The Royal Family:

Prince Sebastian Wakefield – The Duke of Somerset. Married to Nina Wolfe (sister to Christian). {Enchanting Sebastian}

Prince Frederick Wakefield – Brother to Sebastian. Married to Catherine. No book belongs to this couple, as they are already married when introduced.

Prince Callum – Brother to Sebastian.

Princess Eleanor – Sister to Sebastian.

Jacob Baxter – Sebastian’s best friend. Owner of Whitetail Mountain, along with several local businesses, including the restaurant Ciao. Married to Grace Douglas.

Liam Cunningham – Head of Montana security, and personal bodyguard to Sebastian. Cousin to Lauren Cunningham.

Nick Ferguson – Personal bodyguard to Nina Wolfe.

Miscellaneous and important characters:

Jesse Anderson – Former Navy deep-sea diver. Married to Tara Hunter. {Worth Fighting For, A Crossover Collection Novella by Laura Kaye}

Joslyn Meyers – Pop star. Married to Kynan McGrath. {Wicked Force, A Crossover Collection Novella by Sawyer Bennett}

Dr. Drake Merritt – Surgeon. Married to Abigail Darwin. Both characters are best friends of Hannah Malone. {Crazy Imperfect Love, A Crossover Collection Novella by K. L. Grayson}

Penelope (Penny) – Former teacher. Married to Trevor Wood, Drummer for the rock band, Adrenaline. {All Stars Fall, A Crossover Collection Novella by Rachel Van Dyken}

Aspen Calhoun – New owner of Drips & Sips.

Sam Waters – EMT.

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