Her Bleeding Heart (Detectives Kane and Alton #16) Read Online D.K. Hood

Categories Genre: Romance, Suspense, Thriller Tags Authors: Series: Detectives Kane and Alton Series by D.K. Hood

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Rain soaks her clothes as she runs from the large, isolated family home and hides behind the beaten-up pickup truck parked out front. Miles from safety, her heart thuds as footsteps draw closer. He’s found her…
The rain had been falling for weeks when Black Rock Falls Sheriff, Jenna Alton, receives a panicked phone call from a local forest ranger. The lifeless body of a woman has washed up on the banks of a swollen river.
Rushing to the scene, Jenna and her deputy, David Kane, find the young girl laying face up in the dirt, her long brown hair spilling out around her, her perfect pale skin showing no signs of struggle. Leaning in for a closer look, she finds a jack of hearts playing card tucked into the girl’s underwear. This was no accident—someone killed this innocent soul, and left a twisted calling card…
Days later, another young woman is found slumped in the back of car at a local truck stop on the outskirts of town, angry red marks around her neck. Jenna’s head spins when she finds a second playing card in her clothing. Is this killer escalating? And does he have a next victim already in his sights?
As a landslide shuts the town off from the outside world, Jenna and her team battle raging storms in their search for answers. Jenna is convinced the playing cards link these victims to a twisted serial killer the FBI have been hunting for over a decade. If she’s right, she’s chasing America’s most dangerous and elusive killer. Can she catch him before Black Rock Falls loses another innocent young life?




The realization that something was terribly wrong gripped Dianne Gilbert in a wave of terror. She hardly knew the man sitting opposite her and accepting his offer of dinner at a remote ranch had been an error of judgement. He didn’t even look the same as his social media image, and his excuse of shaving his beard and wearing contact lenses instead of his thick-rimmed spectacles to impress her had achieved the complete opposite. Yet, he’d mentioned all their recent conversations. Was he telling the truth? Or was he a different person than Julian Darnley, the CEO of Darnley Financial?

The house smelled of stale air and mold, as if it had been shut up for months. She couldn’t believe he actually lived here. Accepting a ride with him had been a mistake and she couldn’t just get up and leave. She’d remained for the awful meal and tried to converse with him. He seemed nice enough and she’d relaxed a little after a while, but now her stomach clenched and her head hurt so bad. Lightheaded, the room shifted and moved in and out of focus. The table and the glass of wine set before her swam in a nauseating swirl. Why would he ask her to dinner to drug her? She shook her head, fighting the stupor. The next moment, her limbs grew heavy and fear had her by the throat. How could she have made such a stupid mistake? As a grown woman, she should have had more sense than to allow a stranger to drive her to an unknown location—but was he really a stranger?

They’d met online months ago and she’d liked the financial advisor. He’d been so nice to her and they’d got along so well, she’d figured they had a future together. At first, Dianne had taken Julian’s advice and invested a small amount in cryptocurrency and it had doubled in value. She’d welcomed his offer to take over as her financial advisor. It had been an offer too good to be true. The dinner had gone really well and they’d chatted about a future together. Julian was allergic to nuts, but after discovering her favorite dessert was almond and coconut pie, he’d prepared one especially for her and insisted she eat a large slice. It was bitter, so she’d washed it down with liberal amounts of wine. Although full to bursting, she’d eaten more just to be nice. The moment she’d finished, he’d gone quiet, and after finishing his glass of wine he just sat staring at her with a strange expression on his face.

She blinked, trying to keep him in focus. It was becoming difficult to think straight, but she tried desperately to go over what had happened. During dinner they’d toasted her success after transferring her entire fortune into his cryptocurrency account. She’d make a profit and there’d be no taxes to pay. Before he’d served dessert, he’d set up his laptop and after a convincing chat had suggested he manage her entire estate. She’d jumped at the chance and given him access to her accounts. He’d promised to make them both rich and she’d believed him, especially after enjoying the success of his previous investments. She’d trusted him, but as soon as she’d consumed the pie he’d changed. His expression concerned her, and the way he drummed his fingers on the table as if waiting for something to happen had set off alarm bells in her head. Could he be waiting for the drug to take effect? She glanced around from beneath her eyelashes. Maybe she could make an excuse to use the bathroom and slip out the back door and call for help. Fighting to keep conscious she reached for a glass of water and swallowed as much as possible. “I need to use the bathroom. Where is it?”