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His Student (Forbidden Series #1)

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Sam Crescent

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The moment Elijah looks at the curvy waitress serving him, he knows he wants her—and he’s going to have her. This is the start of his new life, in a new town, and his chance to put all of his past behind him.

But Mona Evans is not just any waitress in the diner. She’s a student, and after one night of being completely reckless with a stranger, she never expects to see him again.

So imagine her shock when she learns that Elijah isn’t just a new guy in town—he’s her new gym teacher.

Mona has never broken any rules before, but being with Elijah, it fills her with such need that she can’t say no. Even though it’s wrong, neither of them can deny their need for each other.

Whatever is going on between them cannot last the year. Mona is determined to leave town the moment she graduates. But what will she do when Elijah gives her a proposition that she can’t refuse?

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Forbidden Series by Sam Crescent

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Fucking a student was never part of the plan.

In fact, I didn’t have any kind of plan.

All I wanted to do was start this new job, work hard, and at the end of the day, not worry about a single thing. Only, that wasn’t going to happen because I made the biggest mistake of all.

Not only did I fuck a student, I fell in love with her as well.

Chapter One


Three weeks earlier

“Did you hear they totally replaced Mr. Peters?” Lucy said as she leaned against the locker next to mine.

“Nope. I have a life. I don’t go around listening to teacher gossip.”

“Dude was old. I mean, how can they have anyone teaching gym who couldn’t even walk the entire length of the football field without needing to take a rest?” Lucy rolled her eyes, and I just chuckled.

“He wasn’t old.”

“Please, he was seventy easily.”

I didn’t have the first clue what age our old gym teacher was. With everything that went on in my life, people’s ages were the last thing I cared about.

“You coming out to the game tonight?” Lucy asked. She popped her gum as she watched the rest of our peers come and go. The halls were full, but as it was the end of the day, it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

“Nah. I’ve got to work.”

“Shit, I totally forgot about that.” Lucy hit her head. “You know if you’re hard up for cash, I can ask my dad. He’ll give me anything.”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind working at all.” The truth was, it got me out of the damn trailer where Mom kept bringing all of her crackhead boyfriends. They were always so loud and so gross. Honestly, I really didn’t understand what anyone ever saw in a guy.

Why the hell would a woman give herself to a loser like that?

Beats me.

Most of the time I slept outside or down by the creek, far away from any wandering boyfriend who thought they were getting a two-for-one deal.

They seemed to be under this bullshit impression that because I wasn’t super-thin, I’d love their attention.


A size zero, or even eight or twelve, I might not be, but I certainly didn’t want their creepy hands all over me.

“I got to go.”

I had to get back to the trailer, change into my uniform, and head out to the diner where I worked. I’d work ’til late, and then head back home. If everyone was passed out, I’d finish my homework, and then fall asleep.

“If you want, I can stop by the diner tonight and bring you to the party.”

“My shift ends at eleven, Luce.” I doubted she’d stop drinking long enough to remember I exist. Lucy was a really good friend. Whenever I needed her, she was always there. Yes, she was a little fickle at times and wished to be part of the in crowd, but I was more than okay with that. We were friends. End of. “Do not worry about me. Go to this party. Have a great time. Maybe hook up with Taylor. I know you want to.”

Lucy went bright red. She covered my mouth and demanded that I shush. “Please, don’t. No one can know.”

We were already heading out of the school as I laughed. “How are you going to catch his eye if you don’t tell him how you feel?”

“I’m never telling him. He’s, like, the hottest boy in school and I’m just not, okay.”

“Well of course you’re not a hot guy. You’re a hot girl instead, and he would totally love to have you.”

“Please, he’s all over Sheryl.” Lucy’s head slumped down as she stared at the pavement.

“That’s only because you’ve not shown him your shiny self.” I slapped her ass. “Go for it.”

“What if he’s an asshole?” Lucy asked.

I snorted. I couldn’t help it.

The truth was Taylor was a grade-A dick. There was nothing nice about him once he opened his mouth.

Sure, he looked good without a shirt with all those tight abs on display, but everything else was a big, giant mess. I didn’t like him. I had three classes with him, and all I could envisage doing was throwing stuff at him. Anything. His voice grated on my last nerve, but I put up with all the cheering, fun conversation from Lucy because she’s my friend.

“We’ve got to find you a boyfriend.”

“Nope, don’t need a boyfriend.”

Lucy put her hand through my arm, and I just knew where this was going. “I don’t believe you when you say there’s no one in this school you fancy.”

We stopped by her car. The parking lot was still full as everyone made their plans for the weekend. I had no plans other than work and study. The only way out of this shithole of a life and from my mom was if I worked hard, studied hard, and got a scholarship. To get a scholarship I had to have good grades.