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Her Honey Pot (Sweet Treats #3)

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I fell in love with my friend’s dad and her stepdad. I always thought my friend Jess’s dad was so hot.
Tex is big, muscular, with wide shoulders and a charming grin. What could be better?
But Jess scoffs with disgust. Instead, she thinks my dad is hot and proposes that we do a daddy swap.
What? What’s that?
Jess explains. A daddy swap is where we swap daddies for fun. It’s no big deal. She’ll take mine and I’ll take hers. Except Jess actually has two daddies: her dad, and her stepdad.
Both Tex and Rex are huge, muscular and charming with smiles that make me melt and lassos made of thick, bulging rope. Both her dads are both divorced now, but I still can’t get over this idea of a daddy swap.
Are we really going to do that?
The only way to find out is to try …
Fun, filthy, and delectably sweet romance continues with the Sweet Treats series. In this story, Marni gets to try on two different sizes to see if she can make things fit. Not only that, but technology plays a role in the threesome’s love … in a filthily fun way. Warning: Swords cross but it makes the story even better! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.
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“Your dad is so hot,” my friend Jess gushes. “Oh my god, do you ever see him when he comes out of the shower?”

We’re sitting on her bed in her room, and I grimace.

“Jess, that’s disgusting. This is my dad that you’re talking about. Can you please stop?”

But my friend gets a dreamy look to her expression.

“Oh my god, Brent has these huge muscles, and he always has a gleam in his eye. He’s graying, but you know how some guys look even better when they’re salt and pepper? That’s your dad.”

I stare at her, trying not to shriek.

“Um, Jess? This is my dad we’re talking about and no, I don’t see Brent when he comes out of the shower because he has his own en suite bathroom that connects to his room. And no, I don’t want to hear any more of these descriptions! Eeew! It’s so gross!”

Bile is rising in my throat, but Jess sways back and forth gently, still daydreaming. Of course, she continues to ignore me.

“Your dad is so buff too, Marni. I wonder why your mom divorced him. Why? Is having a six three, Greek god of a man too much to handle? Seriously, Marni, you have to tell me. Did your dad want it all the time, and your mom couldn’t accommodate him? You can be honest,” she says, fixing me with a serious look as her voice goes low.

I snort again.

“Jess, this is disgusting. I can’t believe we’re talking about this. And no, my mom didn’t divorce Brent because she couldn’t keep up with his raunchy needs. She divorced him because she wanted to run off with the circus. Literally, the Zambizi Circus came into town, she hit it off with one of the clowns, and next we knew, she was gone. You know this already. I told you when it happened ages ago, remember?”

Jess nods, but she’s still serious.

“Yeah, but was the circus just a symptom of the problem? Did she really leave because your dad wanted it so often? It happens, you know. Sometimes women hit middle age, and they just don’t feel the need anymore. They get all dry inside, and maybe your dad was too demanding. But I know I could handle it,” she says with a sly look. “I’m young and juicy. I’d give your dad my cherry any day he wants.”

I don’t even bother to reply this time. All this gushing is grossing me out, and I swallow heavily again as the bile comes up in the back of my throat. I literally feel nauseated and grab my water bottle to take a swig. After all, this is my dad we’re talking about. The man who raised me and put my hair in pigtails when I was young.

Okay, I can admit that Brent is good looking. Like Jess mentioned, he’s aged well. He’s in his forties now, but the salt and pepper hair gives him a distinguished air while making his skin look even more tan. The wrinkles around his eyes are mature, and my dad definitely works out a lot. He has to because he’s a long-haul trucker, and he has to stay limber in order to handle twelve hours straight in front of the wheel. It’s the only way, even if all he’s doing is putting pedal to the metal.

As a result, my dad is pretty good looking, if I say so myself. Lots of women have come onto him ever since he and my mom got divorced, but I've never known Brent to take up seriously with anyone. Sure, he's dated a couple floozies here and there, but they never stuck around for more than a month. Still, the women he dated were women, and not teen girls like Jess.

But reading my mind, my friend winks.

“You know, I turned eighteen last month,” she sings coyly. “I’m legal now.”

I stare at her.

“For what?” I ask.

She smiles again.

“Well, just in case your dad wants to get some action,” she says. “I’m ready and available. Can you let him know?”

“Jess!” I scream. “Please stop! Oh my god, that’s so gross!”

She sniffs, not at all offended.

“I’m just saying,” she begins. “You’re eighteen too, so you’re legal too, Marni. You can have my dad, if you want.”

I scream again with outrage, but inside, something tingles because if my dad is hot, then Jess’s dad is steamier than a house on fire. Tex Major is built powerfully with a broad shoulders, a wide chest, and strong hands. More than once, I’ve seen him lift Jess in the air like she weighs nothing and swing her around as she squeals. This is no small feat because Jess and I are big girls. Both of us wear size fourteens, and more than once I’ve been a little embarrassed because of my wide hips and generous tits.