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Helpless For Her

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Olivia T. Turner

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I’ve never wanted a girl.
That’s how most rappers go down.
They chase skirts and get distracted. They get careless. Sloppy.
I don’t have time for that.
I have an empire to build–my own clothing line, vodka, record label, and more investments than I can count.
Not to mention my two hit albums that have launched me, DeMarcus Elba, into Hip Hop royalty.
But all of that changes when I see her…
I feel like I’m under a spell.
I don’t understand how she wields so much power over me.
I feel possessed by her charms. I’m obsessed with her beauty.
I’ve never seen anything I wanted so badly. No. Not wanted. Needed.
If I don’t have her, I won’t be able to function.
I won’t be able to go on.
I know myself and I know this: if she doesn’t belong to me, then I won’t be able to stop obsessing about her.
My mind will be tormented with thoughts of her while my empire crashes down all around me.
While I lose everything.
While I become a shell of a man because she’s not there to fill me up.
Making her mine is all that matters.
And nothing is going to stop me from taking what I want.

An AA romance with an ultra-insta-insane-OTT love! Get ready for DeMarcus Elba a possessive alpha hero who makes zero apologies for his obsession with his new love. Insta-love at its finest in a SAFE read with no cheating and a super sweet HEA guaranteed. Enjoy!

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Chapter One


“I still can’t believe you’re working with No-Bility!” Madison says with a look of pure awe on her face. We’re freezing our asses off in the line outside of the club, all because my best friend refuses to pay for coat check.

“I’m not working for him,” I answer back through my chattering teeth. It’s the end of March in Atlanta, but it’s feeling more like January. Especially in a small dress. “My boss is working for him. I’m just there to get coffee.”

“Oh, please,” Madison says with a roll of her eyes. “Don’t be so self-deprecating. You’re twenty-four years old and working with the CEO of MREX. I’m still working at the same coffee shop I did in high school, and I’m still not even the assistant manager.”

A grin hits my lips like it always does when I hear my company name. MREX, or Media Relations EXperts—is the biggest PR company in the state and I work there. I started with an internship, but the CEO Cathy Winters saw something in me and hired me full-time. We get to work with some of the local talent—famous actors, musicians, writers, and now, No-Bility. Well, they do. I get to fetch his coffee.

“Do you really think we’d be waiting outside in this freezing ass weather if I was working for No-Bility? We’d be on the guest list!”

“Wait until he sees your ass in that tight little white dress,” she says with a grin as she glances back at my round butt. “We’ll be on that guest list next time for sure.”

“Shut up,” I say with a laugh as my cheeks get hot. “That’s not going to happen. This guy can get any girl on the planet.”

The bouncer starts letting people in and we push forward, hoping to escape from this freezing cold. The music is blaring through the open door, but now all I want to do is slip into a burning hot bath. It feels like these goosebumps on my brown skin will never go away.

The largest white limo I’ve ever seen pulls up to the club and a buzz fills the air around us. I can’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline knowing that No-Bility is probably inside it. I try to stand on my toes to see, but I can’t see anything over the excited bodies around me. I’ve always been tiny, but I’ve never really cared until now.

“It’s him!” Madison says with a gasp when the door opens. Well, I think it opens. I can’t really see with this big guy’s shiny shirt in the way. But still, No-Bility. I get a fresh batch of goosebumps that tingle down my arms.

No-Bility, aka DeMarcus Elba, is my favorite artist. Rapper, songwriter, producer, record executive, actor, entrepreneur—this guy does it all. He smashed through the record industry four years ago with his historic hit record, Rank Dignity, and then cemented himself as one of the best rappers of all time after his second record, Fealty in Ruins, broke too many records to count.

He’s a beast in the boardroom too, conquering industries like the ruthless emperor he is as he builds his unstoppable empire. A thriving fashion line, his own Vodka brand, and now he’s launching a record label. He’s hired my company to help him launch it.

There’s a huge commotion for a minute and my face gets pressed into some guy’s back fat. Ew.

“I can’t believe that!” Madison says with her cheeks blushing once it’s over. “I saw him! I saw him! Did you see him?”

Unless she’s referring to the big guy in front of me, then no. I shake my head as disappointment sets in.

No-Bility announced two hours ago on his Twitter page that he would be here tonight and Madison and I left as soon as we could. The line-up looks like it’s around the block now. It feels like everyone in Atlanta is here to see him, and I was so close. Now, he’ll probably disappear into the VIP section all night to be surrounded by a million hotter girls than me, and I won’t see him.

Madison is still swooning and riding a high. I force out a smile at her even though I’m insanely jealous.

Because No-Bility isn’t only talented beyond words, he’s also incredibly gorgeous. I mean, give-up-ice-cream-forever kind of gorgeous. He’s a big, strong, muscular black man with the alpha personality to match.

I don’t know how many hours I’ve stared at his photo on the cover of my worn-out CD, but it’s probably in the hundreds. He’s got smooth golden dark skin that will make your toes curl and brown eyes that will have you opening the fridge to stick your overheating head in. On the cover of Rank Dignity, he had a stylish low fade with twists. It’s gone now, replaced with a buzz cut. Embarrassingly, I’ve spent hours trying to decide which one I like better. But, it’s like trying to decide which kid is your favorite. Yeah, some days you lean toward one then the other, but ultimately, it’s an impossible choice.

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