Oops, that might have been a step too far, an emotional outburst to push her over the edge. Darcy looks like her eyes are about to pop out of her head with amazement and she definitely doesn’t know what to say.

“Come on.” Eventually, she grabs my arm and pulls me in to a standing position. “Let’s go.”

I almost collapse in to sadness as I realize that our amazing date is about to come to an end, but then Darcy knocks that negativity out of me by pulling me towards the park where the giant tree we were only just talking about, calms me down. We’re going to have more fun, that’s all.

“Under this tree is where I always thought that I would have my first kiss,” she says wistfully. “And I assumed that it would be with you. Instead, it was at the graduation with Danny and his braces.” She stares at me hard. “Which only happened because you got so drunk that you let Tami feel you up, and I was jealous.”

A laugh bursts out of my chest. She has told me that story once before, right before we had kiss for the first time, but somehow, hearing it this time, it affects me so much deeper. I wish that I could go back in time to change that. To kiss her then and every day afterwards so that we never lost touch.

Well, I might not be able to change the past, but I can get that memory out of her mind right now. So, I scoop my hands in her hair and I tug her gorgeously plump lips to mine to get that sweet, delicious satisfaction all over again. Yep, this is what our first kiss could have been, but it’s also what the first kiss of the rest of our lives can be, if we let it and we find a way to make it work. The big if.

But the more that we kiss, the more determined I become. It only has to be an if unless we make a determined effort to work out how. How is easier, how is what I want…

Chapter Fourteen


December 26th

I’m giddy. Absolutely flying higher than air, as me and Seth walk back towards his house hand in hand. This has been the wildest night of my entire life and I never want it to end. I don’t even know why we’re headed in this direction to be honest; I don’t want to go back home. I just want to keep on going.

“I’m not letting you go back home,” he suddenly murmurs as he spins around to look at me. “I hope you know that. You’re coming back through my window and you can spend the night together. No sleeping this time.” He leans in and kisses me, making my heart flutter with excitement. “I’m definitely not tired.”

I’m not either. Every part of my body is electrified and on fire. I don’t think that I could sleep even if someone gave me a drowsy pill right about now. I’m completely buzzing from my head to my toes. My hands hook around the back of his neck and I drag his lips closer to mine, my tongue darting between his lips to deepen to kiss.

“Come on then.” I pull on his hand, desperate to get inside already. “Let’s get inside that room of yours.”

We pause to kiss only one more time outside his bedroom window before climbing inside. I thought that I was only ungainly because I had been drinking but with Seth’s eyes all over me, I’m not much better. Luckily because we have shared this friendship beforehand, we can just laugh it off and continue to have fun.

“You are hilarious, Darcy,” he chuckles as he follows me inside. “Honestly, you are like no one else…”

Thankfully I know all the women that he is used to, I immediately can tell that this is a compliment. Perhaps it isn’t about looks for Seth anymore, maybe he wants a deeper connection which he knows that he can get with me. Me and him have something deeper because it’s always been meant to be.

I fall back on to his bed and part my thighs for him to slide in between there. My core is throbbing, pulsing for him, which intensified ten fold when he presses his steel rod against me, showing me just how intense his desire is for me as well. Seth Bishop: the movie star wants me, but I find it more thrilling to think about the boy next door finally responding to how much we crave one another. That’s much more intense.

Finally, Seth grazes up the hem line of my dress and his fingers touch my bare-naked skin. The breath strips completely from my lungs and I roll my hips closer to him to let him know how much I want him. There is an intense heat coming from his body making him like a hot water bottle. Without even thinking about it, I wrap my legs around him and pull him closer to me, groaning with a delicious excitement.