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Hero Baby Daddy (My Baby Daddy #4)

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B.B. Hamel

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He got me pregnant.
Now he wants to be the only baby daddy I’ll ever need.

I got pregnant from a one night stand.
I know, I’m not proud of it, but I couldn’t help myself.
Big, gorgeous, and ripped, that intense stranger took what he wanted.
And I was more than willing to give him everything.

Now it’s just me and my daughter, at least until he reappears in my life.
Turns out, my one night stand is actually a decorated Navy SEAL.
And I’m assigned to write about him.

He can’t find out about his daughter.
I don’t want that man in her life, not when he could disappear at any second.
Except I feel that special heat whenever he’s around
He makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me…. blush, in a good way.

I know I can’t let him get too close.
But his strong hands and easy confidence are winning me over.
Just one night can’t hurt anything, right?

That’s what I said the first time….

Get ready! It’s another hot baby daddy book, this one featuring a dirty and oh-so-arrogant Navy SEAL. Don’t worry though, he’s a lover, not a fighter. Hero Baby Daddy is steamy in all the right ways and there’s lots of bad language, so if you hate cursing and hate steamy scenes, skip this one ;). It’s a safe novella with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA!

Note: All of my books are series-standalones, so they can be read in any order!

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Somewhere near Pakistan…

In all the tiny, broken-down towns along the India-Pakistan border, I never thought I’d find another American sitting alone at a bar.

It’s late and the place is pretty empty. There are a few fallen-over stools, a few tables, and one single long bar. The locals are mostly clustered at the tables, playing card and tile games, sipping on weak beer and talking quietly with each other. They mostly ignore me, since I’ve been hanging around Attari for a few weeks now hoping to get a scoop on what’s going on in Pakistan, but so far I’ve just been wasting my time and my editor’s money.

This guy could change all that. He glances at me with these startlingly blue eyes and I have to look away. He’s handsome, I mean, movie-star handsome, with a slight trim beard, close-cropped hair pushed back in a messy wave, and an incredibly fit and muscular body. He’s wearing simple khaki cargo pants and a black shirt, and I’d bet my life that he’s some kind of military contractor.

I now the type. You see them all over the place if you know what to look for. I just haven’t been lucky enough to stumble on one in the middle of the night at a crappy little bar before.

I take a deep breath, steadying my nerves. I have a flight back to the States tomorrow and this is my last chance at getting a story. My editor’s going to be annoyed either way, so I might as well try and bring something back.

I get up and walk over to him, sitting down in the empty stool on his right. He glances over and doesn’t say anything as I order two beers from the bartender.

I sip mine and slide the other over to him. “I’m Lily,” I say.

“Thanks,” he grunts in response. He downs his first drink and starts on the second.

“What’s a guy like you doing at a place like this?” I grin at him, hoping the cliché line will be funny.

It only gets a weak smile. “Consulting,” he says.

“Ah,” I answer, nodding. “Consulting. The catch-all phrase that means exactly nothing.”

He smiles a little bit more at that. “Pretty much. I’m guessing you’re a reporter?”

“Is it obvious?”

He shrugs. “Only other Americans around here that aren’t consultants are reporters.”

“You got me then.”

“Find any good stories?”

There’s a teasing look in his eyes, almost like he knows I haven’t. “A bit here and there,” I lie.

“I’m sure. Lots of good stories around here.”

“What about you, got any good stories of your own?”

He hesitates. “I’ve got plenty of stories, but nothing I can tell you.”

“How about off the record?”

He grins and shakes his head. “Nice try.”

“Worth a shot.” I sip the beer and sigh a little. “I don’t know what I expected, coming over here. I mean, my editor sent me over with contacts and guides and it all went exactly nowhere.”

“Lots of that going around,” he says. “People will sell you any bullshit story so long as there’s money in it.”

“Yeah, well, I can’t go back empty-handed.”

“Sure you can. Lots of people do.”

I give him a withering look and he just grins back.

“I’d like to keep my job, you know.”

“Yeah, I figured. But I’m sorry I can’t help you there.”

“It’s fine. I’m basically resigned to updating my resume.”

He laughs again and watches me carefully. “Are you always so depressed?”

I glare at him. “I’m not depressed.”

“Sure you’re not.”

“Oh, what do you know. You’re probably some Blackwater mercenary with a heart of stone, right?”

His eyes twinkle a little. “I’m not a mercenary,” he says.

I frown. “Really? But you said…”

“I’m not a mercenary,” he says again.

“Oh.” I blink. “So you’re with….”

He grins. “I’m a consultant.”

“With the United States Government?”

His grin widens but he doesn’t say anything.

I sigh and lean on my elbow to stare into his eyes. I’ve met a few guys like him before, some of them hanging around in stores, some of them just walking down the street. But none of them have bothered to talk to me this much, and none of them smiled like he does.

There’s a look you get when you’re in their business. It’s almost haunted, like you’re looking past whatever you’re seeing in front of you and always remembering something else. This guy doesn’t seem that way at all.

No, he’s definitely in the here and now. And he’s looking me up and down like he’s a starving animal.

I feel a chill run down my spine. I know I’m not going to get a story out of this guy, no matter what I do. I mean, I could try sleeping with him, but if he is what I think he is, well, it’ll be worthless.

Special Forces guys don’t do pillow talk. In fact, it’s unusual that he told me as much as he did.

“What’s your name?” I ask him.