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Final Lover (Exit Strategy #3)

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Jocelynn Drake

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Two assassins meet, don’t kill each other, and fall in love.

It’s happily ever after, right?

Not so fast.

Reformed mercenaries Justin Mallory and Gabriel Prescott have taken the big leap of living together. They’re even working together.

But “one last job” has them taking a falsely accused man and his young son into their home for safe keeping.

While dodging bullets and fellow hitmen out for the $27 million bounty, Justin and his G Love realize that falling in love was the easy part. Building a life together might be more than they bargained for.

Join Justin and Gabriel for their final adventure as they protect an innocent man and uncover the missing piece to their forever.

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Exit Strategy Series by Jocelynn Drake

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Jocelynn Drake Books

Chapter One

Another barrage of bullets slammed into the concrete wall. Justin ducked his head lower, grateful the barrier he was leaning against was thick. In the back of his mind, he was counting down. Another thirty seconds and then Gabriel should…would be in position. When the bullets stopped, he swung around and fired at the mob muscle that was trying to end his life and failing miserably. The bruiser with the shaved head and heavy tattoos up his arms shouted and dropped for cover.

“I was thinking we just rip out all the plumbing in the second bathroom as well as the wall for that hall closet. We expand the bathroom so we can double the size of the shower,” Justin suggested calmly into the little mic he was wearing.

“Why do you want to double the size of the shower?” Gabriel whispered into his earpiece.

“So we can both fit.” Justin smirked and shook his head. He’d thought the answer to that question was obvious. “Put a couple of shower heads in there and maybe one of those big benches that’s all tiled over with those really slick, smooth tiles.”

“I get that you want to fuck in the shower, but—hold on.” A couple of muffled shots came over the earpiece. There was a sharp cry and a heavy thud. “But I don’t understand why you want to renovate that bathroom,” Gabriel continued without missing a beat. “It’s not the master bath. It’s on the opposite side of the house. It would be used mostly by guests, assuming we ever have guests.”

Gunfire roared closer to Justin now. The damn tattooed asshole had gotten his Uzi refilled and was once again peppering the low wall Justin was leaning against. This was getting irritating. The guy wasn’t making a damn bit of progress.

“Because the master bath already has the giant bathtub we can both fit in. I figured if we wanted a little variety, we could use the shower in the other bathroom.”

“You’re all the variety I can handle,” Gabriel muttered. “Heads up.” Gabriel fired two quick shots, but this time they sounded like they were at the opposite end of the long warehouse. The onslaught of bullets immediately stopped. Justin poked his head over the wall to find Gabriel standing over the bruiser as he put another bullet in the man’s chest.

“It’s called a ‘double tap’ for a reason,” Justin said as he stood and started crossing the main floor toward his boyfriend. “Double means two. Two shots.” He held up two fingers on his empty hand.

“I’m sorry. Are we rationing our bullets now? I didn’t know I was dating a bullet miser.”

“Hey, I’m just saying the third shot was overkill.”

Glaring at Justin, Gabriel blindly pointed his gun at the dead man and unloaded two more shots into his chest. “That’s overkill. The original three shots were being careful.”

“And now you have to replace your magazine.”

Gabriel kept his face blank as he deftly popped the magazine from the butt of his gun and slapped another in its place, his eyes never wavering from Justin’s. God, he loved watching this man work. It really was indecent to have a fucking hard-on while infiltrating a mob boss’s drug warehouse, but he couldn’t help it when Gabriel was being all cocky and domineering.

Grabbing Justin’s shoulder, Gabriel pushed his lover down, lifted his gun toward the second-floor catwalk, and fired twice. A man shouted as he tumbled over the railing and landed with a sickening thump against the concrete floor. “You’re getting sloppy.”

“I saw him,” Justin said, clearing his throat. Actually, no, he didn’t. And Gabriel was correct that he was getting sloppy. He was letting himself be distracted by Gabriel, and he needed to fucking concentrate before they were both killed.

Of course, he’d never expected to work another contract with Gabriel after their first one in Cincinnati, but Marilyn turned up one case after another. The money wasn’t big, but it was usually enough to cover their expenses and add a little to their bank accounts. The important thing was that they were helping people who couldn’t help themselves. The little guys.

They were doing good work, and it made them feel better about themselves after too many years of doing things at the request of other people that left dark marks on their souls. He wasn’t sure if any amount of good would ever remove those dark marks, but it at least helped to quiet the voices of the dead from his past.

And in truth, he liked working with Gabriel. He was a sneaky son of a bitch who was amazing in a fight. He was just as lethal with a knife as he was with a gun or a piece of garrote wire. Hell, there had been one time they were attacked in a fucking cube farm in an office complex, and he watched Gabriel kill a man with a stapler. When they were working together, it was like they could read each other’s minds, anticipate the other’s moves.

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