Fae Witch’s Vampire Guard (Dark Lords of London #3) Read Online Jessie Donovan

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One second Reika Hashimoto is sitting on a bench in twenty-first century Vancouver and the next time she wakes up she’s in nineteenth century London. Not only that, she’s the fated bride of a half-vampire and half-shifter male who mostly communicates with grunts and glares. However, the more time she spends with him, the more she loves being able to make him smile and open up. It’s not long before she starts to wonder if he’s her future.
Stone Riley has a dark past, one that has turned him into the growly, reserved head of security for a vampire’s gaming hell. He doesn’t allow anyone to get close to him if he can help it. But when a female from the future bloods him, he knows he has to claim her once to avoid going mad. She’s annoyingly cheerful, and silly, and everything he didn’t know he needed. Soon he finds he craves her like he’s never craved another.
Just as they start to get to know each other and wonder if fate was right to put them together, Reika’s life is suddenly in danger. In a rush against the clock, Stone fights for the female he never dared to dream of, ready to do whatever it takes to have her as his bride in truth.

Note: This is a steamy/spicy paranormal time-travel romance novella with a half-shifter/half-vampire hero of little words, a half-shifter/half-fae witch heroine from the future who doesn’t cower at his glares, a little suspense, and plenty of smiles. This is most definitely not a fade to black book.


Chapter One

July 2003

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Reika Hashimoto finished locking up the bakery where she worked and headed down the street, toward the waterfront and the nearby Pacific Spirit Park. Thanks to it being summer, it was still light enough at closing time for her to take a walk to gather her thoughts and brainstorm all the ideas, and projects, and restaurants she hoped to open one day before she had to catch the bus back home.

For the most part, she didn't mind working at the bakery. Since she was half fae witch and half shifter, her witch side was dominant, and she had the ability to improve the taste of anything organic with her magic. Working with food and cooking in any capacity made her happy, plus her boss was her stepdad's friend and had largely left her in charge of the menu, with a few caveats.

But even if it'd been good experience to learn the day-to-day operations of a food-related business, it was a far cry from being able to run her own place and be the boss. Her dream was to have a place where there was a bakery on one side that included both Canadian favorites and those she missed from Japan, and on the other? A real restaurant that did the same sort of blending of her two homes.

Quite the ambition for someone only twenty-five years old, but Reika was close, so close, to being able to start putting her plans into action. Maybe one more year of saving and then she could start with a small bakery of her own, taking the all-important first step toward her bigger dreams.

If only obaa-chan were still alive. Even though she'd moved to Canada at age ten, when her mother had remarried a Canadian shifter, Reika had still spent every New Year's with her paternal grandmother in Japan up until she passed away a few years ago. The days of them making osechi ryōri—special New Year's dishes—were still some of her favorite memories. It was because of her grandmother that Reika had learned to love cooking in the first place, years before discovering her magical abilities.

Although she still hadn't returned to Otsu, her old hometown, since her grandmother's death. It was simply too painful. Especially since her dad had died when she'd been eight, and her mother's family hadn't approved of their fae witch daughter marrying an Asian bear shifter, and wanted nothing to do with them.

She'd also lost touch with the friends she'd once had.

But someday she'd return and face all the memories and learn to love her favorite places again. She had plenty of time in the future to go back to Japan and enjoy the things she missed from her first home, relive them, and maybe go searching for every bakery she could find, for inspiration.

When she reached the park, the sight of the trees and open spaces brought her back from her memories—this was one of her favorite spots in the city. She took in the birds chirping, the squirrels dashing across trails, and even a few people kicking around a ball on the grass. It reminded her that even if she'd been born in Japan, Vancouver was what felt like home to her these days. And she couldn't wait to finally move out of her parents' house and take the city by storm. One day she'd be a big-shot chef, with reservations months in advance; she was sure of it.