I get up and maneuver around the coffee table so that I can see it better. The photo shows me in full goalie gear, brow furrowed, getting my glove on Wes’s shot. The WESLEY on the back of his jersey is just visible to the right.

Blake has somehow put a speech bubble over my head that says, “NOPE!”

I bust out laughing. Because it is epic. There is no better word.

“Did you guys order some food or something?” Blake asks. “It’s time to put the chow in the mow. And Jessie’s working the night shift.”

Wes and I exchange a glance. I nod.

“How does pizza sound?” Wes says with a sigh.

“Awesome. I’ll just get myself a wine glass.”

“Thanks for being so good about all this,” I tell Wes.

“About what? You getting your dream job? How else would I act other than fucking thrilled?”

“I mean, thanks for putting up with how moody I was over this job stress.” I sit back down on the couch and put my feet in Wes’s lap. “The Head Coach needs a foot rub.”

“I thought I was the head coach in this relationship.” He gives me a sleazy wink.

“You can show me later,” I agree with a lewd grin.

“TMI!” Blake crows from behind the counter.

We both glance in his direction at the same time. And then back at each other. “Teach him a lesson?” Wes whispers.

“Yup,” I agree.

And then we lunge for each other. Wes wraps his strong arms around me and dives into the kiss, sliding me onto the couch and then dropping his firm body over mine.

It’s supposed to be a joke. But the second Wes’s lips find mine, it’s not all that funny anymore. I love this man, and I am so fucking lucky to have him in my life.

“Cheezus!” Blake yells. “No tongues! Aw, dudes. Well, I’m choosin’ the TV channel. It’s going to be something Canadian AF. Like the ice fishing championships.”

Blake babbles on, but it’s just background noise now. Eventually he joins us in the living room and we quit making out, but I can feel Wes’s hungry gaze on me as I sip my wine, and I know we’ll be all over each other again once our friend leaves. But for now, we let the anticipation build and content ourselves with the wine and the company and the joy of just being together.

Life is good.

No, it’s epic.

The End

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