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Frankie Love

1799150534 (ISBN13: 9781799150534)
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The moment I saw her I knew.Knew that we would have a future, a family, a forever.Her father says she’s too young, too naive, too innocent.But she is more than he knows.She’s the love of my goddamn life.She is gone in the blink of an eye.But this mountain was made for miracles, and I’m fighting for ours.I have faith in the impossible.Faith in us.And nothing will stop me from being the man she needs.Dear Reader, FAITHFUL is the epic conclusion to the most romantic series to ever land on your Kindle.I didn’t hold back with this one. Suspense. Secrets. Steam.But most of all, babies.I promise you, Jonah is the baby-daddy of the year.Get ready, sweetheart…This trip to Miracle Mountain is gonna be one heck of a ride!xo, frankie

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Part One

“Where there is hope, there is faith.

Where there is faith, miracles happen.”


Chapter One


The walk to the lake is a quiet one. Of course, it is. Some people might think that this no-name mountain town is too small, too old-fashioned — hell, too fertile — but I love it all the same.

And after being in Alaska for the last eighteen months, I’m glad to be back home. Home. It took a long ass time for me to get comfortable with that word. For years, home was only ever something I wanted to run from. Leave and never look back. Finally, I know where I want to be.

Where I belong.

I’ve only been back a few days, after I did a long stint on deep sea crab boats up in Alaska and made a shit ton of cash. Before I came back, I bought a house, sight unseen. Of course, I had my long-time friend Josie scout it out for me; make sure it would be a place I could settle into for a long time.

A month ago, I called her, telling her I need a house. She laughed when I told her I was ready to settle down, just like she had with her husband Beau. “This isn’t the same Jonah I remember,” she said. “Since when do you want to put down roots?”

“I’m done playing games, I’m over the dating scene. I’m an old man, Josie.”

She snorted. “Old? Jonah, you’re twenty-six. Not exactly old.”

“Not exactly young, either.” I sighed, running hand over my beard, wishing I were already back on the mountain I know and love. “And you know I’ve seen a lot of shit in my day. I’m an old soul, Jos.”

“I know, Jonah. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love this news. Forrest will be so happy to hear that Uncle Jonah is moving home.”

Thinking about her oldest son filled my heart with longing. I’d never thought about a family before; hell, every time I tried to find myself a girl on Miracle Mountain it had ended poorly. Josie and I were fast friends — could make one another laugh easily and always had one another’s backs. Virginia and I had never been anything more than opposites. I heard she’s married now. And Grace and I had tried, but we were too similar; had pasts that were too closely linked. I wanted to run from that shared history, so she and I were never going to happen.

Seems like most people who end up on this piece of Earth find their one true love really fucking fast. Me? I was never lucky like that. So, finally I left for Alaska. Tired of being alone.

Turns out, Alaska is a hell of a lot lonelier than the mountain where all your friends live.

Now, I’m back. With a lakeside cabin, my own dock, my own boat. Not a crab pot in sight.

The weather is gorgeous today: blue sky, not a cloud in sight, and I thank my lucky stars Josie found this place. A private lake nestled in the mountain with no one for miles around.

I’m still learning the lay of the land, and so I set out on a trail I haven’t taken yet with a backpack and lunch, ready to explore. The last owner clearly knew this land like the back of their hand and wove paths throughout the forest to different spots on the small lake.

The wind rustles through the leaves as I walk down the trail, the fresh, clean air filling my lungs as I survey my property. I step over dead logs covered in moss and my feet crunch the pinecones dotting the ground. It’s April and the winter snow has finally melted, giving way to wild mushrooms and toadstools, with wildflowers just beginning to push through the rich soil.

When I get to the water’s edge I pause, seeing a woman sitting on a rock slab, all alone. Sunshine is glittering off the waves and it creates a glow around her. Her long strawberry blonde hair is loose, wavy, and thick, down her back, the edges brushing against the rock. She is looking off into the distance, her profile so beautiful, so delicate. She doesn’t hear me, and I don’t want to startle her, but damn, I need to get closer.

I walk toward her, drawn to her, and when my foot cracks against a fallen branch, she turns, startled, and lets out a small ‘eek’.

Her eyes widen as they meet mine, dark green like the pine trees around us, freckles across her nose and cheeks, and my heart stops. Pounds. Knows.

“Sorry for startling you,” I say, stepping toward her, my feet crunching on the fallen leaves. “I’m Jonah Rye.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” she says, her voice breathy, airy. Light. She. Is. Light. “I’m Faith.” She bites her bottom lip. “I’ve just never seen anyone out here. It scared me.”