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Falling for the Cowboy (Bedtime Reads #3)

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Kennedy Fox

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Never trust a man who wears nothing more than a cowboy hat and ripped jeans who asks if you’d like to save a horse and ride a… well, you get the picture.

That should’ve been enough for me to walk away.

I’ve been warned on several occasions about southern men — with their sexy accents, charming manners, and the ability to easily get any woman in bed — which is something I’ll be avoiding.

Being a professional photographer has many perks — traveling around the world, calling all the shots, and working with subject matter that isn’t bad to look at — but Colton Langston with his washboard abs and baby blue eyes, could care less about my current project. He’s trouble, I know it, and he’s determined to make me work for every single photo. When I’m forced into riding lessons, I get way more than I ever bargained for, and by the time my trip is over, I’m in too deep.

Being with him was thrilling, but falling for him was unpredictable.

And ignoring him will be impossible.

**This is a complete STANDALONE novel — filled with plenty of humor, steam, & romance! 18 & up only due to explicit sexual content, language, and adult content.**

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Chapter One


The flight from Los Angeles to San Antonio is nothing special, but I enjoy stealing glances at the clouds out the window. Stuck between a snoring man and a coughing woman, all I want to do is spray myself with Lysol, but I settle for rushing off the plane once we land. Even though I travel a lot for my job as a photographer, I still get anxious about flying and dealing with everything that comes with it. Once I get the keys to the rental car and place my suitcases and camera gear in the back, relief takes over. As I pull out of the parking lot, I breathe easy. That is, until I hit midday traffic.

Growing up in LA, I dealt with bumper-to-bumper traffic no matter the time of day, so even though this is still annoying, it doesn’t faze me. Over the years, I’ve learned to aggressively cut people off and drive like I have better insurance. That mentality seems to work in every city I visit, and San Antonio is no different. After a few middle fingers, curse words, and honks, I’m zooming down the highway toward Eldorado where I’ve rented a room at a bed and breakfast for the next ten days.

Eventually, the cityscape is behind me, and I smile as I make my way onto I-10. After only three more hours on the road, I’ll be at my destination. From the photos, the B&B looked like paradise with lots of land, horses, and a huge white house with a wraparound porch. It should be on a movie lot at Universal Studios; that’s how perfect the photos were. Considering I need cowboy-themed photos for a big publisher to post on my Instagram account, I thought I’d find more inspiration by being on a real ranch. It’s just one of the many perks of my job.

Traveling is in my blood and sets my soul on fire, but it sits behind my passion for photography and books. My mother always said you find the road to success by doing something you love, and I figured out what I loved in high school. Now I’m living the dream of a freelance photographer and get to travel often. Working directly with publishers, I take photos for book covers and am often hired as the primary photographer for book signing events. This job is everything I’ve ever wanted in life, and I’m so grateful.

Admiring the vast land in all directions causes a smile to touch my lips. Texas is so different from California. Instead of electric cars and scooters, cowboys drive lifted trucks with mud tires. Even though the speed limit is eighty, everyone around me drives at least twenty over, so I step on the gas to keep up with the flow of traffic. As the hours pass, I’m surprised to have cut nearly thirty minutes off my drive.

The GPS directs me to take Exit 388, so I slow to veer onto the off-ramp. The directions the B&B gave me when I confirmed my reservation included driving straight after the stop sign, then taking a right past a pump station. I’ll eventually see an old barn, so I need to slow down because apparently, the GPS directions will bring me to the end of a dirt road that leads to nowhere. Gotta love country road driving.

Once I see the barn, I do as directed, and the wrought iron Circle B Ranch sign comes into view. Excitement streams through me as I turn down the long driveway. Over the past few months, I’ve been staying in big cities, where the constant noise drones on, but as I roll down the window and smell the fresh air, I hear nothing but silence. It’s divine. As soon as the B&B comes into view, I realize I desperately need this change of scenery.

I park the car and get out, staring at the giant house. Next to the front steps of the porch is a flowerbed with a B&B sign. I can’t wait to capture this picturesque scene with my camera.

Before I grab my bags from the trunk, I decide to check in first. As soon as I step inside, my mouth falls open. The pictures didn’t do it justice. The hardwood floor perfectly complements the off-white walls decorated with Western-themed portraits. A sitting area surrounds a large fireplace, and I see an older woman quietly reading a book. I smile at her as I walk through the house, pass the stairs, and head to the check-in desk.

“Howdy, ma’am.” A man with dark hair and blue eyes greets me. His sleeves are rolled up, showing off his muscular arms.

“Um,” I say, swallowing hard. He caught me off guard because I don’t think anyone has called me ma’am before and meant it. “Hi.”

“Are you checkin’ in?” He gives me a smile, and what they say about the Southern charm is true. I glance down as he pulls a scheduling book out from under the counter, and that’s when I notice the wedding ring on his left hand. All I have to say is if all the men look this good in Texas, I might never leave.