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Filthy Beasts

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Loki Renard

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They told me the men who live on the surface were filthy beasts…
They were right!

For a highborn daughter of the great tower, never touched by the hands of a man, there is no greater shame than exile to the surface. I was told that the brutes who dwell amid the ruins of the old world would do unspeakable things to a girl like me, that if I were left at their mercy my virgin body would be shared among them and used more roughly than I could possibly imagine!

I didn’t listen. I defied the sacred laws of the tower, and I was banished, cast down to be claimed by the savages beneath. But as they ravage me over and over, every desperate, devastatingly intense climax, makes it more clear, that there is one thing the elders did not warn me about…

They didn’t warn me that before long, I would beg these filthy beasts for more!

Publisher’s Note: Filthy Beasts includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t read this book.

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Chapter One

“The men of Earth battle one another unto death, and when they come upon a female in any form, they will take her, one after the other, until she is so thoroughly ravaged she does not remember the right or the good, but becomes like them, a lust-driven animal with no mind. A highborn lady is no different than any of her common predecessors in this regard. Highborn women must remain in the great tower if they are to remain pure in thought and flesh.” —Sister Sudo

“If a highborn is to bring any of the prime corruptions into the sacred space of the tower, chiefly among them the lust for a male, she must be cast down. The highborn are perpetuated by chastity. These are the parameters of the tower. No glitching will be tolerated. The code will be adhered to without question, lest the tower itself crash.” —System: Code of Commands

* * *


“Look upon your fate. This is what will happen should you stray from System!” A shrill voice issues the command of discipline and I pretend to pay attention to it.

I, and my sister, have been caught and called out for misbehavior. We were assigned to tend to the hydroponics bay, but instead we remained in the nutritional supplementation chamber several minutes past our allotted feeding time.

It is my third strike this week. It is her second. We have been called before the older sisters, who have determined that our punishment should be the trial of sight. We must look over the edge of the tower in which we live and we must look down at the Earth below while we are read to from the text of truths.

“The men who inhabit the ground realm are full of brutality and consumed by one impulse: lust. They live in the torment of their desire, which is satisfied in many foul ways. Few, if any, women exist on the surface. So these men will take you and they will turn you into puppets of their desire.”

I have heard this code before. I wonder why the sister chose it. Doesn’t seem to fit with our crime. It is said that highborn women have no need for male contact, and are devoid of the base instinct of sexuality. But forty-five of the fifty codes deal with sexuality in one form or another, and the appendixes are nothing short of titillating. I have heard the older sisters reading them breathlessly in private, for they must always be read out loud. None of the code may be read in silence. There must always be voice put to it. Sometimes, the voice is breathless and seems to catch in the throat. Other times it is more a guttural voice, one that rises and rises and becomes higher and higher pitched and ends in a sigh.

“I will tell you of the parable of the lost highborn, she who stepped into the capsule of the tower and rode it down to the men below, yet she was allowed to return, because she clung to purity.”

It is the primary rule that nobody ever comes back from the great below, but of course there must be exception to the rule. We would not have many of our appendixes if it were not for the original highborn, Sister Sudo who went down to the planet and returned with these stories.

“Now look down! And see what awaits you! See the depth of the fall! Feel the terror in your soul! And know that the only way to remain highborn is to follow holy System’s codes.”

I step forward. My sister, Ella, must be pushed. It is natural for highborn to be afraid of heights. We are born here, thousands of miles above the ground. It is not the landing we fear. It is the fall.

“Look! Behold your fate!”

I look. Ella’s screams make my ears ring as she is pushed next to me. This is a ritual punishment. We’re supposed to think, on some level at least, that we’re going to be cast off. We’re supposed to feel all the terror that comes with being cast out. But nobody gets cast out. I have never known or heard of any highborn being expelled from the tower.

I look down and I see the earth, green and gold and small. I am told that it is larger than the tower, but the distance and tricks of perspective make this tower seem greater than any possible land below.

“Let me back! Take me back!” Ella is clinging to the rail with white-knuckled hands, her eyes wide with terror. This is a cruel, cruel punishment, and usually, once it is imposed, the sister subjected to it will never suffer it again.

This is my third time looking down.

I’m starting to almost enjoy it.

We are supposed to be horrified by the distance to the Earth. We are to fear the prospect of falling more than anything. Maybe I was the very first time I looked down, but when I was forced to the edge a second time, my perspective began to change. The horror of the first glimpse of the world beyond was transformed into curiosity. When I was sentenced to look again, I had to hide my pleasure and anticipation. I had to force tears and beg with Sister Justice who handed down the punishment.

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