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Falling in Love Again

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Mia Ford

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My cheating ex-wife broke my heart.
I’m never letting a woman mess with it again.

I’m all about the job now.
Getting my work done, making money.
That’s why I bought out my competitor.
And found myself working with Raelyn Owens.

I don’t want to be around her…
But my body’s telling a different story.
You could melt steel with the heat between us.
A couple of late nights in the office and we’re on my desk.
The sparks should have set the fire alarms off!

But it’s lust, not love, ok?
I can’t let her get that close.
Close enough to hurt.

But maybe fate’s not going to give me the choice.
Will it take facing the pain of losing Raelyn for good…
To make me understand she’s the one?

My one true valentine.

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“Oh, you are beautiful,” I murmur as I bury my face into the stunning blonde’s neck. I inhale her sexy musky scent and almost fall apart with need. “No wonder you’re a model. Fuck me, and I get to keep you.”

She moans and tosses her head back, sounding like she’s in agony and bliss all at once. My cock strains against the material of my trousers. If she isn’t careful and she doesn’t pull it out in a moment, it might explode free. Thankfully, she seems to sense exactly what I need and she yanks my zip down. She drops to her knees and doesn’t hesitate before taking me in her mouth. All of me, every fucking inch. Her soaking wet lips wrap around me and she takes me to the back of her throat, her rough hot tongue swirling all around me.

“Fuck me, Anna,” I grunt. “You really know how to drive me wild, don’t you?”

I fist up her hair and guide her movements. She takes all of me without an issue which is why I fucking love her. I love her with everything that I have. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. Whenever I’m with Anna, I always feel so happy. That’s something I’ve been missing for what feels like forever.

I tremble. My muscles tense up and I get an intense heat in the pit of my stomach. I know it won’t be long now, Anna’s magic already has me teetering too close to the edge for my liking. I haven’t fucked her yet and I really need to. The urge is crushing me, I’m desperate for that wonderful sensation of her wet folds around me.

“I need to fuck you,” I pant out. “Stand up. I need to be inside you now.”

In what feels like a fluid movement, Anna spins around and spreads herself across the table with that pert round ass poking towards me. She spent a lot of money on that thing, and it looks great for it. It was worth the cash. As I get my hands on it, I’m scared I might come hard all over her back.

“I love you,” I mutter as I slide inside her. Her walls grip on to me, already coaxing an orgasm from me. Anna gets things moving quickly with how well her body fits around mine. She’s perfect for me. My head spins, I know that I’m about to lose it, and that feels even better knowing that it’s with the woman of my dreams.

“Oh, Daniel,” she moans back. “Daniel, you feel so fucking good. Oh, Daniel!”

It takes me a couple of moments. An embarrassingly long time actually, but I soon click on to what’s happening. She’s calling me by another name. By my best friend’s name. The friend that she’s shagging.

My wife and my best friend… all the memories flood back in one heart stopping, ice cold, sobering moment. I stop and try to pull back, but Anna grabs on to me and pulls me back inside her against my will. I try and fight it, but she’s strong, stronger than me and her will is more powerful as well. This is a nightmare…

“Argh, shit!” I bolt upright in bed, the dream still swimming around me. The hell of being back with Anna, back in that nightmare toxic relationship where I loved my wife like she was everything and she didn’t give a shit. I didn’t see it at the time, but now it’s obvious she only wanted me for my money.

The money that gave her the lavish lifestyle, the money that brought her that body, that gave her everything she wanted. I have earned my money the hard way, working my ass off to get my company to where it is right now, and she just took it from me. She married me and took what she wanted. I was just a cash cow to her. She seduced me hard as soon as I started to do well, and I naively fell for it. Probably because she is beautiful. I stupidly let her pull the wool right over my eyes and now I’m paying the price for it.

I could have lost everything and she wouldn’t have cared. As long as she’s okay, that’s all that matters to her.

“Fuck Anna,” I tell myself as I stand up. “And Daniel too, fuck the both of them.”

It still grates me, even two and a half years later, that she was shagging my best friend. All the time we were together, all the time we were married. I wouldn’t have found out if I didn’t walk in on them. They would still be taking the piss out of me now. To learn that two people used me, two people I cared a lot about were laughing at me behind my back, it killed me. It destroyed me. I don’t know if I have recovered yet. Not fully.