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Evermore (When Rivals Play #2.5)

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B.B. Reid

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Grab your dancing shoes and put on your prettiest dress. It’s prom season in Blackwood Keep and forever can’t wait any longer!

Four Archer was the toughest girl around. Just ask anyone. She’s the street racing daredevil who brought the King of Brynwood Academy to his knees. But watching her boyfriend fawn over his childhood playmate—even though it was just an act—would be her toughest challenge yet. When jealousy rears its ugly head, Four questions if she can handle playing the sideline.

Ever McNamara has the world at his fingertips, but not even a private jet and a seven-figure trust fund can get him out of this rock and a hard place. When a childhood pact puts their fairytale in peril, Ever must risk it all to keep her.

Evermore is a 15K bonus novella following the events of The Moth and the Flame. It is strongly advised that you read The Peer and the Puppet and The Moth and the Flame before diving in. Content suitable for 18+.

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ETA to Prom…56 days

“Tyra, you’re black, right?”

It was a Saturday morning, and we were all at Vaughn’s eating the huge breakfast spread his father’s team of cooks had made. Vaughn had even invited Barbie against his better judgment, along with Wren and Lou, who I was more than happy to see. They’ve been kind of honeymooning it in their love nest for the past two months and finally emerged to rejoin the world. Lou kept looking like she had a secret to tell, but I knew if she did, she’d never have lasted this long without saying something. I’m sure she was just excited and smug to finally be boning her best friend. She had shamelessly tortured and seduced him until he gave in, after all.

“Ask me if the carpet matches the drapes, and I’ll disembowel you right here, Buchanan.”

Jamie snorted and scooped a huge helping of eggs into his mouth. “Give me a fucking break,” he said with a mouthful. “I answered that question thoroughly years ago. Besides…” He swallowed this time before saying, “I already know you’re as bald as a baby’s ass.”

Everyone was shocked into stunned silence as we shifted our questioning gazes to Tyra.

Vaughn was the first to break the stunned silence. “How the fuck do you know that?” he roared.

Jamie’s smile was small as he methodically slathered cream cheese on a bagel, perfectly content to leave us in suspense. And then, with a teasing wink, he said, “Saw the reminder for her wax appointment on her phone.”

Everyone seemed to release a collective breath except Tyra, who screeched, “You guys actually think I fucked him?”

“Jamie can be persuasive,” I muttered guiltily, which earned an eye roll from Tyra and a scowl from Ever.

“How persuasive?” he demanded.

If Ever were a dog, he’d be foaming at the mouth right about now. Taking a cue from Tyra’s book, I rolled my eyes and could practically see the steam blowing from his ears. For the sake of finishing breakfast, I bit back a smile.

Hey, if he could prance around with a pretend girlfriend, then perhaps I could make myself feel less like a fool by torturing his ego.

That lasted about a minute or two before guilt sank in.

Not only had I agreed to the charade but Ever also made damn sure to never cross any lines. He only wanted to protect his friend, and I wanted to protect his conscience and share some of the burden resting on his shoulders. It had taken so much from him to give up rescuing his mom from a raging madman—at my urging—but then Wren Harlan had been his shooting star, and it all worked out. I was determined for this to work out, too.

Leaning over, I stole a kiss and earned his surprised though still slightly pissed gaze. “Only ever you.”

Slowly, the anger faded, and I was once again the girl he adored.

“Fucking better be,” he said with a confident smirk that made me want to deck him like I had soon after we first met. But I also knew Ever wouldn’t hesitate to take me over his knee no matter who was watching, and I knew I wouldn’t hesitate to put up a fight.

It’d be a shit show for sure.

“So, guys,” Tyra shouted cheerily. I think she was more than eager to redirect the conversation. Ever and I turned to see her regarding Lou and Wren. “How are you liking living together? It isn’t weird?”

“Not at all!” Lou answered with an affectionate smile. “I’m learning so much about my baby. Like how fast the toilet paper goes when he’s around.”

Wren’s lip curled into a mocking sneer. “I’m sorry that I need more than two squares to wipe my ass.”

“More like two rolls,” Lou corrected before laying a sympathetic hand on his arm. “It gets a bit explosive down there, huh?”

I nearly choked on my food trying not to laugh although Jamie had no such reservations and roared while the rest of the table pushed their food away. Wren and Lou went back forth for a while, but I was distracted away from their playful banter when Tyra leaned over and whispered something in Vaughn’s ear. When she finished, Vaughn nodded grimly. What struck me as weird was when his gaze found mine, he quickly looked away.

“Jamie,” Vaughn drawled, “it’s your lucky day. That stunt you pulled got you chauffeur duty. The girls want you to drive them around when they go dress shopping.”

Rather than getting upset, Jamie shrugged and reached for a strip of bacon. “Only if I get to help them try some on,” he retorted lasciviously.

“You don’t,” Ever, Vaughn, and for some reason, Wren echoed.

“Dresses?” I questioned. “For what?”

Everyone’s expression became equally bewildered, including Wren and Lou. It was the latter who answered when everyone else just stared. “For prom, silly.”

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