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Falling For Him

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Ali Parker

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Not everyone deserves a second chance.

My brother’s best friend surely doesn’t after leaving home without a concern.

Even when my brother died, he couldn’t handle it.

Good for him. Life moves on and changes.

After years of trying to make it in New York, I find myself headed back home.

This time with a little girl and no hubs to help.

I’m a big girl though. I can make this work in my favor.

Until he shows up. And fate would have it that I’m forced to go out for coffee with him to make up for an accident I caused.

He’s beyond gorgeous, a billionaire, and stares at me like I’m the only woman in the room.

And he wants to help me dream again.

First about business, then about love.

I try to refuse, but he has this way about him.

He’s bullheaded and dominant, unwilling to relent.

Scarily enough, he’s exactly what I need.

I’m doing the one thing I hoped I wouldn’t—falling for him.


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Chapter 1


One of my favorite things about the endless stream of conferences I had to attend was the old conference hookup. Over the years, I’d perfected all the finer points to it and now considered myself to be something of an expert.

I’ve outdone even myself this weekend, though. I grinned out at the view of downtown Seattle, Washington. twelve stories below, doing up the last button on my shirt before I turned to face my companions.

All weekend, once the drinks in the bar downstairs had been drunk and the day’s ass kissing came to an end, I’d come up to this suite to entertain the two redheaded beauties currently putting their clothes back on next to the king-sized bed.

“This was fun, ladies,” I said before walking to the couch and grabbing my suit jacket from where one of them had flung it after I’d gotten back last night. “I’ve got to get going. The closing address starts in about twenty minutes.”

The closing address I’m giving, which means I really can’t be late to this one. “Thanks for a great weekend.”

“Thank you.” Agatha—Annette?—smiled and batted her long lashes as she shimmied into a tight red dress. “Annette and I had a good time too.”

Score. I guessed the right twin then. Sliding my arms into my jacket, I did up the buttons and crossed the room to them. “You’ll have to see yourself out.”

“You’re not coming back up?” Annette pouted, crossing her arms under her bra-covered breasts. “Our flight only leaves tonight, so we’ve got time for another round this afternoon if you do.”

With a firm shake of my head, I leaned in to kiss her cheek. “No can do. I’m only going to have a minute to grab my stuff then I have to take off as soon as I’m done.”

Agatha shrugged, stumbling a little as she pulled on one high heel. “No worries. We’ll see you around, Noah. Good luck with your talk.”

“Thanks.” I kissed her cheek too, then paused. “Just so we’re clear, you won’t be seeing me around. We talked about this, remember? It was a one-weekend-only thing.”

Fuck. I really didn’t want to give them the wrong impression. Maybe I didn’t have the art of the conference hookup down as well as I’d thought I did. That’s what you get for being cocky, Noah.

Thankfully, it seemed it wasn’t necessary to second guess myself. Annette arched an eyebrow, chuckling before she bent over to grab her shirt off the floor.

“Relax, Noah. We know the deal. Kindly untwist your panties.” She shoved her shirt over her head and made sure that I saw her roll her eyes. “All Aggie meant was that we might run into you at the next one of these things.”

“Right.” Whew. Bullet dodged. A slight smirk pulled at my lips as I held my arms out to my sides. “Can you blame me for wanting to double check, though? I’m not in the business of breaking hearts. Didn’t want you leaving here thinking it was going to happen again, only to be crushed when I didn’t call, write, or send a carrier pigeon.”

Annette snorted, giving my shoulder a playful shove as she breezed past me to get to her shoes. “Trust me. We knew that about you going in, Mr. Hotshot Inventor. Your reputation precedes you.”

“Glad I could live up to it.” I winked, lifted my hand in a wave, and headed for the door. T- minus ten minutes to my speech. “Safe travels, ladies.”

“You too, Noah,” one of them called just before I closed the door behind me. “Good luck.”

“Don’t need it, but thanks.” I wasn’t sure if they heard my response since the door clicked shut while I was talking, but I didn’t have time to go back and check. It didn’t matter anyway.

One of the best things about hooking up at a conference was that there was a predetermined period of time that would be spent together. When the conference wrapped up, everyone went back to wherever it was they came from, and that was it. Thanks for playing. The end.

Since the conference ended today, so did my time with the twins. Regretfully.

Sort of, anyway.

I sighed, heading down the hall and pressing the button to call the elevator. I had approximately nine minutes left before I had to be on stage, so I wasn’t worried. I would be right on time—early even.

The conference was being held in the hotel. It wouldn’t take me nine whole minutes to get to where I needed to go.

Since I had time, I allowed myself a final minute to reminisce over what had definitely turned out to be a hot-as-fuck weekend. Then I got my head into the game. Switching from personal life to business mode had mercifully never been a problem for me.

By the time I walked into the conference center five minutes later, no one would have guessed that I’d been daydreaming about four naked, creamy breasts only minutes before. The only thing on my mind now was the water purification system I had invented and how best to promote my brand in this speech.