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Forbidden Roommate – Her Dad’s Best Friend Series

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Penny Wylder

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My dad’s best friend is the one guy I can’t fall in love with. Oops…
I’ve always liked older men. I blame all the regency romances I’m addicted to.
But I knew my forever-crush, my dad’s friend, was off limits. I had every intention of being good and keeping away from the handsome silver fox.
Until I got stuck in a hotel with him in Paris.
Until he became my first kiss.
Until everything we know is wrong feels so right.
I’m old enough to make mistakes, but the consequences of falling for my dad’s best friend might tear my family, and my world, apart…

This series contains the following books:
Forbidden Roommate
Kissing my dad’s best friend
Summer with my dad’s best friend
Married to my dad’s best friend
Hooking up with my dad’s best friend

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Penny Wylder Books

Forbidden Roommate

Kissing My Dad’s Best Friend



I glance away from the novel I’m reading to look out at the clouds and earth below. Outside the

plane window everything looks like miniatures that belong in a tiny dollhouse. I prefer my book over the view, though. The whole thing makes me a little queasy. The book I’m reading is a historical romance set in France about a young woman my age and an older man. My favorite stories are the ones with the big age gap since I’ve never been attracted to boys my age. I love history and especially historical France. It’s the most romantic place in the world and I’m so excited to be flying to Paris.

My little brother is zoned out beside me with his headphones and iPad. My parents are in the seats in front of me, talking to each other about our trip and all the things they plan to see while we’re there. My mom turns around in her seat to look at me. She keeps asking me questions about college. I’ll be attending a college in Paris this fall. And even though I’m excited about it, all I really want to think about right now is the book I’m reading.

When I read these books I feel like I can relate far more than I can with contemporary romance. I’m a twenty-year-old virgin, rare for this day and age. I was meant to live in a different time. I want to go back to a time when men had manners and it wasn’t taboo for a woman my age to date an older man in his forties.

Tara, my best friend, always teases me. She says I should consider time travel. If only it were possible. When I go to school in France, I won’t get to see her for almost a full school year. We got into the same college, but after her parents’ divorce, there wasn’t enough money for her to spend a year abroad.

I’m glad I’ll be able to get to see her for the next three weeks while she’s with her brother and dad, though. They’re also going to Paris for vacation, and my parents and her dad booked suites beside each other in the same hotel so we can be close the whole time. It’ll be so much fun spending this vacation with them instead of just with my family.

I ask my dad, “Do you think Tara and her family are at the hotel yet?” I know they had an earlier flight than we did.

“I would imagine so.”

My mom leans into my dad and whispers, but it’s loud enough for me to hear. “I’m surprised Nicholas is even going on this trip. I’m pretty sure his wife took all his money in the divorce.”

My dad nods. “It was ugly. He’d struggle less if he sold that house. It’s too big for him now that the kids are moving out. He’s so stubborn.”

I wait for them to say more, but they get quiet.

I already know the story. Tara’s parents got divorced a few months ago, but they’ve been separated since last year when he caught her cheating on him. I’m glad they split. I never liked Tara’s mom. She was always so bossy and controlling. She made little jabs about Tara’s weight and the clothes she would wear, and was always making her self-conscious. Nicholas can do better. I always thought he was so sweet and funny—and pretty hot, too, if I’m being honest. He’s been my crush for years. Their whole family seems happier and more stable with Tara’s mom gone.

I find myself fixated on the thought of Nicholas and start to feel my cheeks heat up. I remember the time, just after I turned eighteen, when I’d gotten really drunk with friends at Tara’s house. We were playing spin the bottle in the basement where we always hung out. I avoided playing because I didn’t like any of the boys who we hung out with—or any boys, really. Even then I was attracted to older men. Tara hounded me until I finally relented and played. It was just a kiss, after all. It wasn’t like I would have to be in a relationship with any of them.

I had just spun the bottle when Nicholas walked into the room. The bottle stopped and pointed right at him. Everyone laughed and teased that we should kiss. Even Tara was harassing us. Nicholas laughed. I wasn’t laughing. I wanted to. I wanted to kiss him more than anything. But he walked out.

That was the day my little crush turned into constant fantasies. I know I shouldn’t think about my best-friend’s dad that way. People would think he’s too old for me, but I don’t think forty is that much different than twenty. Not when it comes to the level of maturity between men and women.

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