from looking at them. She was a strong young lady with a mind of her own and she’d bagged Flash—but there was a look of disapproval in her eyes when she saw my girls.

I didn’t give a fuck.

The only thing I cared about tonight was forgetting about everything else and just focusing on the threesome I was about to have. Two beautiful sexy chicks in my bed. Up to anything I wanted. They were here to please me.

Flash caught my eye as we were about to pass, and he nodded.

“Have fun tonight, guys. Who knows what tomorrow is going to look like?” I said with a smirk. Flash returned the smirk, but Allegra was eyeing the girls more closely now.

Sylvia was in the process of sticking her tongue in my ear. Amara had a hand possessively pressed to my chest. They were eyeing up Allegra too. I wanted to stop this.

Allegra was under our protection now. She was Flash’s woman. My chicks probably thought she was uptight and a prude. But they didn’t know what a relationship like theirs felt like. When you want to protect and defend a woman so bad that you are willing to risk everything for her. I thought I knew a little of what Flash was feeling right now, but I didn’t want to be presumptuous. Besides, it was not like I actually remembered that feeling.

It was so fucking long ago, a distant memory now. I barely even remembered her. At least that’s what I told myself anyway.

“Don’t waste time,” I told Flash, my bit of advice to him. I winked at Allegra and she blushed, then I started climbing the stairs. Sylvia and Amara both clung to me. They were still giggling, and I had no idea why. What was so funny? We’d all had a lot to drink. That’s probably what it was.