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Hero Boss – An Alpha Male Office Romance

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Piper Sullivan

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She was the last thing I expected, but just what I needed…

Stevie Maddox was the last person I would have hired.

Or kissed.

Or slept with.

Somehow, I managed to do all three despite her being all wrong for me.

But she’s funny.


Sexy as hell.

And I can’t stop thinking about her…

I just have to convince her this is more than just an office romance.

He was another rich pr*ck doctor, at least that’s what I thought

Keeping Dr. Scott in his box would keep everybody safe.

It would keep things uncomplicated. Simple.

But nothing about the former football player was simple.

He was a gentle giant, a dominating gentleman.

A nice guy.

He wasn’t anything like I thought he would be.

But we’re all wrong for each other, no matter what Scott thinks.

I just have to convince him of it too.

Before one of us gets hurt.

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“What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” I looked up from the computer, where my focus had been trained for the past two hours, and my gaze slammed right into a pair of angry green eyes. Angry, but beautiful eyes that weren’t quite mossy green and not quite forest, but somewhere in between. And definitely angry. “Well? I asked you a question.”

He hadn’t really asked so much as barked the words at me but saying so now would only poke the bear. No, not a bear. A beast. The man I guessed was my new boss was a big beast of a man, with shoulders so wide he had to turn just to get into the office and a broad chest that even his pricey Oxford couldn’t contain. His narrow waist suggested that at some point in time he’d been an athlete—that, and the way he carried himself, graceful and sure. He had ashy blond hair that would probably curl if he ever let it grow long enough, and those green eyes, well, it made him one hell of a package. A big, sexy, and very angry package.

“I won’t ask again.”

Right. He wanted to know what I was doing here.

“I’m updating the filing system. This one, if it can even be called a filing system, is out of date. Way, way out of date. My guess is you have plenty of money you haven’t been paid yet.” How could a man with his pedigree, if his business partner was to be believed, run his business this way? “Do you need something?”

I was his assistant, after all. It was part of the job, as it always was. I didn’t love it, but I could handle it.

The beast’s nostrils flared. “I need for you to tell me why you’re on my computer doing anything at all to my filing system.” I opened my mouth to tell him exactly who I was, but he held up two big paws—I mean, hands—and glared. “Step away from the computer.”

This whole routine was already getting tired, but I needed this job, so I stood, slowly, summoning every dollop of patience I had, and stepped away from the computer. With my hands up. This was Texas, after all, plus it was guaranteed to piss him off. “I’m your new vet assistant. Your business partner, Eddy, hired me.”

The older woman was a little bit kooky, but she was nice and blunt, which made her my kind of people.

“Eddy hired—” His words cut off abruptly and he shook his head as a few more choice expletives spilled from his mouth. “Eddy is in no position to hire anyone. Period.”

She had mentioned that he was a stubborn man but now, staring up at him and seeing the genuine anger and confusion on his face, I wondered if I should have waited to talk to him. I’d wanted to, but Eddy insisted he was busy and happy to have her deal with all the details. Dammit, this is what happened when you didn’t think first, just acted. It was kind of my specialty and, oddly enough, exactly why I needed this job to start with. “Well, Eddy did hire me, and I need this job. Now you’re telling me you don’t even need an assistant?” Arms folded, I looked at the big man in the deep green shirt with darker green buttons. He looked like the last doctor I’d worked for—the only difference was his patients were animals.

“No, I’m not saying that,” he conceded and blew out a long breath.

“But you don’t want me to be your assistant?” I didn’t look exactly like what anyone wanted in an executive assistant, but I more than made up for it by being excellent at my job. Stuffed-shirts didn’t mind the nose ring or row of studs that went up my left ear when I made their lives easier than their wives did.

“I didn’t say that, either.”

“You’re not saying much of anything, Dr. Henderson.” When he blinked, I lowered my arms, enjoying the small smirk that played across his mouth. “And the state of your filing system says you could use the help, so what is it? The piercings?”

Guys like him always judged a book by its cover when their covers never matched the contents inside.

“I didn’t say it was anything!” He smacked his hands on the round edges of the circular reception desk. “You’re frustrating, you know that?”

It wasn’t the first time I’d heard that, so I nodded. “I’m not the one turning away a damn good assistant because she doesn’t fit my own preconceived notions.”

His green eyes narrowed to slits and his nostrils flared, harder this time. I had to clench my jaw and school my features into a bored expression. He was intimidating, but he wasn’t scary. “Got me all figured out, don’t you?”

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