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Eco’s Heart

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ChaShiree M

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They call me Echo, because my brand of vengeance ripples through your whole family.

I never wanted that kind of power held over me. So love….not in my future.

Until the day I kidnapped my HEART.

May Satan come for whomever tries to take her from me. HE might be more MERCIFUL.


I know who my family is, it’s not too when you are the only daughter of a Mafia Don.

Which is why I decided long ago, to carve my own path. I vowed to never be a pawn in the life I was born into.

Until ECO sent a surge through me, that will be felt for the rest of my life.

He thinks he has to protect me from his enemies.

It’s them who should watch out. Together, we are MORE than lethal.

We are the RIPPLE you don’t see COMING!

This is book 2 of 4 in the Valladares Family Saga. Will the Benevides and Valladares families be able to merge and forget their hatred for one another? Or will they lose one of their own in the process?

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What am I doing sitting outside in the dark like a fucking creeper you might ask? Biding my time. I have had my guys watching her for the past two weeks memorizing her routine. As far as I can tell, she’s not doing anything special. She goes to school, her parents’ house and occasionally she makes a detour in a chemistry lab, which is not shocking considering what I know about her.

To be honest, the problem is not her. It’s me. I can’t believe I am doing this shit. When my dad brought it up, I thought he was joking. Should have known the great Hector Valladares Sr. wouldn’t joke about anything. But come on. An arranged marriage with three daughters from the other families, like we are stuck in the 30’s and 40’s? I almost wanted to ask him if he had lost his damn mind. Especially since my mind and heart is set on someone else. And considering my mother would have our asses if she thought we were being unfaithful, there is no way I could go through with this. Who the fuck does he think he raised? Barbarians? I almost laughed him out of the office until I saw the file that had her picture in it. It was her. My treasure. My vision.

I saw her one day as she was walking down the street and I was sitting in the car. As usual I was going over emails like I normally do when my driver is taking me from one place to the next. I happened to look over, and I saw this angel floating out of a building. She was the one bright light in an otherwise dreary day. Literally. My breath caught in my chest. I forgot to exhale and began to feel lightheaded. I instructed my driver, rather hoarsely, to follow her. Still not registering my lack of oxygen, my eyes would not leave her. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, chanting over and over, ‘take her…take her…she is yours…make her yours.’ I knew without knowing her name, my chest and the beast within me was correct. But something was stopping me from getting out of the car and going to her. It wasn’t until we had come to the restaurant, and I saw a man greet her, with his hand around her waist. It is then my breath left my lungs and my body began to shake. How dare he put his hands on what belongs to me?

I exited the car and went inside the restaurant asking to be seated across from them, partially hidden behind some plants. My hands, clenching and unclenching as I stop myself from launching across the restaurant and killing him.

I watch as they talk and she laughs, though obviously not fully. Even from a distance I can see the annoyance in her eyes and the way her body tenses every time he touches her. When his hand lands on her shoulder, and I see his fingers apply pressure I jump out of my seat to finally end this, only to be thwarted by her rising and him following. I jumped back in my car and had my driver follow her. When she stopped in front of Avicii Gardens, my mind began to sort through the information I had about the property. I made a mental note to have my father’s attorney look up who owned it. Somehow, I feel like I know, but right now, my mind can think of nothing but HER. It isn’t until he turns around that I recognize him. Anatoly Popov. The son of Russian mobster Kostas Popov. What the fuck? How the hell is she involved with him?



“Find out who the girl is and how she is connected to Popov. NOW! Meanwhile, follow him.” It is on this night, this day, at this hour, that I lost my mind. It is this moment that changed everything. We followed him to his apartment, where I watched him go upstairs and turn on the lights. I waited minutes, moments really for him to become aware that his life was in danger. When his lights went back out, I crept up the balcony, using my years of training from my father and the military guys he hired to teach my brothers and I how to get in and out undetected among other things. I stood over him, waiting for him to feel my presence, something, so that I could tell him why he was about to die. I have always liked looking a man in his eyes when I am going to dim them.

Fucking moron, didn’t blink once. The shot went straight through the head and he never saw it coming.

This has gone on for weeks now. My father would kill me if he knew the amount of bodies that have piled up as I have watched and waited. It’s like the moment I see her with a man who is not me, I become someone else. I become a shell of the thoughtful, well-spoken being my papa raised. I become some Neanderthal, caveman, thug, who has to prove his worth. Prove he is worthy of his woman. By God I want her to find me worthy of her light. Of her sweetness. Of the innocence I can’t help but feel she harbors. She has never once allowed any of the guys she went out with upstairs to her place, which fills me with a desire like you wouldn’t believe. Knowing that makes my cock happy. My balls harden as I think about how tight her pussy is going to be when I finally breech it, breeding her instantaneously, because let’s face it, she will belong to me forever. I just hope she can be happy when she finds this out.