“Ready?” Gabriel asked, motioning toward the doorway leading to the back office.

Justin stepped forward, taking the point position as he cautiously walked toward the room. They had taken out most of the mob enforcers as they worked their way through the warehouse. He was expecting only a few more assailants, including their main target.

“If you don’t want to change up the bathroom, we can leave it as it is…” Justin started again.

“I didn’t say that,” Gabriel quickly replied. “It’s just that when we bought this house, I wasn’t expecting to do so much construction to it.”

Justin chuckled. “You saw my last house. Did you really think we weren’t going to have an underground bunker for the computers or a false wall with an escape route?”

“I’m surprised you don’t want an escape tunnel like Grunt.”

“Who says I don’t?”

Of course, he wanted his own underground escape tunnel leading from the house into the woods. He was just looking into efficient ways of getting it done that wouldn’t require him to hire outside help. He also wanted it to be wide enough that he could easily move equipment through it. Grunt’s tunnel in the Ukraine had been way too narrow and claustrophobic for his tastes. Justin also had no doubt that the man had dug that shit out by hand, inch by painful inch. Justin could live without a fucking escape tunnel if that was his only option.

Technically, they shouldn’t need any of that stuff. When he and Gabriel decided to give dating a try, the idea had been to leave the mercenary life behind and just disappear from existence. No one would come looking for them. The family members that wanted Gabriel dead were wiped from the earth, and Justin’s enemies were either dead or had learned that it was wiser to steer clear of him.

But the high security around his place meant he felt safe when he was home. It meant his G Love was safe in their home.

As they neared the main office, bullets flew out of the open doorway. Justin and Gabriel darted behind the opposite side of the doorjamb to protect themselves from the bombardment, guns held up at the ready.

“Motherfuckers! You fucking dare to come after me! Don’t you know who I am?”

Justin looked over to see Gabriel roll his eyes. It really was a stupid question. Of course, they knew who he was. That was why they were there.

“On three?” he asked.

Gabriel nodded.

Justin lifted one finger after another until he reached three, perfectly timing it to a pause in the shooting. They both smoothly swung into the doorway and opened fire on the man who had single-handedly overseen the introduction of a new drug into a school. A school that had been making strides to clean up its grounds and turn around the lives of students in at-risk areas. The death of this fucker would remove the distribution avenue and at least temporarily slow up the flow of drugs. The local cops would have to deal with the individual salespeople.

Bullets slammed into the man’s head and chest. His gun flew out of his hand and he stumbled back against the wall, jerking and twitching before he finally collapsed behind the big metal desk.

“Well, that wasn’t so bad,” Justin announced. He was sure they’d cleared out the warehouse, but he still pulled the empty magazine from his gun and shoved a fresh one home. If he was wrong, he wasn’t going to be caught unprepared.

“It certainly wasn’t the worst contract we’ve worked on,” Gabriel muttered.

“Hey! Marilyn was the one who submitted the scouting report on the Wisconsin job. She’s the one who failed to mention that the bastard was a cat hoarder.”

Justin looked up to see a twinkle of laughter in his lover’s dark eyes. “It might be because most former assassins wouldn’t consider a small herd of Persians a real threat. They loved you, though.”

This time Justin rolled his eyes. The job hadn’t been a total disaster, but it hadn’t been easy keeping four fluffy monsters quiet and occupied while Gabriel attempted to crack a safe that held the key to an innocent man’s freedom. He’d never run into cats who were quite so vocal before. Most ran and silently hid somewhere when an intruder was about. Of course, the Persians had just been the tip of the iceberg. It had felt like everything wanted to go wrong on that job, and Justin was glad they’d managed to get out of there alive.

Reaching into his back pocket, Justin pulled out his phone as he entered the room. He quickly snapped a picture of the bloated man covered in blood and bullet holes while Gabriel stood guard.

“Got it,” Justin announced, shoving his phone into his pocket.

“Ready to head home?”

Justin grinned at Gabriel. “Well, we are in Miami. You want to spend a little time on the beach? Get some Cuban food?”

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