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Halloween with Dad’s Best Friend

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Flora Ferrari

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Zooey has always felt kind of out of the loop when it comes to her father’s life. Since her parents divorced, she hasn’t had much to do with him. Now, he’s looking to be a bigger part of her life, starting this Halloween at his costume party.

Enter Wes, her Dad’s older, hot best friend. He’s forty-one, charming and sexy, even when he’s at a masked ball. He might be twenty years older than her, but Zooey can’t hide her attraction to him when they meet for the first time.

As Zooey gets closer to her father and spends more time with Wes, she’s about to discover what it really means to fall for your Dad’s best friend.

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I want her as mine from the second my eyes lock on her. It feels almost wrong, seeing how young she is, but I can’t help myself from being attracted to her. It’s as though the whole world has faded into the background and now, there’s only her. That athletic body of hers has the primal side of me running wild, the need to take her into my arms and make her mine is strong. That ass of hers is so damn tempting, and her slender, athletic legs in her catsuit leave almost nothing to the imagination. I imagine what it would be like to peel back all that fake leather, and touch her bare skin. I picture running my hands through her sleek black hair and kissing her plump lips.

If only I could see the face behind her mask…


I’m not usually the sort to be on the lookout for a man – especially not at my father’s Halloween extravaganza – but there must be something in the air tonight. Across the room, a man I’ve never seen before has caught my eye, drawing me in like a magnet. I want to go and talk to him so badly, but I guess I’ve always been kind of shy around the opposite sex. I’ve never made love to a man. Hell, I’ve never even had my first real kiss. But something tells me this handsome older man, with his strong jaw and his sexy eyes hidden behind his masquerade mask, is going to be the one to sweep me off my feet.



These parties have never been my scene. Each and every year, my best friend and business partner, Lawrence, throws a Halloween extravaganza as a way of connecting with our friends and clients, but most years, I avoid it like the plague this year he somehow convinced me to come. Since our company involves event management, the last thing I want after a hard week at work is to spend my day at one. And the Halloween extravaganza isn’t just one day. It spans from Friday night to Sunday evening. A little over the top if you ask me, but that’s Lawrence for you.

This place is like my worst nightmare. All the women here are dress up in slutty skimpy costumes while the men drool over them and make dumb attempts to catch their attention. Meanwhile, I’m off to the side, admiring this beautiful young woman from afar. She’s standing with Lawrence right now, making what looks like forced polite conversation. He’s probably trying to impress her with one of his lame jokes, and fortunately, she doesn’t look as though she’s biting. It allows me to examine her in peace.

There’s something different about her. Sure, her outfit is a little provocative, though she looks uncomfortable in the pleather catsuit. I don’t know a thing about her. She could be a real bitch for all I know. But just watching her, I don’t get that impression. She looks kind of innocent, kind of sweet, like sugar. It makes her all the more enticing. I’m overcome by the desire to walk over there and kiss her in front of everyone. I want to know if she looks as good out of that catsuit as she looks in it.

But there’s more to her. The other women here are playing up to impress the men in the room, acting dumb and trying to look pretty. This girl….she seems different. Something tells me she’s intelligent without being cocky, and damn, that’s attractive. I’ve been single for a long time now. I’m looking for someone special – someone who is just as smart as they are pretty. I could have any woman in the room, but there’s only one I’m interested in. I literally can’t take my eyes off her.

I have to remind myself that this is technically a business event. The social side of my company with Lawrence has never been for me – while he laps up all the attention, I’ve always been completely content with the logistical side of things, handling the money and the admin. But tonight, I guess mingling wouldn’t be so bad – especially if it gives me time with the hottest girl in the room.

I clench my fists as Lawrence continues to hog her. He hasn’t spent this much time with anybody else at the party. Is he trying to swoop in and take what’s mine? I feel possessive of this woman I have never even spoken to. It’s a crazy feeling, and I don’t quite know how to handle it, but I just want to give in to the feeling and go for her. I want to look into her bright innocent eyes and let her know that she is the woman I’ve been waiting for. I want to make her mine and never let another man touch her. I want to peel back her cat mask and see the gorgeous face beneath it. I want her to feel the same connection that I do simply by looking at me, our skin brushing briefly against one another. I can tell she’s like me – a little shy, a little introverted. I see it in the way she dips her head slightly while she talks to Lawrence. I see it in her hesitant smile and her shy stance. It’s like we were made for each other.