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Guts & Glory Walker (In the Shadows Security #4)

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Jeanne St. James

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You can lie down and give up, or you can rise and keep going…

Walker’s been living life by this motto since the age of twenty when the girl he planned his future with shattered his heart and left a hole in his soul. His time in the military, and current job at In the Shadows Security, have kept him moving but he’s always felt the ache of that loss.

From the outside Ellie McMaster has led a seemingly perfect life, big house, rich adoring husband, fancy cars. But it’s all been a huge lie, one that started nineteen years ago when she walked away from her first love and the boy who stole her heart. Now time has run out for her and with nowhere to go and nothing left to lose she’ll have to face down the pain of the past in hopes of saving her future.

But Trace Walker isn’t the young carefree teenager she remembers, he’s now a muscle-bound titan with nothing but hurt and anger shining in his blue eyes. His time in the Army as a Night Stalker wasn’t easy, and he didn’t return home whole. Will he open himself up again and face the risks that come with having Ellie back in his life, back in his heart? Can this be their shot at a happily ever after, or their final goodbye?

Note: Walker is the fourth book of the Guts & Glory series, a six-book spin-off from my Dirty Angels MC series. While it’s recommended to read both series in order, each book can be read as a standalone. As with all my books, this has an HEA, no cliffhanger or cheating.

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In the Shadows Security Series by Jeanne St. James

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Chapter One

Walker stood outside the door and heard it.

He hated that apartment complex because the walls were so fucking thin. Anybody and everybody could hear what was going on behind them.

Which made it clear.

The woman he was banging was banging someone else.

He dropped his fist, deciding there was no reason to knock and instead turned, leaned back against the wall next to the door, cocked his leg and planted his boot on that wall. Then he crossed his arms over his chest and settled in to wait.

The Harley parked out front of Building C wasn’t his, but that was his normal parking spot. Whoever was riding that bike was also riding the woman inside the apartment.

He wondered how long he’d have to wait.

Not too long, luckily.

Sami’s familiar cries began to crescendo, a good indication she was about to come.

Or about to fake it.

She’d been known to do that, too. In fact, the second was more likely.

Sami was easy and convenient for when he needed to bust a nut. And it wasn’t like they were exclusive or serious. They weren’t. Or even that they cared about each other. They didn’t.

Hell, they barely liked each other.

He’d come over, occasionally she’d feed his ass, they’d bang one out and when he was in the shitter getting rid of the condom, she’d steal a twenty from his wallet. Sometimes more.


Having his wallet lightened by a twenty was still fucking cheaper than having a wife or a girlfriend. They could financially break a man. He’d witnessed it and it was something he wanted to avoid.

What he couldn’t avoid was hearing Sami’s last high-pitched scream, which meant she was definitely faking it.

Walker twisted his wrist enough to see his watch and time the inevitable. He watched each minute tick by. He’d give it ten since that’s how long it normally took him to bust and roll.


Low voices were heard, though he couldn’t make out words.


The pipes in the walls squealed with the flush of the toilet.


More low voices. One female. One male.


A fake giggle. Typical Sami.


Walker rolled his eyes when he heard nothing, which meant Sami’s guest was probably giving her a parting kiss and ready to split.


Footsteps heading his direction. Yep.


The pace getting quicker. Whoever it was wanted out of there.


More voices. The man throwing a last quick thanks over his shoulder and Sami inviting him to a “next time.”

Walker snorted and shook his head.


The deadbolt being thrown. The door flying open.


Game time.

“First time?”

The blond-haired man froze in the doorway, his eyes widening as he spotted Walker perched against the wall. The way the man was dressed and because his bike was still stock meant he wasn’t a true biker, just a wannabe. Some weekend rider who wore a helmet and worked a nine-to-five. Got a bike to snag pussy. But he was a sucker and an easy mark for Sami.

“Check your wallet,” he advised the wannabe, jerking up his chin.

As the man stared at him, his mouth opened and closed a couple of times, then he dug for his wallet in his… yeah… khakis.

“Fuck,” Wannabe grumbled as he peered into his empty wallet. Walker doubted it was empty before the man walked through Sami’s door. “She lifted a fifty.”

Walker’s lips curled at the corners. “Yep. Was she worth it?”

Wannabe’s brow dropped low. “No. Maybe ten.”

“Then I’d go back in there and get your change.”

Wannabe glanced back over his shoulder. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Walker said with a single nod. “Or go back in and get your money’s worth.”

Wannabe’s eyebrows knitted together. “Are you her pimp?”

“Nope. Just passing through.”

Sami appeared behind Wannabe in the open doorway. She finished tying the belt around her robe, then smoothed her hair down with her hand. She had sex hair and unless the sex sucked, it normally wasn’t tamable with just combing her fingers through it. No, he liked to leave a woman’s hair in knots.

Sami was able to straighten her hair with a few passes of her fingers, so the sex must have sucked.

Like he suspected, all that caterwauling had been fake. A way to get it over and done with quickly so she could slide into his wallet and out before the bathroom door was even shut.

“What are you doing here, Walker? I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Apparently,” he murmured, letting his gaze roam over her from top to toe. He pushed off the wall. “You owe him some change. Or a real orgasm.”

“What are you talking about?” Sami didn’t bother to hide her outrage, as she pulled her robe belt tighter around her too narrow of a waist.

Walker wondered why his attention ever landed on her. She wasn’t even his type. But then, he wasn’t looking to put a ring on it. She was good for taking off the edge when he was still amped up over a job. Like tonight.

Ah, that’s right. She had walked up to him at the local VFW, grabbed his dick, squeezed and whispered in his ear, “Want to fuck me?”

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