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Hate On

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Bella Love-Wins

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From USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Bella Love-Wins, comes a thrilling standalone enemies to lovers romance.

Never fall for the enemy.

He deceived her.
She double-crossed him.
They should hate each other to the core, but neither one of them can stay away.

The second his eyes met Julianna’s, he knew he was in trouble. Then she said his name out loud and everything changed.
She was the enemy, and that couldn’t change easily. Their families had been feuding since before either of them was born.
When the diamond deal of a lifetime fell into their families’ laps, with the condition that only one family would be left standing, he was sure this was it. He had a chance to make a name for himself and step out from under his father’s control.
There was just one problem.
He’d signed up to seduce, deceive and lay waste to Julianna’s heart.
Plans were already set in motion.
Once she found out, it would ruin her.
It was a terrible idea to crave her.
But he did.
Now, he’s the one who can’t let go. Now, he’s in too deep.

The first time she saw Roman from across the room, she knew.
The tall, dark, and possessive alpha wanted to own her.
Those intense blue eyes told her everything.
She just didn’t expect their chemistry to be off the charts.
But he would surely despise her once he discovered the truth: that two could play the game he’d started in the boardroom.
Julianna was no fool. She knew the art of the double-cross, and saw Roman’s cocky tricks — and his generous package — coming at her from a mile away.
Now, she’s about to find out that sometimes, faking it turns into something real.

Author’s Note: Hate On is a sinful full-length standalone enemies to lovers romance. Hate On was originally titled Hate to Crave You when it was first published in 2018, It is a modern spin on the Romeo and Juliet story, with twists, turns, a happily ever after ending, and brand new holiday-themed epilogue that will steal your heart.

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Present Day

She stood at the side of his bed, her brown doe eyes big and wide, pleading up at him for forgiveness, begging for what they used to have to stay the same. Wanting to see love, affection, affinity, anything good at all in his eyes.

It was too fucking late for that.

She had another thing coming if she thought this time would be like their last.

He wasn’t going to be soft or kind or gentle.

Never again.

Not after what she’d done to his heart.

He gave her shoulders a sharp shove, pushing her onto the bed. When she giggled out, seeming utterly entertained by his move, he groaned low through a shallow breath.

For fuck’s sake.

That wasn’t the reaction from her that he was going for. She could at least notice that he was pissed as fuck. But how could she? This woman was cold as ice, and had no problem stabbing him in his back, so how could she possibly put her selfishness on hold long enough to notice what he was feeling?

As he got in beside her, he flipped her onto her stomach and tugged down the zipper of the rich red strapless ball gown she had worn to whatever event she was at earlier in the evening. The force of his movement caused a small tear where the zipper stopped, and he felt a hint of satisfaction.

I ruined her dress.

Like she ruined us.

Turning her onto her back, he dragged the dress off of her completely. He used to love staring at her delicate lines and creamy skin. Under the soft light glowing in through the windows at night, she’d always been perfection.

But now, he couldn’t stand to look at her beauty. Not when he knew her own flesh and blood had a hand in turning him into the bad guy. Now, she was just like every other woman who had an agenda when they climbed into his bed.

Her legs parted slightly and he ripped her silky panties off her hips. He did the same with her bra next, and lowered to one breast, sucking her nipple in between his lips. He flicked his tongue across her puckered flesh. She writhed under him, panting for breath, and he threw the shredded fabric clear across the room when he remembered why he was here.

It was to use her perfect fucking body.

To break her.

Like she’d done to him.

She stared up at him, bare, vulnerable. She was filled with lust, but there was a bit of something else in her gaze.



She fucking should be afraid.

Her breath hitched as he grazed callused palms up the sides of her legs. Stopping at her waist, he turned her onto her stomach and raised her ass high into air. Yes, he fucking wanted her, but he was done staring at that face, and those lips that spun lies with such ease.

“Roman,” she whispered his name on a breath.

Undoing his belt buckle, he unbuttoned the waistband, lowered his zipper, and found the strip of three condoms in the pocket of his slacks. He planned on using these up on her tonight.

I’ll fuck her.

Then I’ll do it again, and once more to make her raw before I send her on her way.

He wanted her to remember what it felt like to be owned one minute and discarded the next.

Desired then tossed away.

Trusted then betrayed.

She needed to feel it.

He released his raging erection and gave it a tug. He was almost angry at the sight of a bead of precum at the tip, because it was for her. He silently told himself that he might have been hard as fuck for her, but she didn’t own him. Not after what she’d done. He rolled a condom on, and with a feather light touch, slid a hand across her stomach and down between the tops of her thighs. Cupping her mound, he was rough and abrupt when he curved two thick fingers between her hot folds.

With a hiss of a sigh, she pressed her backside onto his groin. Her tight walls rode his fingers, sucking them into her while grinding her ass against his swollen, rigid cock.

She wanted more.

Needed it.

And fuck, she would get it like an animal needing to scratch an itch. But it wouldn’t mean a thing. Not like it could have.

He palmed her ass cheek and spread them apart, positioning the tip at her slick, glistening center. He dragged his length along her folds, teasing her, extending her anticipation, driving her need so high that she begged for it.

“Please,” she hummed.

“Please what?” he asked.

“Please fuck me, Roman… I need you… Don’t make me wait.”

He smiled a little, knowing that he had her where he wanted her.

She needs me.

But I’m done needing her.

This is just damn good sex now that she shredded me.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

“I want you… so bad,” she called out on a breathy whimper.

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