Her Courageous Cowboy (Calhoun Cowboy Camp #5) Read Online Macie St. James

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He has no time for love, but a beautiful woman may change his mind. Unfortunately, for her, time is running out.

Wes Calhoun is ready to take a stand. All around him, his siblings are settling down, but not him. It’s time to travel and enjoy life. But first he needs to work with his brother on a new venture.
Kyndall Morrison is on a deadline. Due to a medical situation, she’s been told she needs to have children in the next couple of years. She really wants a family of her own, but she always seems to end up dating men who aren’t ready to settle down. So when circumstances force her and Wes Calhoun to spend time together, she immediately sees he has no interest in a relationship.
The last thing Wes wants to do is lead Kyndall on. He has no plans to get married and have kids soon, and he doesn’t want to waste her time on a dead-end relationship. But soon, he finds himself battling feelings for her and wondering if settling down is so bad, after all.

The Calhoun Cowboy Camp series is a sweet, clean contemporary western romance series filled with swoon-worthy cowboys and a small-town setting.



Something was buzzing. It started in his dream, then followed him as he opened his eyes and looked around the bedroom. Sunlight streamed through the window above his bed, threatening to blind him. He really needed light-darkening shades.


Sunlight. Buzzing phone. It was light outside, and he was still in bed.

Wes Calhoun sat up, his head automatically turning toward the bedside table where his phone continued to buzz. On the screen was his sister’s face and her name, “Cate,” in large letters above it.

Sighing, he pressed the button to take the call. “Yes?” he asked as he wiped sleep from his eyes.

“Where are you?”

Wes looked around. Should he be honest? He was in bed.

“Where am I supposed to be?” he asked instead.

He smiled to himself as he pictured his sister’s confused expression. Yeah, Wes was known as the guy who never took life too seriously. What nobody realized, though, was deep down, he took life all too seriously. His smug, smirky personality was just his way of covering that up.

“You’re supposed to be in the staff meeting,” Cate said. “‘Don’t miss this one.’ Does that ring any bells?”

Oh yeah. The Monday morning staff meeting. They had it every Monday, but for some reason, this morning’s meeting was so important, they shouldn’t miss it. Wes had rolled his eyes when he’d seen that message.

“You’re not in your bedroom,” Cate said. “Are you…?”

He could almost hear the assumptions his sister was making in her unfinished question. Did she think he was out with a woman or something? His life was not nearly that interesting, and his family knew it. No…he’d fallen asleep in one of the cabins on the Calhoun Ranch property. It was something he’d been doing for a while now—sneaking off to sleep in the cabins so he could get a few extra hours to himself.

But now he risked being busted.

“I’ll be right there,” Wes said, already on his feet and looking around for his shorts. He’d slept in his T-shirt, as he always did, with plans to clean this place up before he vamoosed out of here in the morning. But apparently, his body needed more sleep than he’d realized.

Tossing the phone onto the bed, Wes jammed his legs into the shorts, then slid his feet into his sneakers. Normally, it would be no big deal if he missed the staff meeting, but he was trying to prove he could be a leader around here. He and Shane were heading up the project to build restroom facilities at the rear of the property, where they sometimes tent camped. Showing up late to meetings wasn’t setting a good precedent.

He was at a near run by the time he took off out the front door of Cabin Eight. He’d sneak back in later and make the bed, doing his best to cover up the fact that somebody had slept there.

Campers were showing up at some point later that day. He always chose Cabin Eight because they filled up the cabins in order, starting at Cabin One. The chances there would be an adult chaperone who would sleep in the bed he’d been occupying were pretty slim.

He was racing from the cabin to his truck when he spotted it out of the corner of his eye. It was impossible to miss, actually. It was a big yellow school bus, similar to the ones he’d seen on that property so many times over the past couple of months. And it was blocking the road.

His truck could go around it, of course, no problem. But the fact that the bus was there in the first place was what gave him pause. The campers were coming today, but he didn’t think they’d be this early.