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Duke (The Black Hornets MC)

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Savannah Rylan

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Her daughter is her world. When Eden and I split eleven years ago I never imagined being a father.
Hell, I hardly knew what was happening next week, let alone a decade later.
But everything changes with Sierra shows up on my doorstep.
With Eden, not far behind.
Sierra is mine, I can feel it in my bones.
And I’ll do anything to make my family whole.

Duke is the third book in the Black Hornets MC Series.

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The Black Hornets MC Series by Savannah Rylan

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Chapter 1


“So, when are we going to retaliate against them?” I asked.

“Damn, Duke. The hell’s wrong with you today?” Jagger, our new prospect, asked.

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just sick of the cartel thinking that they have the upper hand.” I said.

“Do you guys think we need to fill in the High Rollers on what’s going on? You think this shit will come back-lashing on them because of the work we do for them?” Jace asked. “Hell, it’s obviously backlashed on the Dead Souls.”

“No,” Dean said.

“It’s a good question,” Maverick said.

“Finally. Someone’s got some sense about them,” I murmured.

“Who dug a stick up your ass today?” Jagger asked.

“Shut it, prospect. You’re not even supposed to be speaking during these meetings,” I said.

“Enough!” Dean exclaimed. “If you can’t be like Thor, then shut the fuck up so I can speak.”

Everyone peered over at the behemoth man in the corner. If people thought Maverick was massive, then no one had truly met Thor. He was a functioning mute, stood at a whopping six-foot-six, was stacked to the brim with muscle, and needed all of his damn clothes professionally made and tailored to his stature. The man grinned in the corner, like he had been let in on some sort of joke taking place. I was ready to get this damn church meeting over with. We’d all been gathered for over an hour and the only thing that had been addressed was that Diesel got jumped and that Thor was back from his assignment with the High Rollers.

Instead of taking action, we were just fucking stuck here talking about it.

“Okay. Here’s what we need to address really quickly. The issue with the cartel has spiraled. We have one of the assholes dead, and a head honcho on the run. Then this shit with Diesel happened. They are trying to spook us, which means we need to stay alert,” Dean said.

“And again, my question stands. Should we inform the High Rollers as to what’s going on?” Jace asked.

“No,” Thor said.

We all flickered our gaze over to the rumbling voice before turning back to Dean.

“I side with Thor on this one. We don’t have to tell them yet. Right now, the issue is contained. Right now, the cartel’s issue is with us. Well, us and the Dead Souls. If we catch wind that they’re trying to branch out beyond Redding, we’ll call a meeting with the High Rollers. Otherwise, we keep it under wraps as best as we can,” Dean said.

“So, what’s the plan then?” Rock asked.

Yeah. Dean didn’t just call this meeting with us. He called this meeting with all of the Dead Souls as well. Mostly to keep his daughter, Brynn, safe. Partially because Diesel was beat up. A little bit to make sure things were going smoothly in their area and that the bullshit he was pulling wasn’t affecting his daughter like he feared.

“The plan is to be prepared for anything. That’s what we’re doing, and that’s what you guys need to be doing as well. We might need you guys if things get ugly and this mess turns into an all-out war,” Dean said.

“Yeah I’d like to find out how they knew to come after me to get to you guys,” Diesel said.

“I can start out that story,” Jace said.

“And Maverick can finish it,” I murmured.

“There was a young woman that walked into one of our bars a few weeks back wanting help. Said she trafficked drugs for the cartel and wanted out. Wanted help trying to save her brother. We took on her case, I sheltered her until we could get things figured out, and the man Dean is talking about that was killed was her handler. Sebastian,” Jace said.

“The girl’s name?” Rock asked.

“Oh, it was Leti,” Jace said.

“Wait, your Leti?” Diesel asked.

“Yes. My Leti.”

“How’s she doing, by the way?” Colt asked.

“Eh, the pregnancy’s kicking her ass. She’s been pretty sick throughout it. Doesn’t seem to be letting up much,” Jace said.

“Anyway,” I grumbled.

“Who pissed in his Cheerios?” Thor murmured.

“If you’re whispering, you’re not very good at it!” I exclaimed.

“Duke, do you need a nap?” Dean asked.

“What I need is for this meeting to wrap so we can actually do something,” I said. “We are just sitting here chatting instead of doing anything.”

“Fuck, Duke,” Dean said. “We are trying to work through all of this.”

“It’s not my fault Maverick decided to attach himself to someone associated with the cartel,” I said with a laugh.

“What now?” Diesel asked.

“That’s the other part of this story,” Maverick sighed. “We had a young woman infiltrate our ranks before turning on her father. He’s a higher-up on the cartel chain. Manages not only the ins and outs of the U.S.-side of operations, but controls who is killed and how. The thick of it is the daughter wanted out, the father held her mother and sisters hostage while trying to get her to come back home, and when we went to go save the family, he got away,” Maverick said.