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Game Day Baby

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Frankie Love

C.M. Seabrook

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A steamy new full-length standalone novel by Amazon bestselling authors C.M. Seabrook and Frankie Love!

I had it all planned out.
I’d find a girl, marry her, get the white picket fence and make a family.
But then a baby is dropped off at my doorstep.
My baby.
Turns out I’m more than an NFL quarterback — I’m a father.
And my daughter’s mother is missing. Or she ran away.
No one knows, not even her sister Aria Ryan.
Aria carries a gentle grace that doesn’t match her story.
She has every reason to run — her sister has made her life a living hell.
But Aria is different. And I want her to stay.
A baby changes everything and this game I’m playing isn’t won on the field.
It’s dirty, it’s dangerous, and I’m in it to win it.

Game Change Baby features Tatum Madden, from the Princeton Charming books!
This time he isn’t letting the girl of his dreams get away. He’s fighting for more than touch down — he’s fighting for his daughter’s life.

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Chapter One


“Good practice today, Madden,” Coach says, smacking me on the back. “That leg looks like it’s healing up well.”

I force a smile and sling my bag over my shoulder. The tear in my right hamstring has benched me for the last few weeks, and it’s killing me not to be on the field. Football is my life — literally. Other than the game, I have nothing. Which is why I’ve been keeping these damn headaches to myself. The last thing I need is to give Coach another reason to keep me on the bench.

“That means you plan on playing me this Sunday?” I ask, knowing I’m pushing it.

Apparently, so does Coach because he just shakes his head. “I’m not risking you doing more permanent damage. I need you healthy for the playoffs.”

I want to argue, but I know it’s pointless. The man is as stubborn as a bull, which is one of the reasons he makes such a great coach. That and his unshakable belief in the team and each of his players. He might not have any championship rings, but there was hope that this year he might lead the Chargers to our first Super Bowl win. That was until he lost me and our star linebacker, wide receiver, and defensive end all due to injuries — and all in one week.

The team is screwed if I don’t get myself healthy enough to get back on the field.

A heavy arm slings over my neck as I start to walk to my car, and I grunt when the man’s fist hits me not so playfully in the ribs.

“You coming out with us tonight?” Drew Keenan was drafted to the Chargers the same year as me and I consider the man a friend, even though I don’t always approve of some, actually most of the shit he pulls. He’s a bit of a dick, even though he has everything a man could want. A beautiful wife. Three cute kids. A great career. And yet he’d rather spend his nights out at the bars picking up random chicks.

“Nah.” I shrug off his arm and pull my keys out. “I’m staying in tonight.”

“Stop being a pussy, Madden. Come on, lighten up for once in your damn life. Have a few drinks, get your dick wet.”

I grunt and use my fob to pop the trunk of my silver 911 Turbo S Cabriolet. The car is the closest thing I have to a love in my life. Pathetic, yeah, but the second I sat down in the leather seats of the Porsche I knew she was meant to be mine. And considering I have nothing else to spend my cash on, I allowed myself this one indulgence.

“Not in the mood.” I toss my bag in the trunk, then shut it. Already my head is starting to pound, and my hamstring is aching from pushing myself too hard today.

But Drew isn’t giving up easy. “Shit, Madden, how long has it been since you’ve been laid?”

I rub the back of my neck, knowing it’s been a long fucking time. Close to a year if my memory serves me right. Last time I’d let Drew drag me out with him, I ended up with some random girl in my bed and barely remembered anything that happened.

The car beside me beeps as the door unlocks, and Knox Brady approaches, his usual cocky grin spread across his face when he sees Drew and me. “Is there a team meeting I didn’t know about?”

“I’m trying to get Madden to come out with us tonight,” Drew says.

“Good luck with that.” Knox, who has two inches and thirty pounds on my 6’2” two hundred and twenty-pound frame, leans on the hood of his car. He looks like the typical California boy, with his blond hair and blue eyes and I get why women throw themselves at him.

In truth, there isn’t a man on the team who couldn’t have a new girl in his bed every night. Maybe there is something wrong with me that I don’t want that. But I don’t.

“You’re both welcome to come over to my place for a couple of beers,” Knox says. “I’m not in the mood to go out either.”

“God, you two are killjoys,” Drew says. “A pair of fucking pansies.”

Knox snorts. “Don’t you have a family to go home to, Keenan?”

Drew’s lip pulls up in a sneer. “Yeah, don’t remind me.”

“I might stop by later,” I tell Knox, before opening my car door. “Actually, I wanted to talk to you about a few things.”

Knox might be a player on and off the field, but he’s also one of the most generous people I know. He sponsors and helps run over a dozen different charities. And lately, I feel like I need to do more, be more. I just don’t know what that looks like yet. I’m hoping he can help me figure it out.

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