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Finding Home (Player Loves Curves #2)

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Hope Ford

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I’m older, but I have no choice but to claim her.

She’s the team photographer but she’s so curvy and pretty she could be on the other side of the lens.
I take her out and I’m ready to claim her as mine.
But I’m older… definitely too old for games.
If I’m not what she wants, then I need to let her go.
The only thing is she’ll be taking my heart with her.

Hey Readers,
I’m bringing you the boys of summer! I know I’m not the only one that loves a hot, hunk of a baseball player. Especially ones that love their curvy, plus size women. Sit back and enjoy. It’s going to be a scorching hot, instalove kind of summer.

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Player Loves Curves Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



Blowing a lock of red hair from my face, I’m busting ass to get the props for the photoshoot off the elevator and into the staging area. I’m a mess, drenched in sweat and huffing and puffing, but I’m determined to get everything set up on time. Normally everything is set up in the studio, for the most part anyway, but we had a shoot outside earlier so now I’m rushing to get set up for the next one. I grunt as I bend down and pick up the heavy piece of lighting. I’m not the newest member of the team of interns working for famed photographer Troy Gunther, but I am the youngest. So I have to work harder than the others to make sure I keep my coveted spot. Meanwhile, my female coworkers are gushing about getting to meet Shawn Cannon. He’s the model for today’s show. He’s also the third baseman for the Tennessee Mavericks and one of the hottest players on the team. He’s older than most of the other guys, but there’s something about him. I’ve found any time I’m watching the game, either at the stadium or on television, I can’t take my eyes off the field for waiting to see him.

I’ve worked hard to get here and even though I’m looking forward to seeing the hot third baseman, I still have to do my job. But I can’t help but look at the other interns with a little bitterness. They are all clean and fresh looking while I am rumpled and a mess. I look down at myself, ignoring my extra bit of pooch around my middle and my thicker thighs. But I can’t help comparing my T-shirt, jeans and sneakers to the other two that are supposed to be helping me. I must have missed the memo on dressing up because they are all decked out in skirts with full hair and makeup. Did they really think they could move equipment in that? I guess they weren’t too worried about doing their jobs today.

I barely finish getting everything set up before a commotion comes over the room. Even before I see him, I know he’s here. Everyone is loud and the murmuring of He’s here, he’s here can be heard from the women waiting in their bathing suits. However, as soon as he steps in the doorway, the room becomes quiet and everyone stares at him. I’ve imagined what it would be like to see him up close and personal, but all my daydreaming and imagination couldn’t have prepared me for this right here. He’s big, so big he has to duck his head and turn sideways when he comes in the doorway. His hair is dark brown, except for the soft threads of gray that are seen throughout. His jawline is hard, intense and his eyes are large and unreadable as he gazes around the room. A burn deep in my belly starts to ignite and I slide my legs together at the new feeling. His presence is commanding and every pair of eyes is on him.

Taking a deep breath, I drag my eyes off of him, because I’m afraid if I don’t, I will spontaneously combust. Whatever it is about him, if he could bottle that, he would make millions. All my coworkers who have been useless before this have completely forgotten what they are supposed to be doing. They can’t take their eyes off the star baseball player and I can’t really blame them. In between moving a few pieces of equipment around, I keep glancing at him. He’s distinguished looking with a deep lumbering voice that I’m sure vibrates to the core of every woman within hearing range. I could stare at him all day, but I know I can’t. My boss Troy calls over to me. “We ready, Holly?”

Immediately, I nod my head. Everyone knows that you don’t keep Troy Gunther waiting. Usually I have things set up way before time, but the lack of help today caused me to be right on time. “Ready.”

He doesn’t wait for my response, however. He is striding over to Shawn and I can tell he’s going over what is expected of him today. When Troy points toward the models, I watch as Troy nods his head and wariness fills his face. I look between him and the models to try and see what the problem could be. The models are all beautiful, scantily clad and they are all preening at him. I’m sure as soon as we get started, he will be surrounded by them. Most men in his position would be thrilled to be matched with them, I would think. But not him, it appears. He’s eyeing them warily and looks like he wants to be anywhere but here. Today is a shoot for the sexiest bachelor edition of Upscale magazine, all the women have already been covered in baby oil, and I’m sure my coworkers will be knocking each other over to be the one to wipe Shawn down. I let my camera fall from the strap around my neck and wipe my sweaty, nervous hands down the pant legs of my jeans.

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