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Her Prince’s Secret Baby

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Ilsa Ames

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There’s really only one rule: don’t f*ck the nanny.

I’m a wealthy, powerful heir to a throne.

She’s my strictly off limits employee.

I want her saying “yes, your highness.”

What I get instead is “the baby’s yours.”

“Love” left me broken and shattered once. But it also left me with my little girl, Livia.

All I need is a nanny to watch her. But what I get with Cara is an obsession – an addiction to the last girl in the world I should have anything to do with.

I’m her boss. A prince. Heir to a throne and a kingdom. But temptation is the sweetest sin, and Cara’s gorgeous, soft curves and fiery sass are breaking the last of my willpower.

But there’s a secret she’s not telling me – a scandal that could bring my kingdom to its knees. A secret that’s growing between us…

Can I risk it all for love? Will I give up my billions and my kingdom for a taste of the forbidden fruit?

…What about for the mother of my unborn child?

I take it back, there are two rules. And the second rule is don’t fall for the nanny.


Her Prince’s Secret Baby is a full-length contemporary royal romance. Hot as sin and sweet as sugar, with a dominant alpha hero who’ll stop at nothing to have and protect what’s his. Safe, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ever after!

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Chapter 1


An eardrum-piercing noise split the air as jet engines revved up and passengers and staff prepared for takeoff. I looked around nervously to inspect the fellow passengers. Some people relaxed, their eyes closed and headphones in their ears, a long nap in their future. Others chatted in excited whispers about the things they would do and see on their trip abroad. My eyes danced erratically around the cabin of the large airplane, why didn’t anybody else look as terrified as I felt?

I didn’t see a single face that was even slightly apprehensive about the fact that we were about to be hurled through the air in little more than a giant tin can. I felt pain in my fingertips and looked down to see my fingernails were eating into the plastic of the armrest at my left arm. My heart raced a beat that I couldn’t count, and sweat popped out along my hairline.

One might wonder why I was on a plane if it frightens me so much. The answer is, the world is out there and I want to see it. If I stayed home because I was afraid my plane might not make it to the other side, I’d never get to see anything of the world. I’m not that kind of girl.

“It’ll be over soon, and then you’ll only notice you’re on a plane when we hit turbulence, my dear.” An elderly woman with steel gray hair and bright, blue eyes that twinkled in the soft light patted my clawed hand and gave me a smile that reassured me.

“Oh, thanks. This is my first flight. I guess you can tell I’m a little nervous.” I returned her smile with a weaker version of my own.

“A little yes. I’ve been flying since I was six years old and I’m seventy-three, dear. We should be fine. Now what is your final destination?”

“Oh, um, a place called Ikrosovnia. I’m going over to be an au pair.” I was so nervous I knew I wouldn’t shut up if I said too much so kept my words short and sweet.

“Ah, that’s a beautiful country. It didn’t even exist when I was born, like so many other places in Europe now. It’s between Austria and Serbia is it not?” The woman, her voice accented with a lilt that I thought might be French, was dressed in a light blue cardigan, a pair of dark blue rayon pants, and beige loafers. “I can never keep it all straight, what’s what now. The names seem to change so often.”

“I know; I have to check sometimes just to see if the name has changed of the place I’m thinking of. You’re right, though, it’s kind of sandwiched into that area around Croatia, Austria, and Hungary. A tiny little nation.”

“What in the world made you decide to go there of all places?” The lady looked at me with curiosity. Her face was turned to me, and I looked away from the now closed window to see that her face was deeply lined with age, but her skin still looked soft and silky despite the wear. Something about her soothed me.

“It’s kind of a long story, I suppose.” I said with a self-conscious smile.

“I won’t be going far for the next nine hours or so, why don’t you tell me?” She swiped a lock of hair from her eyes, an antique watch on her wrist flashing in the dim light from the overhead lights.

I knew she just wanted to distract me from the fact that the plane had just begun to move. I felt my muscles all tense, but kept my eyes on her. “I saw an advertisement for an au pair there, and decided to give it a try.”

“Yes, you’d said, but why decide on such a tiny little kingdom?” She encouraged me to go further.

“My mother was born there.” I looked away then. The pain of her death had long lost its ability to cripple me, but it could still sting.

“Ah. How long?” She was intuitive then, this lady beside me. “I’m Mildred, by the way.”

“Oh, thanks, I’m Cara.” I shook her hand. I’d expected something a lot more French, but Mildred suited her.

“How long since you lost your mother?”

“Around thirteen years. I was five when she and my father went off in an airplane and never came home.” That’s how it had ended up anyway. They didn’t come home.

“The plane or something else?” This was one more smart lady, I thought to myself.

“The plane went down. Dad wanted to take her to see the Rocky Mountains and they’d saved up for a year for that trip. I had to stay home with Mom’s best friend, I was in school and they were going to be away for two weeks so…” I let the words trail off.