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Faire L’amour

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Jessica Gadziala

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She’s a woman who has never done anything like this before…

Disaster had her world uprooted, her plans for her life going in a direction she could have never seen coming. Shackled with a debt she has no way to pay off, she makes a decision she never could have seen herself making. One contract. Three months. Complete financial freedom. But at what cost?

He’s a man who has never been in love…

But there was no mistaking that love was exactly what he was feeling toward a woman who never should have stepped into his office to begin with. The kind of woman his filthy hands never should have touched in the first place. But there was no going back. And as feelings grow, he wonders how could he even begin to explain to her all his deceptions, or expect her to ever be able to trust him again enough to give something real a chance?

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For the average person, watching a live double-anal scene was not an everyday occurrence.

For me, it was just another Thursday afternoon.

“What do you think?” Coop, my assistant, asked, a notebook stuck under one arm, his ever-present cell perched in the other, eager to take down any notes or answer calls.

Young, fit, brown-haired, classically good-looking, blue-eyed. I wasn’t sure why he chose to be behind the cameras instead of in front of them, but was also equally grateful he’d made this choice seeing as I had gone through eight assistants before him – each more incompetent than the last. Stoners and obsessive vapers and soft-hearted guys with useless art degrees who had the choice between working for me or slaving away stacking shelves at the local big box store.

All men, as was the rule.

I’d found out the hard way that having female assistants led to them shyly eye-fucking me from a corner, or actively trying to get with the ex-porn-star of their teenaged fantasies.

Work was for work these days, not fucking.

I didn’t need the distraction.

And since I didn’t bat for my own team, male assistants were the way to get work done efficiently.

“I think she is barely phoning it in,” I told him, listening to the too high-pitched shrieking sound she was making. Contrary to what many terrible porn movies over the years made you think, a woman’s voice got lower when she was truly enjoying herself, not higher. And a pro should know that. “And I think there are marks on her thighs,” I added. Maybe no one else would notice, but my eagle eyes were trained for anything that might be displeasing to the eye of our clients. Women with marks in a scene not meant to leave marks could take them out of the fantasy while watching.

“She had a…” Coop started, going into his notebook, flipping to a page, “there it is. She had a D/s scene three days ago.”

“Since she’s got the skin of a peach, we’ll have to make sure she doesn’t do any kink scenes within a week of any others.”

“Got it. And the new guy?” he asked, jerking his chin toward the man whose ass muscles were contracting almost distractingly as he thrust.

“He’s sweating like a fucking water fountain. But he’s got a nine-inch cock. So we’re going to have to work with him.”

Contrary to popular belief, it was men, not women, who liked to watch big dick porn the most. At least, that was what our demographics had shown us. Women tended to go for average or just slightly above.

“Who else is doing a scene today?”

“Just Merrick and Tiff.”

“Tiff? Again?” I asked, exhaling through my nose. Sure, there was no mistaking that she was one of the most popular on the service, but that was precisely why we had to be more sparing with her. There had to be anticipation, people dying for her next movie to go up.

“Which brings me to the next order of business today,” Coop said, flipping pages. “I have five women lined up to do an interview today. You mentioned needing new talent last week. I got on it,” he explained.

“You need a raise,” I murmured as the woman across the room from us faked a ridiculous orgasm as the new guy pulled out, rubbing one out on her slightly pink ass. “I want to talk to her this afternoon,” I said, jerking my head toward the scene. “I know she can fake it better than that. Something must be up.” And it wasn’t like it was her first DP. Hell, she was who we called on for all orgy or gangbang movies since she was an old hand at handling that much at once. Maybe she was getting burned out. Or she had some personal shit going on. Either way, if she needed to be backed up, I needed to know that.

“Alright. When are the new girls getting here?” I asked, moving away as the actors wiped off, reached for their cells.

It would never cease to amaze me how easily stars these days went from scrolling Instagram to fucking. There was no getting to know one another beforehand, no easing into it. It was, in my opinion, why porn had taken such a downturn. Save for a few names that were still out there, you could tell it was just a job, just a paycheck, that there was no connection, no intimacy. It was why I had started a company to begin with. To fix the issues that had plagued the industry since around the time I left it myself.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t force disinterested people to suddenly give a shit and get interested.

People still paid for the subscription service. So I didn’t have any right to bitch. But it hadn’t been just about the money for me.

Oh, well.