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Ethan and Ava

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Lynda Chance

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New Adult
69K words
Ethan Jackson has had a thing for Ava Anderson longer than he cares to remember. But her brother is one of his best friends and there are rules and crap about stuff like that. But she’s always there, right in front of his eyes and the wanting is only getting worse as the days go by. What, exactly, is a guy supposed to do?
Ava quickly walked through the house and barricaded herself in the bathroom. Hearing the door slam shut, Ethan felt his temper rise as he followed her into the hallway and leaned against the wall, waiting for her to come out. The longer she ignored him, the more his fury grew.
She finally came out of the bathroom, still ignoring him completely. He was hot on her heels as she went inside her bedroom. He gave her no choice, he followed her inside and shut the door, leaning against it with his arms crossed.
She watched him with both anger and what looked like a tiny hint of trepidation. Shit if that didn’t soothe him somewhat. But then she opened her mouth and his ire came roaring back to life. “Get out,” she ordered flatly.
He shook his head, it was all he could manage without snapping at her.
Her shoulders stiffened. “Ethan. Get the hell out of my room.”
Other than fisting his hands, he remained perfectly still. He felt a burning itch to move across the room to impose on her personal space, but he knew that idea would be utter insanity. He soothed himself with a biting question. “What the hell was in your head when you decided to go there tonight?”
Her eyes sharpened as her mouth flattened into a grim line. “Nothing. None of your business. Get out.”
He sucked in oxygen through his teeth as he tried to calm down. “Ava. Listen to me. Ty was past irresponsible when he took y’all there—“
She cut him off with unbridled anger. “Bullshit. It was only a party.”
Well hell, she wanted to cuss at him? “Bullshit? Bullshit?” he bit out. She glared at him from across the room and he felt his temperature kick up another notch as he slammed her with his opinion. “You didn’t need to be there tonight. You took advantage of the fact that your parents are out of town—“
She interrupted him, the pretty lines of her face drawn into a scowl. “This doesn’t concern you at all. Who the hell do you think you are to lecture me?”

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Ethan Jackson took a deep breath and tried like fuck not to wail like a baby.


The word sent a bead of cold sweat down his spine.

He sucked in a shallow breath followed by another. How the hell could Ava be pregnant?

Obviously, the question he posed to himself was rhetorical because he already knew the damn answer. The real question was this: how the hell could he have fucked up so badly? How could he have lost control and taken that kind of risk with her? His guts clenched and although his mind was racing with panic, he didn’t have to search long for the answer to his question.

It was because she was Ava.

That was the reason he’d screwed up, pure and simple. He’d always had it bad for Ava Anderson. Damn bad. His entire life had always revolved around her.

With his emotions in turmoil, visions from the past clouded his brain.

Yeah, it was true. Pretty much as long as he could remember, he’d craved Ava. He didn’t even like to admit to himself how long he’d wanted a chance with her; it was damn uncomfortable to even think about, let alone admit.

He’d been friends with her brother Ty since way back and Ethan acknowledged he’d been horny for Ava since he’d been, what, about fourteen? She’d only been twelve or thirteen when she’d started developing those amazing breasts, and he’d been pretty much fucked ever since.

He’d been completely hot for her and during those early years he’d barely been able to hold his shit together. But he’d had to—she’d been just a kid—hell, he’d been just a kid. And really, he’d done remarkably fine, that is, until recently. Yeah, recently, shit had changed. Since the beginning of her sophomore year, since he’d been a senior, well, he’d tried to hold it together, he really had. But she’d kept getting prettier and prettier, and damn his sorry ass if he hadn’t kept getting hornier and hornier.

He blamed his loss of control on the fact that she was always around. She was always there, always at Ty’s house, right in front of his face and way too fucking close to his unruly pecker. He hadn’t been able to maintain any distance, hadn’t been able to get any relief from seeing her at all.

He and his other buddy Josh had always hung out at Ty’s house because the Andersons lived right in the center of the town of Redwood Falls, only a street away from the high school. The three of them had been best buds since elementary school, and they’d always congregated at Ty’s house because it was the most convenient. Ethan lived a good ten miles away, on his family’s farm deep in the heart of the county, and Josh lived in the entirely opposite direction. So the three of them had always wound up at Ty’s house. If Ethan had wanted to hang out with his friends, he couldn’t do it without seeing Ava, and that had been almost every day of his godforsaken life.

He remembered having a really shitty month or two, when she’d been about fifteen, because he’d been afraid that Josh was going to make a play for her. If Ethan had found her lush curves irresistible, didn’t it stand to reason that Josh would have felt the same way? But evidently his friend hadn’t felt the same, thank God, and Ethan had been able to calm down again and go on with his life as always—blue balls and all—and that was a good thing, because at fifteen, Ava had still been too damn young for what he’d wanted from her.

During those years, Ethan had tried every freaking thing he could think of to not be so damn aware of her. He’d tried other girls, shit, lots of ’em. He and Josh and Ty were always trolling for chicks, and while it had passed the time, it hadn’t done Ethan a bit of good. Every freaking girl he’d slept with had one face. Ava’s. Every time he’d pushed into a girl, he’d had to grit his teeth while he promised himself that someday, some way, he’d have the girl he really wanted.

Nope, it hadn’t done a damn bit of good to screw other girls, and lately, maybe the last year and a half or so, he’d given up the search for relief because it never worked. The second he crawled off whichever random chick he’d been with, he’d feel bitter recrimination, anger, and then the horniness would come flooding back—he’d still want Ava. He’d always wanted Ava, and just as soon as he’d realized there wasn’t anything he could do to make the feelings go away, he’d manned up and admitted his feelings to Ty. And shit, why wouldn’t he? She’d turned sixteen by then, and what the hell was he supposed to do? Lose her to some other dude because he was afraid of what her brother’s reaction might be?