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Guts & Glory – Steel (In the Shadows Security #5)

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Jeanne St. James

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“Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive.”

Former Marine Raider, Steel, has been handed a job from his boss to protect a woman in Boulder City, CO. The job should be easy-peasy. Babysit the woman until the police catch her stalker. Only he’s not expecting what a challenge he’s been handed.

Note: Steel is the fifth book of the Guts & Glory series, a six-book spin-off from my Dirty Angels MC series. While it’s recommended to read both series in order, each book can be read as a stand-alone. As with all my books, this has an HEA, no cliffhanger or cheating.

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In the Shadows Security Series by Jeanne St. James

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Chapter One

Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive.

Steel pulled the toothpick out of his mouth and flicked it across the bar at Moose to get his attention. “Who’s the new girl?”

Moose straightened up from behind the bar and narrowed his eyes on Steel. “Why?”

“Because maybe I want a motherfucking lap dance, that’s why.”

The manager of Heaven’s Angels Gentlemen’s Club barked out a laugh. “You’re too motherfuckin’ cheap to pay for a lap dance.”

Steel twisted his neck to look at the woman on the stage who was working the pole like a fucking pro gymnast. And looked like one, too. A lot of guys didn’t like a muscular woman, but that just left more for him. Because it no fucking doubt did it for him.

He wasn’t like his veteran brothers and fellow Shadows, who went for the softer, curvy, cuddly type. Fuck no.

Though he had to admit, their women had some great tits.

But then, so did the woman who worked the men who sat along the stage, encouraging them to tuck their last dollar into her G-string. Though, Steel doubted her tits were real.

Didn’t matter. He’d still let her crush his cock with those thighs. Or those implants.

He liked when women had enough muscles to crack a walnut. Or his balls. And with strength came endurance, meaning they could ride him for a long time, while he just sat back and enjoyed the show.

He grinned. “Give me another fucking toothpick.”

Steel could hear Moose’s sigh, even over the loud music which was rocking the joint. The big biker threw a box of toothpicks onto the bar in front of Steel. “That box has your fuckin’ name on it. No one in this decade, except assholes, chews on fuckin’ toothpicks.”

Steel gave Moose the finger, while saying, “Chew on this.” He tucked a fresh pick into his mouth and slid the box across the bar top toward the Dirty Angels MC member. Moose didn’t need to know the reason for his habit.

One of the servers stopped in front of him, blocking his view of Moose. That didn’t matter, either, since Tawny was much prettier than Moose. And she wore a tight leather corset, not a leather cut. And had a bottle opener tucked between her generous cleavage.

“Hey, honey. Haven’t seen you around in a while.”

“Been busy.” He leaned over the bar, so she was sure to hear him. “Hey, who’s the new girl?”

Tawny’s eyes slid over to the stage and back to Steel. “Why?”

Steel sat back, shaking his head. “Really?”

Tawny raised her tawny eyebrows at him. “Yeah, really.”

Steel swore he heard Moose laughing behind her. He frowned. “Get me a beer.”

“Please,” Tawny added.

“Last I checked, Tawny, you’re a fucking server. Your customer shouldn’t have to say please for you to serve them.”

“You might not have been here in a while, Steel, but I see you haven’t changed. You’re still an asshole.”

“Can’t expect miracles.”

Tawny leaned over the bar giving him a good view of her tits. “Her name is Cherry. And I hope she makes you swallow your own fucking dick. Get your own goddamn beer.” She stomped away on her four-inch heels.

“You hear that?” he asked Moose, who was now leaning back against the counter, his thick, tattooed arms crossed over his chest, a huge smile on his bearded face. The man was a big boy. Not only tall, but almost half as wide.

“Heard it.”


“Well what? I agree with everything she fuckin’ said.”

“Great customer service,” Steel grumbled.

“You get a pass here, Steel, only ‘cause of who you are. That’s the only fuckin’ reason. Now, if you really wanna pay for a lap dance, Cherry ain’t cheap. She’s got skills that’re worth every fuckin’ penny. Got me?”

“Got you. How much?”

“Fifty for fifteen. But that fifteen will be good enough to make you blow your load.”

Steel whistled low, yanked his wallet out of his back pocket and threw the money at Moose. The biker grabbed it, jerked his chin up at one of the DAMC prospects working as a bouncer and then pointed at Cherry.

The prospect did an answering chin lift and moved off.

“VIP Red Room. Fifteen minutes. Make sure you tip her well.”

Steel grinned and slid off the stool.

But Moose wasn’t done yet. “You know the rules. No fucking touchin’, Steel. Or will have one of the prospects toss you the fuck out an’ then all you did was blow your fifty.”

One of those young prospects wouldn’t be enough. “Just want to inquire about her workout routine,” he tossed over his shoulder with a wink as he headed toward the private rooms at the back of the strip club.

Ten minutes later, he was staring at Cherry’s bullet proof ass as it was bent over in front of him and she was shaking it. It hardly wiggled.

No surprise his cock was as hard as her ass.

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