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Ex-Boyfriend’s Dad

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Katy Kaylee

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What do you do when you are seeking an escape via a dating site and the man you meet…

Well, he’s your ex boyfriend’s dad!

In my defense, I did not know it.

I just fell for his… charm…and… his toned abs, and s$xy eyes, and strong arms…

I could go on and on.

Everything’s working out well until my ex shows up…again.

But this time, there are secrets and repercussions.

And a baby too.

OMG…how am I going to handle so much!

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Tears began to fall from my eyes. Each one landed on my stained pillow. Every tear was heavier and saltier than the one before. I tried my best to hold each one back. Somehow more tears fell helplessly from my eyes. I restlessly tossed back and forth inside my bed of crumpled sheets and cookie crumbs. The sound of my heart breaking pierced my eardrums. The tone of my mother’s stern voice playing loudly inside my head repeated, “Christina, you’re making a big mistake with your life. You’re going to live to regret it, trust me.”

I hated to admit it that my mother was right. I was a fool to trust and believe in all the dreams Macon sold me about our life together. He promised me we could make it out on our own in the world. Be a power couple and travel the world as all our friends envied us from their pathetic day jobs. I loved Macon! Perhaps I loved his promised dreams more.

His boyish good looks, dazzlingly blue eyes, washboard abs, dimpled chin, deep baritone, edgy bad-boy persona, and wanderlust attitude about life set my loins on fire. Macon was everything I wasn’t in a lot of ways. I was soft-spoken and quirky at times. Macon was boisterous and assertive when he wanted to be. I could fall asleep easily inside his arms as his soft lips caressed mine. Macon believed in me. He saw something inside of me that I sometimes didn’t see within myself. He was everything I wanted in a partner, lover, and a friend. No other man could ever love me as deeply and passionately as Macon has in my life. That’s why I promised to save myself for him on our wedding night. I knew in my heart that Macon was the one for me. Period.

I promised myself that I would go wherever his heart desired in this world. If we were together, we could do anything. The world was truly ours, and nothing or no one could stop us. Except Macon.

Shortly after I finished college, Macon and I moved into a trailer home. It was supposed to be fun and adventurous.

“This is awesome,” he proclaimed and I looked at the retro-era trailer parked at the end of an alley near the docks with doubt.

“You sure? Looks sort of dismal and depressing.”

He pulled me to him. “Not when we get in the bed,” he promised with a wink. “How much space does a bed need?”

Naturally, it was what he wanted, so I fell in with the plan. At the time the trailer seemed like a good idea. We planned to save money for a place and a car. During the day, I put in applications at youth developmental centers as a counselor. I knew Milwaukee would be a great place for me to start my career and use my psychology degree. It was rough in the beginning, especially for Macon. I’d come home dragging after a day of scouring the city for an appropriate job. As soon as I’d open the door to the trailer, I knew what I’d find. I could hear the gun blasts and annoying dance club music in the background from one of his favorite video games.

“Hi!” I tried to remain cheerful, even though I knew where things were headed; the same place as every other day.

Macon quickly waved a hand and it flashed back to the controller as if it operated his bodily functions. “Any luck?” he’d call out if I happened to arrive as he waited for the game to advance a level.

“Did I get any phone calls?”


“Then I guess not.” We shared one cell phone between us—mine. “How about you?”

“Huh? Oh, didn’t feel up to getting out today. Maybe tomorrow,” he’d bribe me to not give him a hard time. I’d heard it so many times, it had become as normal as, “Would you pass the salt?”

“Oh, really? This place is a disaster, Macon. There’s nothing to eat; the cupboard is literally bare! You can’t even shut the refrigerator door.” I grabbed a bag of cookies I’d squirreled away at the back of the lowest shelf in the kitchen. I knew Macon would never find them. He wouldn’t waste the energy to stoop. Lugging the bag, along with a glass of water, I settled onto the end of the sofa where he was playing his games.

Macon was darting sidelong looks at me as he played. “Where’d you get those?”

“Had them.”

“Are there more?”


“Share? You’ll get fat.”

“Good. Maybe I’ll have better luck finding a job.” I knew he hated when I ate cookies. I smacked them loudly, slurping the water down after each one.

“You’re being a bitch,” he commented with rancor. I flew off the sofa with the last cookie in hand and getting down into his face, I popped it into my mouth. He tried to grab it away, but dropped the controller and cursed. I took advantage of the moment to walk around him and head for the bedroom, such as it was. I began stuffing things in a bag.