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Handling His Talent

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Jamie Knight

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She is supposed to handle me…
As one of the most famous movie stars in the world I should be able to do what I want, However, my manager thinks my behavior needs to be reined in. I disagree until I see the feisty woman who is supposed to keep me in line.
Alex, short for Alexandria, is the best at keeping stars in line. This strict babysitter will keep me on schedule and sober while I’m filming. With a body like that, I don’t mind having the woman around.
The way she looks at me, I know it’s just a matter of time before I make her lose control. Alex is convinced we can keep this strictly business. But she won’t be able to deny me.
I’ll play the good boy until she lets her guard down. I’ve never had a woman turn me down and Alex won’t be the exception. All I need is one night, one opportunity.
But when she finally lets me in, will one night be enough? Or will I find out that Alex has taken control of my heart for good?
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Jamie Knight

Chapter 1 - Brock

“Bullshit. I don’t need a goddamn babysitter.”

I pressed my knuckles against Noah’s desk and stared him down. The biggest movie producer in Tinseltown had summoned me to his home office in the Hollywood Hills. I was about to get ripped a new one and most likely fired. I couldn’t say I didn’t deserve both.

I should be in Dublin preparing for the first day of filming, but instead, I was back in L.A. after spending the last month in Bangkok getting shitfaced.

Noah turned his laptop in my direction. “This says you do. What the fuck were you thinking? You stole a fucking tuk-tuk and took it for a fucking joyride then crashed it outside the Grand Palace. You’re lucky you didn’t get arrested and thrown in Bang Kwang prison and not just thrown on a plane. Videos are all over social media. You’ve been trending on Twitter for twenty-four hours.” He sniffed, his nose wrinkling in disgust. “And you reek of cheap booze.”

I shrugged. “Your knuckleheads kidnapped me when I touched down at LAX. I haven’t had a chance to go home and clean up. And so what? I had a few drinks during the flight.”

“Care to explain the tuk-tuk?”

“The driver was a fan. He came along for the ride. Letting off steam doesn’t mean I need someone to hold my hand or wipe my ass.”

Noah pulled up another news site, then another and another and another. “The insurance broker can’t find anyone willing to underwrite you unless we hire a minder. There’s no other option. We need someone to keep you on track.”

I jabbed a finger in his direction. “My assistant can keep me on track just fine. I don’t need anyone else on my payroll. I’ll talk to my manager about this bullshit.”

Noah pushed his chair away and stood. We locked eyes, neither of us blinking or backing down. All we needed were a few tumbleweeds and some old spaghetti Western music playing in the background.

“Your latest assistant quit while you were off gallivanting,” Noah pointed out. “That’s what happens when you hire someone you picked up in a bar, and I’ve already spoken to your manager. William agrees you need someone to keep an eye on you. No one has seen you since the script read-through. We can’t trust you anymore. Ever since you and Isabella got married, you’ve been acting like a jackass.”

A fiery ball of anger churned in my stomach, or maybe that was the tequila I’d knocked back during the flight.

God knows I respected Noah. He’d given me a chance when no one else would, but bringing up Isabella was a low blow. My ex cheated on me with an extra on her last movie, got herself knocked up, and had then waddled down the aisle. She wasn’t the one, far from it, but her betrayal still stung like a motherfucker.

The paparazzi’s fangs watered at our fights, breakups, then makeups. When we were together, the entertainment headlines screamed our names every day of the week. The two of us together were a toxic combination. We were over. For good this time.

“She has nothing to do with anything.”

Noah made a spluttering sound. I wasn’t sure if it was a cough or a laugh. “Keep telling yourself that. There’s too much money on the line to risk this film. If you ever want to work in this town again—“

I slammed my hands against his desk. “Screw you and your threats. The only reason your movies make money is because of my name.”

Noah crossed his arms and leaned back. His expression incredulous. “The only reason you’re in movies is because of my money. You’ll do what I say and when I’m not around, you’ll do what Alex says.”

“Who?” Swift and seething anger curled my fists, but I somehow held back.

He smirked. “Alex Jenkins. The minder I hired.”

“Screw you, screw your movie, and screw Alex Jenkins.”

“You’re under contract. If you try to weasel your way out, you’ll be working the rest of your life to pay me back.”

We stared each other down again. He was right. The contract was watertight, and if I walked away, I would lose every penny I’d earned.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Don’t make me out to be the bad guy, Brock. There are hundreds of others involved in this production. We have caterers, extras, stuntmen, camera operators. There are guild and union rules we have to follow. Everyone has to get paid if you’re there or not. A delay of even one day will cost two-hundred and fifty grand.”

I wasn’t the selfish, narcissistic jerk the media made me out to be. If I walked or didn’t toe the line, people would lose their jobs, and my already shitty reputation would tumble further into the sewer.

I gritted my teeth to show him I wasn’t happy. “When this is over, I will never work with you or work on any of your films again.”