Justin snatched up the lube. The hand around Gabriel’s cock disappeared too. He stood, his body shaking, waiting for Justin’s next move. He tried to focus on his breathing, slowing it down, making it silent. He didn’t want to give Justin a single reason to stop. God, he needed to come. Needed to feel Justin inside of him, the rush of heat when he came.

“Spread your legs,” Justin murmured. Gabriel followed his order, spreading his legs apart as wide as the pants around his ankles would allow. As he found his balance, two lube-covered fingers pressed against his hole, pushing harder for entrance. Gabriel couldn’t stop the harsh sound of air being sucked into his lungs as the stretching burn hit his body.

“Sshhh…” Justin whispered. His lips brushed against the back of his neck, kissing slowly up his bare flesh, leaving behind a trail of goosebumps. “That’s it. Let me in. Gonna make you feel so fucking good. But you gotta stay silent.”

Gabriel pushed back, willing muscles to relax and welcome Justin inside of him. Those two fingers slowly slid deeper, pushing lube inside of his channel. Suddenly, his other hand reached for his cock. Fingers danced lightly down his shaft and cupped his balls, massaging him. Gabriel couldn’t stop himself from shoving backward, taking more of Justin’s fingers into his body while fighting a deep moan. It felt so good. Touching, teasing caresses. He wanted to come from just this, but it wasn’t enough. Justin had him balanced on the edge, and Gabriel was struggling to stay in control. He wanted to feel Justin deep inside of him, the press of his muscular thighs against his own, trembling with barely controlled need.

Justin continued to work his hole for a few more strokes and then he pulled out. A second later, the head of his cock replaced his fingers, brushing against the crinkled flesh. “You want me inside you?” Justin demanded. His voice was low and rough, like he was riding that hard edge with Gabriel.

Gabriel gave a jerky nod, holding to the warning that he had to remain silent.

Pushing forward, Justin paused with the head of his cock stretching the tight muscles of his entrance, letting Gabriel revel in that burn before he pushed fully inside of him in one long slide that stole the breath from Gabriel’s lungs. Justin wrapped a strong arm around his chest, holding them tightly together while the muscles of Gabriel’s ass flexed and shifted, adjusting to Justin’s thickness.

Justin pressed his face into Gabriel’s hair at the back of his head. “Fuck, you feel good,” he sighed.

Gabriel loved the feel of him, but he needed Justin to move. The hand wrapped around his dick was still, clutching him but not stroking. The contact was driving him insane, but he clenched his teeth, not making a single sound.

“You love this, don’t you?” Justin said. He shifted, moving in and out of Gabriel in short strokes that drove his need even higher. “We could be caught at any second. Devlin could walk out and see you with your pants around your ankles and your ass stuffed with my dick. Just the idea of someone seeing you getting fucked hard makes your dick leak. I can feel it sliding down the head of your cock. You’re so fucking turned-on.”

Justin was right. He didn’t think of himself as an exhibitionist. He didn’t really want anyone ever seeing him and Justin together like this. But just the potential of being caught added that extra little thrill to the moment, getting his blood pumping that much faster. It was part of what made being an assassin so addictive. There was always that chance of being caught. Of someone seeing him. Of his target being a little smarter, a little faster, a little more skilled than he’d expected. Justin understood it because he was addicted to the thrill as much as he was.

Removing his hand from his cock, Gabriel nearly cried out, but he swallowed the sound. Justin grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands, spreading them. He finally started taking longer, deeper strokes, pushing Gabriel closer to that wonderful edge again.

“I look so good inside of you.” Justin’s voice was rougher, more like a growl in his throat. “Stretching your ass. My ass. All of you is mine.”

Gabriel nodded several times. Fuck, he’d agree to anything Justin said if only it meant that he could finally come.

“Fuck, baby. I’m so close.” Justin released his ass and wrapped around him again. The hand returned to his cock but held it in a tight grip while Justin sawed in and out of him. “Gonna fill you up. You want that?”

There was no stopping the whimper of need this time, but he wasn’t sure anyone could hear it over the soft slap of skin on skin. Justin sped up his thrusts. They weren’t nearly as hard as Gabriel liked it, but the filthy words out of Justin’s mouth already had him teetering on the edge.

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