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Give It Up (Devil’s Boys MC #1)

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Jenika Snow

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A broken past doesn’t stop him from wanting a future with her.


I’d never wanted anything for myself until Nina stepped into my life.

We were just two lives that came from ruined childhoods, growing up together, relying on each other. And my sole mission was to protect her at all costs.

I was happy and content making her my priority.

Until I wasn’t because I wanted her as mine.

We were connected in all senses of the word. But I wasn’t a good man. I was a member of the Devil’s Boys MC, brothers in arms who would do anything to get by in life.

And Nina was the center of it all, an integral part of all of our lives.
But it was that thread that drew us together that kept me away.

I was afraid of losing the one thing that mattered most to me, of crossing an invisible line from being friends to lovers.

But without risk there wasn’t reward, and Nina would be the greatest reward I’d ever gotten.

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Devil’s Boys MC Series by Jenika Snow

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Chapter One


The Devil’s Boys MC.

The club name was fitting given the fact that the men I currently stared at were the epitome of what I envisioned a bad boy to be. They didn’t care about the law, didn’t give two shits about rules. They did what they wanted, when they wanted, and anyone who got in their way experienced their wrath.

Merc, Loch, Perch, Chopper, Hemp, and Zane.

The founding club members.

The men I’d grown up with while we bounced from foster home to foster home. They were the boys I’d gone to school with, bailed out of jail more times than I wanted to admit. They were like family to me, and I loved each and every one of them despite the fact society saw them as criminals and violent, no-good men.

But there was one man in particular, one member whom I’d loved since I was a girl…

Lochlyn Alex Badger.

At twenty-four years old, he was the only man I’d seen myself with, the only person I’d ever loved. And I suspected he felt the same way for me.

I saw the way he looked at me, the possessiveness, and his gaze as he would track my every movement. But he never said anything about it, never made a move. He kept his distance, protected me like the other members did.

Maybe he didn’t want to cross lines? Maybe he didn’t want things to get ruined if we finally gave in to our carnal need. But I was tired of waiting, exhausted from pretending like I could live my life without Loch in it the way I saw us.

I stared at the guys through the large window, the daily club meeting in progress, their expressions intense. Although I was close to each of them, knew that they would protect me with their lives, even kill for me, I wasn’t privy to what went behind those massive double doors.

That was for members only, something I never would be, something I didn’t want to be.

I turned around, my back to the guys as I started logging in the liquor shipment. I could hear a few of the club girls talking in the backroom. Just thinking about the girls who hung around the clubhouse, fucked the members because they hoped to one day be an old lady, made me sick. It wasn’t just because I thought my guys deserved better, but also because these women obviously felt like they had to do this.

Or maybe it was just because they wanted to.

Maybe they liked sex just as much as the members did and this was an outlet, letting off steam and enjoying life. Seeing as I was an unexperienced virgin, I knew nothing about any of this.

I focused on jotting down each bottle of whiskey, tequila, and vodka. The guys liked to drink, that was for sure.

Once I had it all documented, I started setting them up behind the bar, right in front of the large mirror. I looked up at my reflection, staring at the meeting room again.


That’s what they called it when they got together and talked club business. Even after all these years I still wouldn’t fully understand or grasp everything that made up the MC. But I was a ride or die kind of girl, and I wasn’t going anywhere.

So I worked for them, managing shipping and receiving, accounts, all the financials that had to do with their legit side business, which funny enough was home improvements. Not only were these bad ass bakers doing illegal shit to make the majority of their income, in order to look like law-abiding citizens, they were handymen.

That had me smiling. In the reflection of the glass, I saw two of the club girls walking out from the back.

Megan and Rita.

Although I was pretty sure they went by something sleazier, or maybe a little sexier when hanging out at the club. But to be honest, I didn’t remember half their names, let alone their faces.

The guys brought in random women constantly, the girls coming and going, just quick fucks, or ones who hung around because one of the members liked them enough to make them a temporary fixture at the clubhouse.

I looked at Loch then, the only man who never brought home a girl, the only member I’d never seen actually participate in the debauchery that was the MC lifestyle. He was sitting back in the leather chair, his short dark hair slightly messy as if he’d been running his fingers through it. As the vice president of the MC, he held a lot of weight where decision-making was concerned.

The president, Merc, had grown up in the same foster home as Loch. It’s where they met, when they became close. Although not blood related, they were like brothers.

All the members were.

Broken homes, single parent families, shitty upbringings.

That was all of our lives.