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Her Perfect Gift

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Mia Ford

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No one knows the real man behind this face.

Except for her…

As a Hollywood star, I’ve got everything I want.

The fame, the money, the women.

But I still feel a void inside me.

No one’s come close to being as special as Darcy.

She used to be my neighbor.

My obsession.

The one that got away.

This Christmas, I need to bring her back into my life.

But she may not give me a second chance.

The world calls me a player.

Well, this player just got a woman pregnant.

Darcy is about to be the mother of my child.

…and the limelight might destroy our family.

Will I lose her to my fame yet again?

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Chapter One


December 19th

“Well, hello there, Mr. Sexiest Body of the Year,” my agent, Sierra, teases me in a sing song tone of voice. “Honestly, there are so many women that would sell a limb to be sitting where I am right now…”

“Oh, well aren’t you the lucky one.” I roll my eyes and let out a gravely laugh. “But unfortunately for you, you also have the job of managing every aspect of my life. Sorry about that, Sierra.”

“Hey, it isn’t the worst thing in the world to manage the career of a super star Hollywood actor.”

I smile to myself as she says that. I still find it a little strange to be seen as Seth: The Hollywood Guy, rather than little ol’ Seth Bishop who grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Of course, this was my goal, I fought for it since I was old enough to know what fame and fortune was. So, to have my dreams realized is something else. I still need to pinch myself at times.

“So, speaking of, you have a little gap in your schedule right now, which I would like to discuss with you. Because you have had a lot of options coming your way. My inbox is filled with scripts. Now, I know that you said you want to make the move out of action, but this one comes with a really good pay check, that I might even be able to negotiate to a bit higher because they are so desperate to have your name attached…”

“No.” I push back the paper that she slides my way. “I don’t want any more over the top action movies. The plots are getting to be more unbelievable. I can’t stand it.” I can’t stop myself from sighing with irritation. “I feel bad for the stunt guys too. They do all of the hard work, putting their lives in danger, and get none of the credit. It’s crazy…” I can see that I’m losing Sierra, so I stop going down that road. “Anyway, that’s irrelevant. I want to work on something more serious, something with meaning… you know, one of those movies that people think about for a long time afterwards because it’s affected them.”

“I hear you,” Sierra replies, through gritted teeth. “But this is a really good price tag. I think you should look at the offer. It will line your pockets, mine too if we’re being honest about it, and you know it, don’t you?”

“But I don’t want to be type cast.” I shake my head hard, absolutely determined to stick to my guns. I know what I’m doing here. “I’m already there, but I don’t want to make it worse. This in my next move.”

“You know, most actors stick to what they know,” Sierra continues, just as determined as me. “They find a place where they fit in the shark’s mouth and remain there, so they don’t get chewed up and spat out.”

I chuckle once more. “I know that’s your opinion, Sierra, but I also think that you know you weren’t going to get a typical Hollywood guy when you agreed to work for me. So, this is what you need to help me with.”

She snorts out a strange sound, half amusement, half irritation, but I know that Sierra doesn’t mind. I have helped to catapult her career in the exact same way that she has mine. We have been there for one another, which now means that we need to stick together during this transition where everything will change. I hope.

“Okay, so I will turn everyone down, even though they are offering you a fortune, and I will continue looking for something that suits your new, very vague, needs. Moving on, I wanted to talk to you about Christmas.”

“I have done all my Christmas light turn ons, I have filled all my festive obligations…”

“I’m not saying this is an obligation, but an opportunity. You know that telethon on Christmas Day? The one where funds are raised for charity and celebrities become household names?”

“I know the one.” I sit up straighter in my seat. “I already told you that I can’t do anything at Christmas this year. I’m going back home for the holidays to see my family and friends…”

“But you never do that,” Sierra complains. “You have talked about it a few times, but never done it…”

“I know,” I can’t help but agree with her. It’s all that I can do. “But six years is too long for me to miss the holidays. I want to go back, to see everyone, to attend the Christmas carnival…”

A smile creeps up on my lips. The Christmas carnival was always a staple part of my existence when I was younger, something that I never thought I would miss. But, as soon as I started my life in LA, I didn’t even think twice about it. I have been so caught up in the bubble of fame here, that the last six years had just flown by. Ever since my twenty eighth birthday, my frame of mind has been different, I’ve become more reflective. I want to go back to my roots, to remember who I was before all of this. I feel like I have gone away so far from who I used to be that I need a moment to reflect on the life I had before. Just a minute, that’s all, then I will be back.